Mar 29, 2010

Rob Pattinson making the inane to sane - Rob & Kristen hang out

Rob Pattison - making the inane rumors sane. (If that's possible)

So the HUGE brew-haha going on is based on headlines like this:
Robert Pattinson Seen Hangin With Kristen Stewart In London Last Night



(ontheflix and socialite life)

And the big picture proving it is this:

This is the big picture? First of all - to me, it doesn't look like her - 2nd IF it is I say again for the million'th time.. who cares? Dating, not dating, friends whatever! Why are people being all MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and hiding behind poles to take pictures of him. And of course - lets put the spin on it by saying it's a beer fest!

and with headlines like this..
Robert Pattinson Gets Drunk In London

Just because he's out with his friends in a pub - like a lot of 23 year old people, they have a lovely headline spouting out he's a drunkard. Lovely.

(sorry it's been a while since my last update - in bed with a nasty cold!)

Mar 25, 2010


Rob Pattinson
Inane to Sane.. Stories of the day.

Well, well, well... I suppose it was just a matter of time before the pencil paparazzi create a story about Rob being gay.

Headline: Does Robert Pattinson have a girlfriend or boyfriend? (courtesy of celebs gather)
Blurb of article:
Is Robert Pattinson dating anyone? Rumor has it that R-Patz doesn't have a girlfriend but instead a boyfriend. Check out this photo of R-Patz with his new man. Yum, looks like someone likes Latin men!

Then the article proceeded to say:

Just kidding! The photo is just a still from Robert Pattinson's upcoming film Little Ashes. In it, Robert Pattinson plays painter Salvador Dali who has a sexual relationship with writer Frederico Garcia Lorca. In real life, Robert Pattinson would never go for Lorca. While some of the Rob-Obsessed will be disappointed, I'm certain others will let out a sigh of relief to know he's straight as an arrow, and was even a bit uncomfortable filming his gay sex scenes. Does it really matter though? Whether he's gay or straight, none of you will be dating him anytime soon! Didn't you hear? Robert Pattinson's heart belongs to Kristen Stewart...even if he won't tell.

You know, doesn't that make you just want to smack the 'someone' who wrote it right upside the head? "Just kidding" Give me a fah-reakin' break. Talk about bull$hit. Let's start a rumor that he's gay, but then babble on about kidding and that he's with Kristen "even if he won't tell." The whole article is rumor rumor rumor. And it says Upcoming Film.. Little Ashes. Umm.. that was released almost a year ago. I just went back to the article to make sure it was written in March 2010.. yup I was right and they are .. well, not.

(Headline) If We Don't Stop Screaming Robert Pattinson Says He Might Go Deaf
And that wasn't the only one I saw - I saw over 10 different headlines stating similiar quotes. For example:
Robert Pattinson: 'I'm Almost Completely Deaf'
Screaming fans making Robert Pattinson deaf
Is Robert Pattinson Going Deaf?!

Those are just some of the quotes - headlines I saw today.

The only quote said by him (well I can't confirm it because he doesn't speak to me directly) was allegedly said to the Sun: "I'm almost completely deaf anyway. So I'm worried. I'm very worried."
Is it me, or does this seem similar to the "I'm allergic to vagina's" statement. He says something silly or jokingly during an interview. Does the boy REALLY think he's going deaf? I am sure he was saying it in a jovial way. He could be a boring interviewee and say "The noise is deafening." But the way he says it is funnier and more entertaining. Which is supposed to be the point during interviews unless everyone would be doing this:

Mar 23, 2010

Rob Pattinson RUMOR CONTROL - Flops, Kissing all over England and more

Robert Pattinson found eating dinner at The Ivy after premiere thanks to Twilight fans who use Twitter

Robert Pattinson has got to be one of the most familiar faces in 2010. Thousands of fans from around the world recognize Pattinson from the Twilight movies and when people see him, especially the ladies, the screams of deligtht can be heard for blocks.

At the premiere of Remember Me in London, after the film showing, the famous actor as well as some cast and crew decided to eat at The Ivy. Simple put, it appears after a long days work, they needed to have a quiet meal and celebrate the accomplishments.

