Oct 29, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Halloween bash - Mind Games - "keeping' Rob

Supposedly Rob is throwing a big Halloween party for the cast of Twilight. True or False? I have ZERO idea. But the headline reads:

Robert Pattinson's frighteningly expensive Halloween party

Annoying that always $$ is brought into the picture. Who give a hoot. Unless he starts buying solid gold urinals - then what he does with his own money is his own business. And if he wants to throw a party for his buds on the set - well that's great.

Although what crept into the article was this blurb:

Robert is also believed to have splashed out on a Halloween-inspired gift for his girlfriend Kristen Stewart to celebrate the spooky day - which lands on Sunday October 31.

The source explained: "Rob brought a special vintage gold ring with a red heart for Kristen. He's planning to give it to her just before the bash starts."

Really, he is? Wow - someone must have REAL inside info that they are able to find out what Rob is going (or most likely NOT going) to do before he does it.
C'mon. If he was planning on giving her something .. anything .. do you really think he'd let that leak out? Um.. nope. I imagine he's learned a thing or two about the psychotic media at this point.



Robert Pattinson: Playing mind games and peek-a-boo

And while, Rob and Kris keep themselves busy with games like chess on the sets, it won’t be wrong to suggest that they are pretty deft in playing mind games with their fans. Yes! To kill the time, Rob and Kris often indulge in games like Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders while filming ‘Breaking Dawn’. And thus, when they are not kissing, (on or off screen), they also try their dice-rolling skills.
(Interesting about what they do while filming Breaking Dawn since it hasn't started filming yet..)

But what about the peek-a-boo games they have been dexterously playing with the paparazzi for the past so many months! What about the mind games they love to indulge in with their plethora of devotees.
(I love how people see what they are doing as "playing games" instead of simply LIVING THEIR LIVES. As far as I know, they don't call the paparazzi and say "psst, we will be here.. come stick a camera in our faces so we can run and hide from you!" They aren't playing any games, they are being normal people .. but alas the spin is "MIND GAMES." please...)


Dumb da-dumb-dumb

Headline: Kristen Stewart & Tortilla Soup: The Key to Rob's Heart?

It seems that there's more to Kristen Stewart than loving vampires and werewolves in movies, dating Robert Pattinson, and being super-awkward in public. Turns out she's a pretty good cook as well and was the go-to chef on the set of her new movie, On the Road.

She cooked a lot for everyone because she was "the only girl on set." Sexism aside, she also admitted that she has a culinary speciality:

I think I can do a really, really good, terrific tortilla soup. That was my On the Road dish.

Imagine her ladling spoonfuls of warm, delicious, home-cooked tortilla soup into RPatz's mouth as they blissfully lounge in their fluffy bed together in their cute love nest. Might be a little sloppy and spicy, but romantic nonetheless ... sort of.

I think the vomiting guy sums it up?

Couldn't resist....

Oct 21, 2010

Rob Pattinson & Kristen haven't met daughter and more

This is so funny.

Ok so I have been reading many articles on the amazing resemblance of Mackenzie Foy and her soon to be on screen parents Rob and Kristen.

Blurb from 2 articles:

Director Bill Condon, though, is convinced that Foy — who will play the vampire/human hybrid Renesmee — looks exactly like the child that Stewart and co-star Robert Pattinson would spawn (if they ever decided to spawn, which is a topic for an entirely different story).


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's screen daughter in "Breaking Dawn", Mackenzie Foy looks like their real offspring.

Yup the articles are right - she does look like them. But let me ask this - WHY IS ANYONE SURPRISED!? They hired an actress to play their daughter, who did they think that this actress would look like?? It happens AAALLLL the time in the movies folks, people hire actors to look like other actors. For a show I did they hired a girl that played the young version of me... guess what, SHE LOOKED A LOT LIKE ME! This is not earth shattering or even a prelude to what Rob and Kristen's children (if they ever have any) they will look like! Mackenzie plays Rob's and Kristen's daughter. End'o'story.

Oh and the interviewer that was interviewing Kristen talking about the young actress and Kristen mentioned she hasn't met her yet .. and the interviewer made that a "thing.." what on EARTH does the fact she hasn't met her 'fake daughter' mean? It's not her real kid.

We all know that they are filming in Louisiana. Well this is a headline that popped into my view:

EXCLUSIVE! Robert Pattinson Buys a $1,000 Bike At A Louisiana Bike Shop — He Wants To Go Off-Roading On Set!

