Dec 9, 2010

Rob Pattinson: $80k - workin' out

Okee dokee - since I didn't get any info on any new leads.. I had to resort to the stuff going around now. Some of it interesting .. most repeats.

So let's start off by saying someone spent $80,000 to meet Rob. Holy $hit!

Fan Spends $80,000 to Meet Robert Pattinson: Who Was It?

The prize was offered on to raise funds for the GO Campaign, a non-profit group that supports grassroots projects for orphans and vulnerable children globally. The $80,000 bid is the highest bid ever for the GO Campaign.

I think that it's WONDERFUL that much money was raised for a clearly worthy cause. But I wonder.. who has $80k to spend on something like that - and - talk about pressure on Rob and whomever else is involved with the meet & greet. If someone paid $80k to meet me, I'd feel like I had to sing, dance a jig, hang out for hours .. give them a car, I don't know. Damn, that's a lot of money. But glad it's for a good cause!


Oy oy oy..
So we all know that the cast & crew is in Louisiana filming. Well this is a headline that I saw:
Robert Pattinson Gets Hot & Sweaty Late Night At Louisiana Gym! EXCLUSIVE!

Silly. Ok well, if he was at that gym (or any gym) .. don't we all get hot and sweaty when we work out? Yeah, I thought so.

Wonder how R-Patz gets those insane abs? We’ve learned that he’s doing his tightening and toning at a Louisiana gym — by himself!
(Me: Why is the fact that he is "by himself" supposed to be a shocker?)

Robert Pattinson is spending his nights getting hot and sweaty at a local XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX gym, we’re told. And we’ve got photos of his workout gear.
(Me: Ok, I saw the pictures.. you know what these amazing photos are? Of a gym - and work out equipment. Stupidly, there is also a picture of the entrance with the name of the gym so that anyone can go and try to stalk see Rob.)

Rob was spotted working out at XXXXXXXXX right after Thanksgiving, and our source tells us that he “looked like a total pro!” (No word on whether he went shirtless for the workout.)
(Me: Yes, I X'ed out the name & town that it's in. Jeezuz! C'mon people have we not learned anything yet. Writing about exact locations of celebs = bad. Being respectful of their privacy = good. Not rocket science. You think he will get to go back to that gym now? I wouldn't if I was him)

“Rob came in at night right before closing, and he spent the entire time lifting weights,” a source tells us. “He seemed like he really knew what he was doing, but he spent the time keeping to himself, not talking to anyone really.”
(Me: Source.. blah. Of course he spent time to himself (if this is even remotely true) who goes to the gym and hangs out to talk. Maybe some people - but not me. You go work out and leave. And if you are Rob Pattinson - you go ... probably try and hide .. work out and get the heII outta dodge before someone recognizes you!)
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