Well, it seems a couple of excited Twilight fans spotted the famous actor and got in touch with other Twilight fans via Twitter. Within minutes the actor had such a crowd out front that his body guards had to push people back so Pattinson could leave (he decided not to stay for food.) Of course being a good sport, he did sign some autographs, however that probably didn't make up for the fact he was hungry.

(ME)You know.. this just hocks me off. The poor guy is in a restaurant eating (or trying to) and the little tweeters start telling people where he is! Is that not a little .. stalkerish? If you are in the same place as a celebrity, don't start spewing off where you are and where they are! It's not fair, it's tacky and just plain R U D E.

Will audiences ever want to see the 'Twilight' stars do anything else?

(ME)Nothing like a little support from the media. This article has pointed out how The Runaways and Remember Me not having made nearly the money that or BANG that Twilight did. Is that a surprise to anyone? The Twilight series had a huge following before the movies were made; this is a whole different genre. Remember Me is not anything like Twilight and the twihards want to see Rob be the gooey lovey hero. Well folks, he can't always play that - if he wants to be taken seriously as an actor he has to widen the range. Is that so bad? And Kristen Stewart - her movie is rated R, that could be a reason why a lot of the 14 year old girls aren't seeing it... THEY CAN'T!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Kissing All Over England! (Photo)

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson kissing! The Twilight stars are just making out all over England if you listen to the reports surfacing on the internet! They were spotted kissing at the Kings Of Leon concert, then, at the Marquis of Granby, a pub in England, Nicholas Clark tweeted the following message from the pub, “In The Marquis of Granby with Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart.” A few hours later he added: “From what I saw just a couple of kisses on lips,” then added, “R+K were acting like a couple.”

Hide the relationship, don't hide the relationship. Is there a relationship? Does anyone really care? ugh.

(ME) Good God.. this is funny. First of all it is the picture that surfaced ages ago from the Kings of Leon concert

second of all the "Does anyone really care?" line make anyone else laugh? If these people didn't care then why perpetuate the rumor crap and write the article? Hrmmmm???

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dropping truck load of hints!

Being coy, hiding from media and turning red when questioned about their love lives, are all, things of past. The current Robsten likes to get noticed together, hold hands in front of the media and even kiss in public. Aaah Finally! Yes, you heard it right; they were caught kissing in a London pub where Kris joined Rob to attend her future sister-in-law’s singing performance.

After their stardom shot sky high with Twilight, Rob and Kris had often been linked up and the couple, in return have tried every trick up their sleeves to prove their single hood. In fact, they went a bit too much with their single hood act. There was a time when they stopped appearing together in events, just to prove they were single.

These days, it’s a different story with the couple. They can be seen kissing, holding hands, going out for strolls and I only expect the level of mushiness to rise higher with time. I bet Twihards would start searching for the kissing picture, as soon as they are done reading this but don’t you worry I got the picture and the article, here for you.

LOL once again the picture is ...

(ME) COME ON! LOL - SAME PICTURE OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Kissing, mushing all over each other? Show me where? This to me looks like they are trying to talk during a loud concert. And if they are dating - then people shouldn't be all creepy and take sneaky pictures!! Ew! Showing up at events separate? I assume they are talking about the Remember Me premier? Um.. when 2 actors are at the premier of their movie, then they are pictures with their co-star. Unless of course we should have just thrown Emilie out in the back and make it all about Rob and Kristen? Thoughts?

Mar 19, 2010

Leave Rob Pattinson alone - Rumor control - pregnant girlfriend, engagment..?

So many headlines!
Here we go..

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Engagement Rumor Ring - Photos

This is so silly.

A site has created jewelry from the Twilight Saga Movies and is selling replica rings, bracelets and necklaces inspired by the films.

Currently they are pumping out an engagement ring that is supposed to be identical to Kristen Stewart’s character, Bella Swan, engagement ring.

I love the SPIN ON THIS! Splash all over the place that Rob and Kristen are engaged.. but alas this is a story about the insanity around a place designing Bella engagement rings! This smells very much like Titanic when people all wanted the "heart of the ocean" necklace. Remember that goddy, huge blue diamond thing! That went over well for about 2 weeks.

