Feb 27, 2010

More interesting headlines - boozing, orgys - lovely huh?

Oh the lovely headlines.. where do I start?
I'll start with the dumbest one...

Robert Pattinson to film orgy scene for ‘Bel Ami’


Robert Pattinson will do an orgy scene in new French film Bel Ami. Moreover, a Victorian water pump house in Kent has been rented to film the mass romp. The building will be transformed into a 19th Century French chandelier-laden dining room to shoot the scene.

"In Twilight it's all pent-up passion. But these scenes will leave nothing to the imagination, “ the Sun quoted a source as saying. The source added: "It will be tastefully done with lots of candlelights and lace but it will be the sexiest thing he's ever been seen in and will get his female fans even more excited."

The Twilight star plays Georges Duroy, a journalist who gets to the top by seducing and using various wealthy mistresses, in the movie based on the classic novel by Guy de Maupassant.
THIS is the story; yet this is what does the media focus on? ORGY SCENE - SEX SEX SEX.
It gets exhausting.. Although I do love mocking these journalists pencil paparazzi people. Click on the link and see what the story is really about. I believe it has a bit more substance than this article above would lead you to believe.

ONward to another stupid headline:

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart booze their way around British capitol.


ROBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart got close at a gig this week — just days after the Hollywood hunk confirmed (or didn’t!) they are dating.

The couple — who play Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in the Twilight films — were seen getting cozy at the Halfmoon pub in Putney, South London, while watching Robert’s younger sister Lizzy perform.

“They were very low-key,” said one onlooker. “You would not have guessed they were one of the most famous couples in the world.”

The 23-year-old screen hunk’s sibling was supporting Starsailor frontman James Walsh at the 300-capacity venue.

Good Souls singer James was thrilled to have had two of Hollywood hottest young stars watch him perform.

“Robert and Kristen were there to support Lizzy as she took the stage,” he said. “I was very flattered to learn they stuck around for my set too.”

Robert and Kristen — who have reportedly been staying at a London hotel together since last Saturday — were also spotted kissing in a bar earlier this week after the 19-year-old actress attended the Burberry Prorsum catwalk show, which was part of London Fashion Week.

British councilor Nicholas Clark posted on Twitter, “In Marquis of Granby with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! A couple of kisses — left in separate cars.”

And if someone can find anywhere in this article where it talks about them BOOZING it up? I see it says that they went out to a pub and supported his younger sister. Oh wait.. a pub (bar for us Americans) - that is SO rare for young people in the 20's to do!! And of course going to a pub means getting totally drunk right? Let's get some perspective here.. they went to a pub, hung out together (couple or not) and supported Rob's sister. End 'o' story. Yes we are hearing 'spotted kissing' 'blah blah blah.. Once again I repeat myself .. like a broken record.. er I guess I should be more current, how about a scratched CD.... They are 2 normal people-famous yes-but once again- normal people. Kissing, hanging out, walking.. whatevah.. LEAVE THEM AAAALONE! Now a freakish British Councilor is tweeting about them?

Feb 25, 2010

Rob Pattinson admits it .. or wait, does he?

The rumors are fa-lying! I've been reading all of the rumors and got some great articles from Zilma!

Let's see.. first we have this:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Edward Cullen admits dating Bella off-screen!

No more rumors, no more gossips and no more false reports for sure coz Robert Pattinson has admitted that he is dating Kristen Stewart! Sun reports on the latest bombshell from the Twilight pair’s life as Robert Pattinson revealed that he is seeing his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart.

Talking to Sun, the 23-year old British Actor said: “It is extremely difficult but we are together, yes.” Robert’s confession may break the heart of many of his female fans and also Kristen’s male followers but at last we have the first hand proof that they are in a relationship. From now on we don’t have to write the term “their alleged relationship” while writing about them.
Yesterday in one of my post I refused to speculate on their relationship and though both of them proved me wrong today but I am happy that at least they have acknowledged there relationship in front of the media.