Blurb from article:

“Robert came in with who I think was his agent,” the Capitol Cyclery store manager told us. “He spent no more than 30 minutes picking out the bike.”

R-Patz, 24, came into the store during a quiet Sunday afternoon when there were no other customers in the shop. “I guess that’s why he felt comfortable” says the manager, describing Rob as “humble” and “very quiet.”

He added, “He didn’t strike me as a movie star when he walked in the door.”

So what went into picking one of the finest bikes available? According to the manager, Rob “wanted something for off-road, as well as on the road.” Apparently, Breaking Dawn will be shooting in a woodsy area, so this bike will be perfect for R-Patz to ride around set.

What do you think Twi-Hards? Would you spend $1000 for a brand new bike?

Ok let me break this down in the levels of stupidness.

First of all, Rob went out and bought himself a bicycle. A BICYCLE. Big a-deal! But yes, they make it a big deal because we have 3 years before the Twilight series ends so we need to find things to talk about. Okee dokee. Well then good for Rob he wants to ride a bike. It's not as if he went out and bought something odd. For example if I had read a headline that Rob went out to buy himself eye of newt to make a secret witches brew.. then maybe I'd be a little wigged out.

Second of all, what really annoys the pi$$ out of me is that the bike shop owner gave details about a private sale. To me that screams inappropriate, untrustworthy, opportunistic... jerk.
So now we know what kind of bike Rob bought, and how much it cost. So of course people are going to start judgements on how much he spent etc. The bike shop owner, while he didn't say anything bad.. should have said nothing at all and let Rob keep his private business private.

And lastly the question "would you spend $1000 for a brand new bike?" Everytime I try and think of a response to explain how idiotic that question is all I can come up with is noises such as:

So I guess I'll leave it at that.

Oct 17, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Settling down - designer duds - and more

Yes, it has been about a week since I updated. That's because all I've seen is article upon article about the 2 of them being out in public showing the same pictures of cameras being shoved in their faces as they walk from a door to a car. I thought that boring and redundant...not to mention the fact that every time I see those kinds of pictures I want to slap the camera clickers silly.

Onward to more silliness. This was so funny. The headline is:

Robert Pattinson Clothes and Clothing

After I saw that headline I figured that it was more BS regarding his messy attire or something along those lines.

But here is the WHOLE article under that headline:

What brand of clothes does Robert Pattinson own? Are they designers?

Yes, that was the whole article.


Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Relationship Growing But Media Pushes Breakup

Article & Magazine cover


The media seems to be obsessed with breakup stories, especially when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are involved.

After several days of apparent happiness between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, information has appeared that breaks with the good times the couple had been living, as seen in various entertainment media.

A story says that during one of the couple’s romantic dinner, Rob had strong words directed at Kristen Stewart, but of course there is no eyewitness to confirm these new headlines.

Famous Australian magazine shows on its cover a picture of Pattinson and Stewart captured leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood, Los Angeles under the title: “You need to let me go.”

According to the publication, Pattinson would have said that sentence to his girlfriend after a heated discussion that ended the evening. However, there is some compelling evidence that gives very little substance to the report.

First of all, the picture on the magazine I've seen before. It's a picture of them leaving an establishment. Now there is a guy that was (most likely) skulking & waiting for them to leave so he could pop up and shove the camera in his face and just click away. Hrmm.. wonder why he has a pi$$ed off look on his face??

Gimme a BA-REAK! This story is just a bunch of crap-o-la!


Did Robert Pattinson cause Kristen Stewart to start smoking?

Blurb from article:
Robert Pattinson is known for his smoking habit but up until her Twilight career and relationship with Robert Pattinson started Kristen Stewart was not known to partake in the nasty habit.
(That's because she wasn't being followed 24/7 by a$$munch media people - so how the hell do we know if she was smoking before?)

Do you think it is irresponsible for Kristen Stewart to smoke either cigarettes considering she is idolized by millions of young girls and that it may influence them to pick up a nasty and deadly habit?
(Do I think it's a good idea that she and Rob smoke? No, I don't. I used to be a smoker and when you are young you don't realize that it really will kill you. But hopefully they will quit sooner rather than later.
Having said that, Kristen (and Rob) need to lead their own lives. They can't be worried about doing something that may or may not influence other people. It's not their responsibility. And they don't run around doing it when they are in the spot light. They do it when they are in private and the only reason we can see it is because people are sneaking cameras on movie sets & following them when they are out with their friends. How can they possibly be "on" all the time. It's unfair to ask that of either one of them when they have no control of who is shooting their pictures sneakily. My God, these idiot paparazzo take photos of them eating dinner, walking, capturing these photos through bushes, closed windows etc.