Robert Pattinson has a secret girlfriend named Kelly Blakewell.

ROBERT Pattinson has a secret girlfriend back home in London, it has been claimed.

The girl’s name is Kelly Blakewell an ex-model turned singer, who’s currently living in the British capital

And the best part? She’s a pregnant single mother!

According to fan site RobPattzNews, Rob and Kelly spent the weekend in London together earlier this month.

Although Pattinson and Blakewell have been seen together several times, they have so far managed to keep their secret romance a secret.

“They’ve been dating for months,” a source said. “They’ve managed to keep it very hush-hush so the public continues to believe he’s dating his Twilight costar Kristen Stewart.

“Rob knows the whole “Robsten” thing is critical to Twilight’s success. But he loves Kelly and is ready to introduce her to his fans.”

Rob apparently met Kelly via a mutual photographer friend.

“It was basically love at first sight, Rob is totally into this girl and never shuts up about her to friends,” the source said.
(The picture that was going along with this was that picture that Rob was taken in Cannes with that chick with the blond hair. (I think - I've read this same article via different websites and one of them had that picture.) Anywho.. so apparently these same magazines can't decide who to go with Kristen.. I've heard Taylor.. and now some random girl who is supposedly preggers which obviously the goal was to make you think the Rob is the Daddy.)

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Engaged?
Are Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison engaged? Maybe. The Internet rumor mill is buzzing, but some facts are interesting to look at.

First we know that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are in bed together as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in "Eclipse." We also know that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart share an engagement ring in Eclipse.
(Please do tell me what in the hell that has to do with real life Rob and Kristen? He was also in bed with Emilie in "Remember Me" - he was also with another man in Little Ashes. My God these are ROLES IN FILMS.. CHARACTERS.. MAKE BELIEVE!!

We also know the new movie is having casting calls for the baby girl of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, so they got together in the movies, and now, we know they are in real life looking to buy a house together in England.
(We certainly don't know they are looking for a house together and YES they are looking for a Renessme to PLAY THE PART of Bella and Edwards daughter. Newsflash -- it's not Kristen and Rob's daughter they are looking for. Capiche?)

So much and so little. Are Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison setting up house and if so, are they engaged? The new movie is "Breaking Dawn about the child born of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.
(Which means the a big fat NADA in their real life!)

update today!

Sorry been so long! I have lots to write about! Will update later today :)
watch for it!!

Engagment... rings.... smelly rob?

Lovely rumors to make fun of!

Mar 15, 2010

Rob Pattinson Rumor Control - Taylor & Rob dating/Kristen & Rob fight

I Never ever run out of crappy stories to write about. Oh how I wish I was the one confidant that Rob could debunk all this BS to!! I would looooooooooove shoving that into the faces of those pencil paparazzi's!

OK back to the point!

I came across this headline:
"Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart argue over their future"


ROBERT Pattinson’s romance with Kristen Stewart is on the brink of collapse because of the hunky actor’s refusal to commit, it has been claimed.

Kristen, 19, has apparently told friends she’s still wondering where she stands with Rob.

“She wants to get married and have kids, but Rob’s not ready,” a source close to the couple told a British magazine.

“He gets stressed out whenever she starts talking commitment and it causes some nasty rows. Some people think Rob’s still set on playing the field.”

Recent reports claimed Rob and Kristen have been arguing endlessly over the actress’ possessive nature.

“Kristen hates the thought of Rob and Emilie spending time alone together,” blabbed one loose-lipped insider. “She’s doing her best to be with Rob whenever she can.

“But it’s driving Rob nuts — he likes doing his own thing and having time to himself, but Kristen has gotten really needy over the past few weeks.

“She’s worried he’ll run off with Emilie or some other chick that catches his eye.”

This rumor has been floating around for a while. Kristen is jealous, afraid she will lose him to (insert name here), she wants KIDS(??), moving in together. It never ends. The girl laughed about the rumors that were going around last summer that she was pregnant. She's 19, almost 20 years old just starting her career going fast, do you really think she wants a CHILD? Umm.. no, I don't think so. And I'm sure she reads it and laughs, but don't you think enough is enough of recyclying the old stories??
Been there done that with this one!