But I do fear that this may pose a bigger challenge for the Twilight couple in near future as the fans will expect more from them and Robert also admits the pressure of the fans for which they arrived separately in BAFTA Awards last Sunday and even sat in different parts Royal Opera House in a night were Kristen Stewart picked up the Orange Rising Star Award. Robert was quoted by Sun saying: “We can’t arrive at the same time because of the fans. It goes crazy. This was supposed to be a public appearance as a couple but it’s impossible. We are here together and it’s a public event but it’s not easy. We have to do all this stuff to avoid attention.”

Whatever the case may be but we are happy to know that they are “officially” seeing each other. We wish both Rob and Kristen best of luck for theirrelationship and look forward to catch their movies in the coming week.

Hrmm.. does seem odd that after all this time he would just blurt that out, no? They have been dodging that question forever yet - BLAM - he says "yup we are together." Odd. . . and once again let me reiterate - NOT WORTH HOUNDING THEM OVER!

But but but wait! Now we have this!

Robert Pattinson Never Said That He and Kristen Stewart are a “Couple”

Gossip Cop has spent hours reaching out to everyone to verify the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart shocker heard ’round the world. Initially, we were told the interview was “a fake.”
We then contacted many, many more individuals, including the author of the explosive interview published in The Sun, “R-Patz admits: I AM with K-Stew.”
(Anyone.. ANYONE think Rob would say "I AM with K-Stew" - aahhh no.)

Unlike numerous other sites which took the interview at face value and never fact checked, including Hollyscoop (“Robert Pattinson Confirms He’s Dating Kristen Stewart) and HollywoodLife (“Finally, Kristen! Your boyfriend R-Patz ADMITS you are a couple!”), Gossip Cop verified with the reporter — more than once over the course of a few hours — what was and wasn’t said on Sunday.

The reporter told Gossip Cop Pattinson “didn’t say ‘we are a couple,’” adding that “he wasn’t going to spell it out in great detail.” What the reporter did ask during the post-BAFTAs dinner, where Pattinson was several feet away from Stewart for this Q&A, was, “Is this a public appearance together?” The reporter told Gossip Cop Pattinson replied, “We are together.”
When Gossip Cop pressed him on whether Pattinson’s response meant he and Stewart were a couple, the reporter said, “That’s my assumption from what he said.” OK, so Pattinson never actually said they were “a couple.” The Sun claims Pattinson “admitted” he and Stewart were a couple. But that is not the case. This isn’t to say Pattinson and Stewart are or are not a couple.
But the claim that there was any kind of monumental admission or “fessing up” at the dinner on Sunday simply is not true. As Gossip Cop has maintained from the beginning, it’s up to the actors to reveal when and what they want to reveal.

So basically, once again it's a twisting of Rob's word to fit the article to get more readers..etc. Like I've said a million times, I have no idea whether they are dating or not, I can't tell .. and really no one else can either. It's all about speculation, perception and umm... making up $hit. Let's talk about their movies, projects etc.. not the big SCOOP on if they are together cuz really 'who give a *beep*!!!

Oh and finally some jacka$$ apparently "tweeted" that he witnessed them kissing at one of the award after parties. Really, do you have ZERO life dude? You have comment like a little gossiping teenage girl "I saw them kissing I saw them kissing" Don't you just feel like saying:

Feb 22, 2010

Rob Pattinson and red heads..and Kristen disses Robs kissing?

The latest is Rob has been seen with a red head.

Robert Pattinson dating mystery redhead

London: `Twilight` heartthrob Robert Pattinson seems to have a thing for red heads as he has been spotted on several dates with a carrot topped girl after his reported split from co-star Kristen Stewart.
(I see, so the never confirmed romance -now there has been a reported split? Anyone see when that happened? Was it before or after they were shopping for a new house in England?)