And lastly...

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Getting Serious!

Picture attached to headline (no article)

Need I say more???????

Oct 11, 2010

Rob Pattinson - four times!? - Hair match

How can I not write a little diddy about the million articles that surround


Sounds silly? Well, I can not tell a lie.. here are some of the splashing headlines!

OMG! Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Go On Fourth Date In Just One Week!
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Enjoys Fourth Date

Kristen Stewart Sits on Robert Pattinson's Lap on Snuggly Date

Four Dates in a Week for Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!

Told ya. There are more but you get the idea. Imagine headlines like that for normal people. How funny would that be?
Such as...
Frank and Mildred out canoodling AGAIN!
Mildred and Frank sneak away on date number 28!

You'd read that and say .. 'your point?'

Even though it is Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart I still say .."your point?" A million pictures of them walking to a cab or car. And people scream "PROOF! They were out together!!" Yup, they were. Wow.

Are they a couple? Who knows, seems like they like each others company. But sneaking around and reporting back on their every move?

These are some of the blurbs from the articles:

Yes, four dates in a row! This is quite a record for the very private Twilight Saga stars and real-life sweethearts Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! Although they’ve always denied that they are romantically involved, everyone can see the real score between them.
(Very private? How can they be private when people are shoving cameras up their noses - and restaurant and hotel staff sources are blabbing about what they are doing in their private time?

Inside Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's date. It looks like superstars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are tired of lying to the public. The stars of Summit Entertainment's wildly popular vampire franchise "The Twilight Saga" were spotted on yet another date and witnesses say it was more intimate than the previous outings they've been sighted on.

According to reports, the couple hung out together at the XXXXXXXX in Los Angeles on Friday night. That marks their fourth date in one week. Pattinson and Stewart were reportedly drinking in the hotel's rooftop bar.
(Ah, you mean acting like normal people and hanging out .. HOW DARE THEY!)

First up, the Twilight Saga costars were snapped leaving hot L.A. eatery XXXXX after an intimate dinner. Later on in the night, they stopped by XXXXXXXX, where Stewart, 20, was "sitting on his lap," a witness tells UsMagazine.com. "It was a snuggle fest!" the spy adds of the pair's "cute" PDA.
(Dear God.. snuggle fest? Anyone else feel like they've been time warped back into Jr. High? Which, in all honesty, sucked the first time around..let's not revisit it. And again it creeps me out that someone is gawking at them then reporting to a online rag site.)

Enough of that - I'm gagging.

The other headline I thought was stupid interesting was this:

POLL: Whose Hair Do You Want to Touch More, Justin Bieber or Robert Pattinson?

Neither! I don't want to run my hands through some strangers head. I know some of the fans THINK they know Rob and/or Justin personally but you DON'T - so running your hands through a strangers head is not a good idea. Just sayin..

Oct 8, 2010

Rob Pattinson.. FAKE

Not sure how many ways (or times) I need to say this - but this picture below is

this picture above are these 2 photos - photoshopped!

Very simple - someone cut out the imagine of Rob - flipped it then added it to Kristen's picture.
Yet oddly enough I am finding headlines like this:

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart LA Date
With that doctored photo attached to it as if THAT'S the proof!

Ok - I just had to put that out there..... again.

Oct 5, 2010

Rob Pattinson: Peeping date night - Beardless

Well, well, well.. Big news!

Robert Pattinson Finally Shaves Off Scruffy Beard

I know, you've all been waiting anxiously for this news. He shaved his beard. My guess too is .. he also showered, changed his clothes and maybe even ... sneezed. I know, it's riveting but I thought you all might want to know.

According to E! Online, Robert Pattinson and his newly shaved face headed to dinner with Kristen Stewart at LA's Soho House. The rumored couple reportedly cozied up to one another as they dined. Check out all the latest Robert Pattinson news here.

Ahh.. so there is the hook. He shaved the beard because of the many OTHER headlines I read.. such as:

EXCLUSIVE! Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Back In LA Together — We Have Details Of Their Romantic Dinner At Soho House!