And this is just too funny and stupid to pass by!


Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner Dating? Another Twilight Love Triangle Rumor

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner Dating? Another Twilight Love Triangle Rumor. We all know about the love triangle between Bella, Jacob, and Edward of Twilight. There are rumors that there is a love triangle going on IRL as well.

For instance, Kristen Stewart (Bella) has been linked to Robert Pattinson (Edward) and then there are rumors that she could be possibly dating Taylor Lautner (Jacob.)

The newest rumors place…now get this … Lautner with Pattinson. Talk about a strange twist of events! OF course, nothing in Hollywood is all that surprising, but the two hunky Twilight stars have all the girls they could get.

Is this not too ridiculous? Maybe someone will write me and say it is a spoof. But I looked, and it didn't seem to be .. spoofish .. it just seemed to be another pencil pap trying to stir up $hit. Yes, Rob and Taylor are dating and one of them is pregnant with the others love child.

Mar 14, 2010

Rob Pattinson: 5 bodyguards! Can't act! And more!

I've seen a bunch of headlines recently that are all saying:

Robert Pattinson has 5 bodyguards!

Why would that surprise anyone? In my opinion 5 body guards aren't enough. The number of screaming young girls may seem harmless - but don't underestimate teenage girls that having raging hormones. All it takes is one little foot forward and it opens the flood gates for screaming mimi's to start running like loonies.

This is the article
Robert Pattinson travels with five minders who guard him from fans.

Bosses at production studio Summit hired the heavy mob during shooting of Rob’s latest film ‘Remember Me’, which is slated to hit UK screens on April 2.

The Twilight hunk has been forced to travel with bodyguards after almost being pushed under the wheels of a car by frenzied female admirers in New York’s Union Square.

“If it hadn’t been for the quick-thinking of two members of his team, he could easily have been a goner,” the Daily Star quoted an eyewitness as saying.

“He was pushed off the sidewalk by the sheer number of fans who were trying to get close to him and fell against the door of a moving vehicle.

“If his clothing had got caught or a foot had gone under the car there’s no doubt he would have been dragged along and seriously hurt,” the eyewitness added.

This is utter bull$hit. As it has been said a million different times in a bunch of different articles online and off - it was grossly exaggerated. No one pushed him, or hip checked him or throttled him into on coming traffic. It was barely even an accident. Yet this article would lead to you to believe that he was in a life and death situation. And THAT'S why he needs the bodyguards. Does he need the guards yes of course he does if not to guard him against the fans then to guard him against the WAY over the line paparazzi. Those people are FAR more dangerous than any fan.

The reviews are in: Robert Pattinson can’t act! ‘Remember Me’ is a critical disaster!


Well as I knew…as I’ve been SAYING, Robert Pattinson can’t act. His latest STINKFEST ‘Remember me’ is getting absolutely TRASHED by critics not only for his ham-fisted ‘brooding’ which is meant to pass as acting, but for the generic feel to this Lifetime movie family drama and its exploitive ending. Hey, I’m on record as predicting exactly the reaction this thing was going to get. Am I psychic you say? No, I’m just not brain dead, you see, I’ve seen his work. Pattinson has not displayed one iota of ability in anything he’s done and this new effort only further cements his suck-itude.

If you were to read my initial post on this, I was outraged when I heard the way they were using 9/11 in their crass manipulative ending . It’s cheap and sleazy and it really makes you wonder about Pattinson that he would sign on to it. Still, that’s probably the thing about him I find so intrinsically irritating, his total cluelessness. Every interview, every performance is imbued with this sort of half-assed, incompetent, out-of-it ness.

Of course I’m sure all the twi-tards and twi-moms will yell to the rafters about how FANTASTIC this piece of shit is, but you know what, they’ll be wrong. Period.

Is it me or does the dude sound TOTALLY jealous of him? He goes on to quote different papers that have mixed reviews. But with ever negative review there is a positive review. Twilight may not have been as challenging as Forrest Gump, but lets be realistic. Of COURSE he can act. Or else all beautiful people would become famous actors. Remember when Cindy Crawford tried to act .. FAIL. Just because someone is handsome doesn't mean an automatic hit. If Rob blew as an actor-Twilight would have bombed. So this guys who wrote this article is clearly a jealous, cellar dwelling weirdo that has nothing better to do than to make himself seem better by trashing someone clearly out of his league.
Obviously this guy needs to move on and so he isn't so bitter.