Pattinson and Stewart have always remained tight-lipped about their romance, but the romance has fizzled out and the British actor is now planning to move to London, reported Daily Mail online.
(Ah so their romance has fizzled.. the alleged romance)

"Rob plans to ditch his Canadian pad. In London he feels he can be normal. He`s been going to dinner parties and pubs with his mates, just like old times. He doesn`t want a Hollywood girlfriend and he hasn`t spoken about Kristen for a while so we think that`s off," said a source close to the actor.
(He hasn't spoken of Kristen ... to who? He never speaks of Kristen unless he is asked a legitimate question. And "we thinks that's off" - wow then if 'you' said it, must be true!)

LA-born Kristen, 19, too seems to have moved on and was photographed with Sean Penn in Hollywood earlier this month.
(Now THAT is funny.. she's moved on and been spotted with Sean Penn? Are you freaking kidding me?? Because they met up and gave each other a hug?? Sean Penn is 30 years older than her - please give me a break! That's just to stupid to even talk about..)

Pattinson, 23, meanwhile has been partying in London with a mystery redhead.
(Now since Rob gets his picture taken while he is buy his undies.. why is there no picture of this mystery red head. Even if he is partying or hanging or whatever he is doing with a girl that has red hair, girlfriend or girl - friend.. again none of our business people)

"He`s been spending time with a very pretty redhead. They hang out in the Macbeth pub in Hoxton and at the Notting Hill Arts Club. Rob wears a black woolly hat and a beard as a disguise," added the source.


Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Leave The BAFTA Awards Together!
Why do Robert Pattinson, 23, and Kristen Stewart, 19, always hide their love? The Twilight Saga co-stars haven’t been together since New Year’s Eve — but they were spotted leaving the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) Awards in Rob’s home town of London TOGETHER on Feb. 21!
(But wait.. where's the mystery red head??)

The two avoided each other on the red carpet at the awards, but afterwards, dashed off in a car together. We guess Rob wasn’t too upset about the fact that K-Stew completely dissed his kissing technique!
(Once again no picture to prove this statement. Oh yeah and regarding that last statement; this was the headline associated with that:
HollyShocker! Kristen Stewart Says Her New Co-Star Eddie Redmayne Kisses Better Than Robert Pattinson! )

Ridiculous the twist the put on these things. She is sitting next to her co-star Eddie and the dimwitted reporter says "who kisses better." What is Kristen going to say "Sorry Eddie .. but Rob kisses ROCK, YOUR BLOW!" Come on.. that's a dumb question anyway. Kristen answered very cute even though I'm sure she wanted to throttle the interviewer.
This is the interview:

And for the record.. remember I told you guys that I got a part as a guest star on an upcoming series - well I had to do a kissing scene it this guess star spot. I'm only in 1 episode but I had to grab the other actor and throw him against the wall and then push him to the floor (and no this is not a XXX movie, it's a sitcom). Kissing in front of the camera with a bunch of people in the room - is THE most unsexy thing. It's almost like doing a choreographed dance - move here, then there, be careful of the camera and cables on the floor so you don't trip and fall on your arse. Yeah, very sexy..

Feb 20, 2010

Rob Pattinson & Kristen "fake" romance.. Rob and Kristen get a Time out!

Speculation.... sneaky business... HILARIOUS

I read an article now that the whole relationship was a publicity stunt to keep Rob and Kristen in the spotlight and make twilight more popular.

However, as per the latest reports, it would appear that the above contention about RobSten’s romance and big –screen careers, may yet be a ‘hallowed myth’.

Does anyone really believe that is true? I mean seriously - let's make up a relationship that is going to drive them mental by being stalked, accosted, filmed etc.. by paparazzi and psycho fans?
I don't think so.. That doesn't even make sense. I think it's a principle thing now.. as if to say "who gives a $hit if we are dating! Back the 'eff' off!" OK well, that's what I would say.
Dumb dumb dumb.. Besides, I don't think that Twilight series needed any help in the publicity department.. they are doing JUST FINE.