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's PDA-Filled Dinner Date

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s PDA-Filled Dinner!

Robert Pattinson’s Kristen date

HUGE news! They went out together. You know, if they are truly a couple - then damn, you paparazzi & infamous "sources" or "restaurant staff" whomever.. a bunch of dinks. They are out with their friends like we've all done, and people are spying all up in their $hit! Seriously??

Blurbs from articles:
After their meal, the camera-shy and low-key couple dashed out of the restaurant and jumped into a cab.

Rob, 24, and Kristen, 20, also had a date night over the weekend. The two were spotted at West Hollywood’s Soho House where they “kept stealing quick kisses from one another,” an eyewitness tells E! News.

“Rob’s arm was around her for most of dinner and they kept looking at each other and giggling throughout the evening,” adds the source. “They are definitely into each other.”

“Rob and Tom didn’t talk much all night. By looking at them, you wouldn’t have known that they are best friends,” our source says. “But, Rob really had no interest in anyone at their table but Kristen. He wanted to show everyone including, pal, Tom Sturridge, that Kristen is his.”
Here come the caveman philosophy - I hadn't realized that Kristen was 'his.' I'm sure that Rob was ignoring his best friend, he was sitting there and glaring evilly at Tom waiting for Tom to pounce on Kristen, COME ON!

Apparently while they were out people were Tweeting about it and about exactly what was going on. Doesn't that warm the cockles of your heart? "Fans" spying, peeping, and reporting. It's great to know that some people can show respect to people they supposedly admire. Although, I guess if that were they case then they wouldn't have done that, hmm?

There are pictures of Rob and Kristen leaving wherever they were hanging out but I refuse to show those pictures because it's them looking miserable and violated. I hate to see it.

I understand that people like a scandal, affair, etc., but these are 2 young adults that are Hollywoods newest "it" factor and are they having a relationship? I don't know but if they are it's really nasty that people are being sneaky with their phones and updating status and tweets and whatever else to say exactly what they are doing. W E I R D!

Oct 2, 2010

Rob Pattinson - Beard - Emma .. AND POST 200!

Sometimes there will be a gap between updates because I am sick of writing about the alleged relationship woes of Rob and Kristen.. and I'm sure you are sick of reading about them too. :)

Ok onward!

Good Lord, I've never seen so many articles on someones BEARD! (you know news is down when they are harping on facial hair).

I saw a ba-zillion headlines. But this one stuck out:
MULTIPLE CHOICE: Which Adjective Best Describes Robert Pattinson's Beard?

We are being tested on Rob's beard..

Robert Pattinson was spotted recently sporting an epically untamed, Joaquin Phoenix-like beard. We're not sure of its purpose—the world's worst disguise (nothing could mask those telltale pretty peepers!), practicing his Brad Pitt impression—but needless to say, we are unimpressed.
(And to your "unimpressed" I'm sure he says "who gives a *%#$!")

Why mar your baby face with a bushy beard, RPattz? Nothing should hide that perfect, strong jawline. It looks out of place on you, too. It's like the makeup department of your latest film got a little crazy in the trailer one morning and spirit gummed a whole bunch of facial hair on your cheeks.
(Yes Rob - who do you think you are! I mean, doing what you want with your body?? How DARE you!)

Luckily, unless Bill Condon is planning a dramatically different version of Edward Cullen for "Breaking Dawn," the beard will be shaved soon enough—the movie starts shooting in October sometime. But, in the meantime, we think this is a failed experiment.

As style icon Tim Gunn might say, that beard is "a whole lotta look." That magical forest of dirty hair on top of RPattz's head does not need a competitor on his face, so we hope he takes a razor—or a weed whacker, whatever works—to the facial hair soon. What do you think about his new look? Vote in our poll after the jump!

Okee I have a poll for your article..

a.)who the $%$# cares!
b.)Umm.. not your face!


Swirling around the web is yet another rumor about Emma (from Harry Potter) is causing Kristen pain because she feels Emma is trying to steal Rob.

I just got time warped back to highschool. Kristen jealous, Emma plotting to steal her boyfriend!

Anyone buy this? Wasn't Kristen just jealous of Stephanie Rob's publicist? Now people, you must make up your mind.. Boy, these online rags like to make Kristen out to be some rabid, psycho girlfriend.

and on a purely selfish note - this is my 200th post!