Wanna give a shout out to Zilma, one of our avid readers wrote a book! Here is the link!

Mar 12, 2010

Rob Pattinson: less than reviews -Taylor and Kristen- and getting in Rob's Pants?

So much to talk about.. Let's start off with this shall we?
Ladies, Here’s Your Chance To Get In Rob Pattinson’s Pants!

How classy is that headline - makes you just want to .. hurl!

Rob, 23, and Emilie, 28, will be auctioning off their costumes from Remember Me, including Rob Pattinson’s very own t-shirts, swimsuit, pants, and/or dress shirts. All clothes will be up for auction on Saturday, March 13 through Premiere Props’ March Auction Extravaganza in El Segundo, Calif.

So they are auctioning off his clothes (I assume for a charity) - but gotta put that nasty spin on it. How incredibly inspiring... NOT!

Ok so I see this headline:
Kristen Stewart Dating Taylor Lautner?

Blurb from article:
In my opinion, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner do seem quite friendly together in this new found picture from the 2010 Academy Awards. They (who are they anyway) say "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words."

I wonder what Robert Pattinson is going to think about this picture? Will he like Taylor Lautner cozying up with his girl, Kristen Stewart? To me, this picture just looks friendly, but you never know! I personally think Taylor Lautner is way cuter then Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart should pick Taylor Lautner over Robert Pattinson, just my opinion.

Picture in question:

THIS is the picture in question? For real? First off we have no idea if they are really dating, right? Right. Secondly - even if they are.. does anyone REALLY think this is any indication of a budding romance between Taylor and Kristen? Hrm... Aren't they all pretty close since they've done 3 movies together in the span of 2 years? And another one to come? But yes, Rob must be FLIPPING out at this so clearly suggestive photograph of Taylor poking Kristen in the chin...(please).

And last but not least - anyone surprised that Rob's movie is getting some icky reviews? Course not! Anyone that is THAT on fire with his career and THAT popular.. of COURSE they are going to give it a less than favorable review!
Things like:
the "Twilight" hunk fills the screen with cigarette smoke, stubble and hooded green eyes, but little else.
You want to grant Robert Pattinson his wish to break free of "Twilight" and do something new, but there's precious little of it in "Remember Me."
If he does, Pattinson could have the makings of a brilliant career, something more than the hot streak he's got going as the "it" guy of the moment. The same problems plague the film, which is beautifully shot but its emotional potential unrealized.

We all knew this would happen - comparing him to his Twilight Role, that he's not good enough, he needs to do more, the movie lacks this and that. No surprise people, that's what happens when you get to his level of fame. I haven't seen the movie so I have no comment, but please give him a chance ok?

Mar 10, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Shaved head-Funny hat-Dirty Secret

So the news spreading like wildfire is that Rob would love to shave his head for a role. And of course the pencil paparazzi is going nutty with that one. This is what he actually said:
Robert Pattinson appeared on US TV's the Early Show. Answering a question whether he would like to shave his head, Rob said, "Oh yeah, definitely. I would love to. I was so frustrated the last few days promoting this because I need a haircut and can't have a haircut because I'm working."

Yet I found a headline that said:
Robert Pattinson wants to get a skinhead

Would like to shave his head for a role and skinhead implications are 2 VERY different things. Would girls freak out if he cut his hair, yes I'm sure there would be some unhappy girls. (FYI-hair grows! I know, I know shocking but it does!)
Just to make things clear a definition of skinhead: b.any of a similar group of alienated youths in the U.S., Europe, etc. who variously affect a rough appearance, advocate fascist and racist policies, and engage in hostile and violent activity OR a usually white male belonging to any of various sometimes violent youth gangs whose members have close-shaven hair and often espouse white-supremacist beliefs

Hrm... yup I can see the connection. Getting a hair cut and implicating that someone is a white-supremacist. It's close. YEAH OOOOOOOKAAAAAAYYYYYYYY

And another thing that just annoys the crap out of me is all the articles saying:
Rob seen in a funny hat.