But then I find an article - that says the exact opposite:

On the evidence of the latest reports, it is learned that the raging Twilighters, have reportedly been told go easy on their romance, by their respective career managers.

It is further learned that the ‘flamy twosome’, have reportedly been forbidden to spend any time off –screen, and instead focus on their promising yet fledgling movie careers.

A source was further quoted as saying in a report, carried by Marie Claire that, Rob and Kris’s managers have reportedly made plain that, either of the ‘Twilight’ twosomes, has no time for anything other than their pressing showbiz commitments.

So.. their romance is fake.. no, no wait! They are told to NOT spend time together ... oh wait, let me quote "forbidden to spend any time off -screen" so now they are being forbidden to do things? Come on! Are they 12 years old? What will happen if they spend time together... OH OH I KNOW!!

And now people are commenting on whether or not "Breaking Dawn" should be in 3D. . . .

Feb 17, 2010

Rob Pattinson - Giant Freaky Pillow

Sorry it's been a while ... but nothing looked good enough to comment on until I found this..

Um .... yeah. This is so creepy I'm not sure where to begin.


"For all the twilight crazed lonely women in the world, Edward Cullen is finally here to be with you and only you. Sleep with him, cuddle with him, use him as a neck rest, the Edward Manllow is there to be your man and pillow all in one."

It's $35 per Manllow (that word makes me gag).. but unfortunately at this time .. they are all sold out. SOLD OUT?! Oh my, my, my....

Some more pictures of a woman cuddling with this freakish thing.

Not only does this pillow look absolutely silly, but it has arms so you can wrap yourself and pretend that it's Edward..er.. Rob.. er whatever hugging you.. and not just a stuffed awkwardly shaped pillow.
Anyone have the total heebie jeebies?? CA-REEPY!!

Feb 14, 2010

Rob Pattinson - Naked Modles & A Strange interview

Ok so Rob did this interview with Details magazine where there was some very interesting photographs with him and naked women. The pictures are actually really artistic and sexy.

This was the article (that I think is the real article - I haven't seen the actual magazine yet)

Robert Pattinson certainly gave a very weird interview to Details Magazine as US magazine has just reported. He posed with a bunch of naked women in various compromising positions for the shoot for the tenth anniversary of the mag..Here's that story

"I really hate vaginas," the Twilight star, 23, says to the mag, on stands Feb. 23.

"I'm allergic to vaginas," he continues. "But I can't say I had no idea, because it was a 12-hour shoot, so kind of get the picture that these women are going to stay naked after, like, five or six hours... Thank God I was hungover."

"The only emotional connection of relevance is with my dog," he says. "My relationship with my dog, it's ridiculous."
He says he would rather write political speeches, than act .

"You’d have two or three minutes to affect someone. Make them hear you... I quite enjoyed doing the press for Twilight because there was a similarity," he says. "But you’d better have something to say. I felt a responsibility to be fascinating."
Well that he certainly is!

I don't really know how to comment on this article... Weird, yup. So if this is the real article - then yeah I'd say his quotes are a bit odd. But what I have come up with (and trust me I have no inside info) is that I imagine he felt awkward standing around a photo shoot with a bunch of naked women walking around. I don't care how cool or suave a guy thinks he is - yes is it amazing to be 23 and around beautiful hot women - I'm sure it is but at the same time - I'm SURE it's a bit embarrassing and overwhelming. And he was probably nervous as hell walking around these models that are used to this kind of situation. My other consideration is - I'm sure he is sick of silly interviews and dumb questions he is being asked.. my feeling is he is probably trying to put off some reporters. Devious but genius if you think about it. They don't know what craziness will pop out of his mouth so maybe they will avoid asking him questions...? I don't know if I'm right but hey, beats the alternative.. that he has lost his mind, right?

oops - forgot to say

Feb 11, 2010

Rob Pattinson and boxer briefs? Seriously?

You know, how absurd is this headline?