Funny hat? It's called a C O S T U M E !! This is set in the 1800's so yes, Rob has to wear a costume to reflect that time period. Comments that he wears a funny hat for Bel Ami, yet he is a blood sucker (vegetarian), pale as a ghost .. and that's more normal? Oy..

And a headline that I found funny:
Robert Pattinson's Dirty Secret Is Out In The Open

His smoking habit. Yes, Rob smokes. It is unhealthy, not very smart but since he's a big boy - his choice. It's not a 'dirty secret' - it's just a bad habit that's his business.

Mar 8, 2010

Rob Pattinson : Loves his dog more than anything

The newest accusation is that Rob's family and friends are OUTRAGED that he could possibly love his pooch more than them! That the dog was the most important thing in his life....

Headlines like these:
Robert Pattinson: Love of pooch earns him censure from friends and family
Family Is Upset Robert Pattinson Loves His Dog More Than Them

Pattinson's love for dog upsets his family
Robert Pattinson Has Love For his Dog, but None for Vaginas
(this last won should win an award for "Most idiotic headline")

Ok this was my first reaction

I was laughing my arse off because it's so RIDICULOUS! Yes all Rob loved his dog more than his parents, sisters, friends, grandparents etc. All he wanted to do is BE with the dog. Come on now you silly people. I am SURE he had a close relationship with his dog.. I have 2 dogs and they mean the WORLD to me .. like children.. I adore them. As, clearly, Pattinson did too! He had a dog and loved that dog more than anything. First off - for dog lovers, that's totally normal - Second off - anyone REALLY think he loved the dog more than ANYONE?
Cuz if you do - then.. wow, you're not as bright as I thought you before!

Some silly chunks from this PENCIL PAPS~

Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson may have scored a few favorites in the canine world but his family isn’t too happy about that. The sexy actor’s admission that his late pooch was “the most important person in my life” in an interview got him thumbs down both from his family and friends.

According to the latest updates on, the Brit actor recently told WENN about the time when his folks “went crazy” following his interview where he revealed that his dog was “the most important person in my life” and kept raving about his pet the whole time. He stated that so far the worst moment in his 23 years of existence was the day when his dog passed away. He also expresses his disdain for the people who use the memory of their dogs dying to bring tears to their eyes calling it cheap and disrespectful.


Robert Pattinson is in big trouble with his family after recently naming his late pet dog as "the most important person in my life" in an interview.

The "Twilight" star left family members and friends stunned when he didn't hesitate to name his pooch as the one "person" that meant the most to him.

Yup, his Mum totally has to believe this monstrosity of a lie! Yes, I think he is as close with the dog as he says .. but did he REALLY say "oh yeah - this dog? Waaaaay more important than my silly family and useless friends!"

Mar 7, 2010

Rob Pattinson for worst actor?

Kick'em while they are down! Famous saying.. although most people do the opposite. Kick'em while they are having super success! Makes me laugh "ha ha ha!"

Robert Pattinson vs. Sandra Bullock for 'worst actor'

Rob is on fire right now and hopefully making wise decisions when it comes to movies BUT that doesn't matter because apparently he was nominated for a Razzi? Rob Pattinson and nominated for a razzi?

Now do I think that New Moon is Oscar Material? No, but I'm pretty sure that when they were making this movie they weren't thinking Academy Awards! That being said - it was a good movie, exciting and over all entertaining. Hardly worth a Razzi, but of course Rob being the success he is - gotta "knock him down a few pegs" is what I am assuming these pencil paps are thinking. And trust me - if I thought he deserved it .. I'd say it. But he didn't - and to prove that ... Here is a list of all the movies released in 2009, you are gonna tell me that a movie called "The Slammin Salmon" has the finest actors in it? Some how with a tag line that says "Bring a bib, it's gonna get messy" .. I think NOT..

Mar 6, 2010

Rob Pattinson wants to pose naked? Rob Pattinson; NOT a vampire? And Rob's Wax

I saw the interview where this headline happened:

Robert Pattinson: Rob offered to pose bare for ‘Details’ mag!

On the evidence of the latest reports, it is learned that R-Patz has reportedly claimed to have been willing to go full frontal for a photo shoot for the ‘Details’ magazine.

It is further learned that the ‘Twilight’ sensation, who recently featured in a racy visual spread, with a bevy of nude models, for ‘Details’ mag, had reportedly offered to pose bare for the lenses, but the same was shot down by the publishing bosses.

It is further known that Rob was even close to stripping for a bare shoot, but was eventually dissuaded by the ‘Details’ bosses.

He was further quoted as saying, “I offered to do a naked photo shoot – but no one wanted to see me naked. It started off with me naked and they were like, ‘Actually, just forget it’.”

Given that he is not shy to pose bare before the lenses, all you Pattinson faithfuls, can expect the lad to go ‘full Monty’ in the foreseeable future.

Complete bologna or phonetically speaking BALONEY! I saw the interview - can't remember where now - but he was J O K I N G !! Now imagine, he MUST be a bit embarrassed about the Details shoot because everyone asks him about posing with all those naked women, then of course his vagina allergy comment (another joke people) .. so he decides to make light of it. He didn't offer to pose naked (from what I gathered in the interview, he was being facetious ), whether or not he will pose nekkid in the future remains to be seen.. but from all the interviews I've seen.. I'd be surprised if it was ANY time soon, if at all.


Robert Pattinson: Rob exploring newer genres post ‘Twilight’ success!

Newer genres... I suppose everyone assumed he was going to play a vampire for the rest of his life? A vampire? C'mon peeps.

blip from article

And just to further bear out the above contention, it is known that, the wild –haired screen icon, has already branched out from his ‘Twilight’ comfort zone, in an apparent bid to demonstrate his acting prowess, in a host of upcoming big – screen ventures like ‘Remember Me’ and ‘Bel Ami’, which features him in versatile screen avatars.
The pencil paparazzo talk as if he's only made 1 movie (or many movies about vampires). He hasn't been in a lot of movies, no.. but he has already drastically moved away from Twilight. (i.e. How to Be, Little Ashes) Yes, Twilight got him on the Hollywood map - but there are only SO many movies that can be about vampires. True? Unless of course after Breaking Dawn they decide to make a TV series. Course I remember that rumor going around too!

And is it me, or is it a bit early in Rob's career to be already making him into a wax figure?

Mar 4, 2010

INSANITY=Robert Pattinson Wants Kids Soon

Uh huh! Yup, no lie! That is the headline I found - let me show you again...the WHOLE headline:

Robert Pattinson Wants Kids Soon: Would You Carry His Child?

Twilight hottie Robert Pattison says that he would like to have a baby soon. After the star was fooled into thinking that his mom was pregnant five years ago, the thought of having a baby has excited him. Now the 23-year-old actor says that whenever he sees a role where he has a younger brother or a kid, he is thrilled with the idea. Would you carry his child?
Ah to be taken as a serious actor. Anyone think that there is even a shred of truth to this? Anyone Anyone.....Bueller?

Robert Pattinson Breaks Hearts While Out in London

When the 23-year-old actor, who is dating his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, began to get frustrated with all the unwanted attention, he and his friends tried to hide in the bar’s outside area. The source added to Radar Online: “He dodged into the smoking area and was quickly surrounded by a wall of friends but just hung out with them, no one really bothered him and he just chatted away with people.”
Can't imagine why he'd get annoyed at unwanted attention, I mean it never happens to him! Um.. yeah right. Poor guy wants to go see his friend perform but it becomes hard because of the fans that want a piece of him.. dead or alive.

However, Robert quickly started to grow bored of the cold and returned to the bar for another pint of beer – though he continued to maintain a low-profile. The fan said: “Considering that the music was so upbeat, he was there with friends and had a couple of beers, I was surprised Rob wasn't enjoying the music like everyone else. Instead, with no one bothering him, he just went back to his corner of the bar and hunched over another pint with his head down.”
Now I wonder why he doesn't want to interact with people. Because some yahoo idiot writes "surprised he wasn't enjoying.. blah blah." Who is "I" - I wonder if "I" is his buddy? His mate? His bloke? That's hilarious.. An onlooker that gets into what Rob is thinking! You think that MAYBE he went to the back and hunched over so that he woulnd't take the spotlight away from his friend performing? Naaaaahhhhhh couldn't be that? I mean then there wouldn't be any good headlines! Any juice on him! Anyway to cut him down!!