Robert Pattinson Stocks Up On Boxer Briefs


Robert Pattinson and BFF Tom Sturridge grab food together at XXXX restaurant and do some shopping in London on Saturday (February 6).

The 23-year-old actor stocked up on boxer briefs (on sale!) and video games as he and Tom hopped between stores!

(yes I XXXX'ed out the name of the restaurant in case it's a fav of his - so he can try to go to it again without someone clicking a phone camera in his face.

Ok, so the poor guy goes out shopping and hangs with a friend. And some sneaky paparazzi take pics of him buying underwear. . . Is that REALLY necessary? And to top it all off - lets make fun of him because they (may or may not who knows) were on sale. Just because he's making some good $$ - means he has to spend money like the rest of the jacka$$ celebrities and spend $400 on a pair of fancy FLIP FLOPS?

The guy is out shopping for stuff he needs - like we ALL DO.. and then has lunch with a friend. Leave him the heck alone! Some people were actually saying "Shopping at (whatever the store was) is he bankrupt??" The poor shlep can't even buy his undies in private!

Please give this poor guy a break.

Feb 10, 2010

Rob Pattinson - Breaking Dawn rumors etc.

The pencil paparazzi can't wait to spin something that Rob says to make him seem ungrateful to the series that skyrocketed him to fame.

These are some of the headlines:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart - 'Breaking Dawn' Stress and Selling Story!

Rob Pattinson "Breaking Dawn is a burden."


Blurbs from Articles:

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which is due to hit cinemas in July (10) - and he wants movie chiefs to organise production on the final film, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, so he can arrange his diary.
Pattinson says, "It will be great just to be able to know what I'm doing. Not knowing when Breaking Dawn is going to shoot - because it changes all the time - is kind of a burden, to have this thing where you don't know when it's going to happen. So you have got to organise everything in your life around that and that can be difficult."

The actor will reprise his role as vampire Edward Cullen in the final Twilight film based on the books Breaking Dawn — which may be broken into two films, due to the number of books.

“It will be strange but it will be great just to be able to know what I’m doing,” R-Patz told a Scottish newspaper.

“Not knowing when Breaking Dawn is going to shoot – because it changes all the time — is a kind of burden, to have this thing where you don’t know when it’s going to happen.

“So you’ve got to organize everything in your life around that and that can be difficult.”

Wow - misleading no? Talk about trying to make Rob look like a jackass. Oh yeah the filming of Breaking Dawn is a BURDEN!! My arse, he has said on numerous occasions how wonderful the fans are, and how lucky he was to have this opportunity. Let's not try to vilify him yet, ok folks? Give him a chance to earn that title himself. (Which doesn't necessarily mean he will peeps)

Can you blame him for wanting to know his schedule? Um... seems pretty reasonable to me.

Feb 8, 2010

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ‘decide to live separate lives’

LOL That's the title of the article

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ‘decide to live separate lives’

Well HOW convenient is that!! Article upon article about how they are buying a "love nest" in England, or how they are shopping around for places to live.. etc. But when it doesn't happen....


Twilight: New Moon co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have reportedly decided not to move in together, sparking fears over their rumoured relationship.

The actors have been house-hunting in London according to Heat magazine, an obvious next step in the romance of any young couple.
(ah ha.. alleged house hunting)

Rob and Kristen were apparently looking forward to setting up London home so that they could forge a closer relationship between their two families.
(right.. right..)

However, the house-hunting claims have been slammed as “not true”, leading to fears that their own rumoured relationship may be on the rocks.
(so now that we have put them in the same house.. since it hasn't happened then QUICK THINK OF SOMETHING TO DETRACT...ah ha! The pencil paparazzi comes up with more yummy rumors to keep the fires burning! Meaning .. "No, wait! They aren't moving in together.. there is a problem in the relationship! Yeah Yeah that's it!!"

A source told Life & Style magazine: “Rob and Kristen are very happy, and everyone that’s part of the franchise is so happy for them.

“They don’t feel the need to hide it anymore.”
(Wait.... what?)

It is known that Rob is heading back to Britain to take on his “raunchiest role yet” as he plays the lead role in new movie Bel Ami.

Heartthrob Pattinson will star alongside stunners Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman and Kristin Scott Thomas as he takes on the role of a 19th century swordsman who makes his way up the social ladder by using his skills in the bedroom department.

Filming will take place in London and Budapest and although Rob’s schedule is set to be extremely demanding, the young star is hoping to squeeze in some well deserved down time to visit family and friends whilst back in the UK.

Female fans are extremely excited about Pattinson’s latest role as the Studio describes Bel Ami as an “erotically charged story of ambition, power and seduction.”

(Um.. what the hell does this have to do with anything in this article??)

Feb 5, 2010

Kristen Stewart Wants Little Vampires With Robert Pattinson and Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Being Told To Cool It Down?

So Kristen wants little 'vampires' with Rob?


Call me a fuddy-duddy, but I say 19 is a little young to be having a baby. But apparently that isn’t going to stop Kristen Stewart; sources say the teenage actress is anxious to have a little blood-sucker of her own with boyfriend and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson.
(If anyone has seen interviews with Kristen - I think you'd realize that this is a bunch of BS)

“Kristen would love to have Rob’s babies,” said a source close to Stewart. “She’s even spoken to him about it — but Rob thinks it’s probably best to wait a couple of years so they can focus on their careers. It’s safe to say that Kristen’s feeling broody now that she’s found the man of her dreams!”
(Once again we have this lovely 'source' that all these pencil paparazzi hide behind. Kristen has found the "man of her dreams?" c'mon .. Like I've said a million times - I have ZERO knowledge to whether or not they are dating but anyone out there remember who they dated at 19 years old?? Would you marry that person now?)

And according to the source, Pattinson’s mom Claire is all for her 23-year-old son having a baby with his 19-year-old girlfriend. Whaaat?
(What Mom is going to encourage their kids to have a baby at 23 with a 19 year old? I'm not saying it's bad or good - but it's a wee bit young for Kristen especially with their lifestyles.. come on people - common sense)

“Rob’s mom Clare believes the responsibilities of raising a child would help keep him grounded as his success in showbiz continues to explode,” a source said last month.

“She doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with them having a baby at a young age. She simply adores Kristen and is already treating her like a daughter-in-law.” Ahhh, stage moms — ya gotta love ‘em.


I found a couple of articles about this:

"New Moon" Stars Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Told To Shelve Romance


Los Angeles, CA, United States (CNS) - Tween heartthrobs Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have reportedly been told to put their relationship at bay and focus on their respective careers. Execs are said to be worried that the "Twilight" stars will become distracted.
(First of all - WHAT? Are you serious? 1.) what relationship? Their friendship or this rumored boyfriend/girlfriend thing? 2.) Distracted? HOW?? THAT'S JUST DUMB!

According to an eonline.com source, the young stars are still together, but they just "got a slap on the wrist."
(Rob and Kristen being 2 of the hottest stars right now.. being slapped on the wrist? Please - everyone is kissing their fanny's so that they will work for them. I doubt very much that anyone got a verbal slapping anywhere.)

"Everyone, from their management to the studios involved in their upcoming movies, is worried [Rob and Kristen] will start to become? distracted."

The actors have never admitted or denied their relationship, but the website assured readers that they are "still together and totally cool," although they are just focusing on their careers.

Stewart, 19, will be seen in the biopic "The Runaways" alongside Dakota Fanning in March, while Pattinson, 23, will be in the upcoming romantic drama "Remember Me" with Emilie de Ravin also in March

Give me a break - half the time they are on different continents filming different movies. Just because they are friends, or in a relationship or whatever the hell they are doing - doesn't mean they will get "distracted." What do they mean by that anyway? Are they going to start running thru the streets naked? What they heck are these people talkin about?

Feb 4, 2010


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