Mar 2, 2010

Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart never left alone

Let's attack Kristen now.. good idea? Sure why not, we always attack Rob,equal opportunity pencil paparazzi! so dumb..


Robert Pattinson admitted his relationship but Kristen got mad at the question

It was made into a big deal when Robert Pattinson admitted to UK's Sun tabloid at BAFTA awards that he is seeing Kristen Stewart. Now Showbiz Spy reports that at the London Fashion Week the lady in question, Kristen Stewart got really annoyed when she was asked by a reporter if she was dating her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson.

The 19 year old actress told the reporter, "That’s none of your business.”, and just stormed off.
Also the site reports from a source, "Kristen went mad. She was very, very rude.”

Last year in an interview with Grazia KStew made it abundantly clear that she does not like all this media attention.

This is what she said, 'It has become like a ridiculous soap opera that seems real but you’re not quite sure. ....You’re caught in this dilemma of wanting to be a normal person and knowing that if you do go out and have fun that it might turn out to be a big story.”

My suggestion to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would be don't try to keep your affair under wrap so desperately, just chill and go out openly together if that is what you want and no one will bother you with these questions any more.

YOUR suggestion? First off, no one asked for it secondly maybe if the pencil paparazzi would stop asking them about their personal life then they wouldn't get upset, mad, rude or whatever other names you want to call them. "She was very, very rude." Give me a break! After all the nonsense going around about them? Pregnant, not pregnant, buying a house, dumped, living together, blah blah .. They are wondering WHY she was rude?? (if that's even true) They are young, yes but still 2 adults that deserve respect as actors and human beings. Yet for some reason because these 2 are young stars - they are treated less than by the 'so called' reporters. Baffling huh? Wonder if they would do this to Julia Roberts or Sean Penn. Well, probably not Sean Penn because he'd knock them out haha. Next headline will be "Rob Pattinson too good looking - we find there is a possible ALIEN connection." Then to follow "Rob Pattinson out of this world!"

Robert Pattinson Responds To ‘Vagina’ Remark

‘Twilight’ and ‘Remember Me’ hunk Robert Pattinson has responded to a remark he made about being allergic to vagina’s earlier this month during a naked photo shoot for Details magazine.
It seems as though while speaking to Showbiz Spy about the photo shoot, that they had taken the quote by Pattinson completely out of context when he apparently said “I really hate vaginas. I’m allergic to vagina. But I can’t say I had no idea, because it was a 12-hour shoot, so you kind of get the picture that these women are going to stay naked after, like, five or six hours.” “Thank god I was hungover,” he added.

This time, Pattinson spoke to Access Hollywood and said that the remarks made in the recent interview with Showbiz Spy were meant as a joke. He explains that since then, he has had two lessons being — don’t make jokes in interviews, and don’t do interviews at all.

Big surprise - he was joking. Of COURSE he was joking. When he answers questions very matter of factly, he is chastised - yet if he is playful then all hell breaks loose. Did anyone really think he was serious when he said "I'm allergic to vagina's"

And here we have ANOTHER lovely headline that has nothing to do with their profession.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get touchy feely at Tribeca's Laconda Verde in New York

Let's hope patrons at Tribeca's Laconda Verde didn't mind the PDA show that was on the menu Sunday night: "New Moon" co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart got frisky, despite the group of friends they arrived with.

"Robert and Kristen sat really close together and kept touching and rubbing each other's arms as if no one else was around," says a fellow diner at the Italian eatery. "They definitely appeared to be an item."

Is it me or is it creepy this constant reporting on WHAT they are doing to each other - HOW they are rubbing each other - whether or not the are smooching.. come on! Are people seriously just WATCHING them that closely.. behind bushes, under tables, gawking at them? Isn't that called voyeurism? Or in the old fashioned days A PEEPING TOM! Gives me the heebie jeebies! Stop stop stop people whoever is reporting this $hit you are making yourself look like some sort of perv!