Jan 22, 2011

Rob Pattinson: Bedding Rob? - The offspring - Kristen vs. Keira

Oh the headlines - they keep me in business.. (well business is the wrong word, but you get the drift)

How will they sustain this hype when Breaking Dawn is done filming? Should be interesting to find out. But for now - the headlines never stop.

This isn't the first time I've mentioned this but I must again..
This headline irks me:

Take A Look At Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart's Daughter

Sooo misleading. Although I think everyone knows that they are referring to the actress portraying EDWARD AND BELLA'S daughter.. but still, it bothers me that they are trying to get readers all in an uproar by misleading the readers. Seriously, I just want to dope slap someone for writing such crap-o-la.


Ok guys, now this is TOO funny! Check this headline out:

Robert Pattinson is lying in your bed - what's your biggest fear?
Imagine for a moment that you've got Twilight's Robert Pattinson in your bed. What are you worried about?

Where to being with this rather stalkerish and weird headline. The fact that an article is written about this just makes me laugh. It's not news, nor information or even a skewed portion of the truth. Just a random article about Rob being in 'your' bed. If this doesn't make young girls scream and fantasize - nothin will.


TAKE yourself off to a faraway land where Twilight star Robert Pattinson has flown through your window (in true Edward Cullen style) and landed on your bed.
(Me: What??)

Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson is sitting on your duvet and staring dreamily into your eyes (keep with us!) - just like he is doing to Kristen Stewart in this famous movie still. But what is your biggest fear?
(Me: That I've gone over the edge and I need to be in a loony bin)

According to a new survey, it's not stripping off in front of RPattz *insert man of your dreams* or getting completely naked that scares us most - it's actually something that follows the next day.
Because British girls are more petrified of having 'morning-breath' than anything else, says toothpaste brand BioRepair.
(Me: Ah the truth.. so it was a study or survey done about what's a girls biggest fear the next morning.. not the next morning with Rob!)

So looks like we'll be clamping our mouths firmly shut next time RPattz stumbles into our bedroom then?!
(Me: Yeah, sure.. the next time Rob flies through my window and lands in my bed.. I'll make sure to have breath spray.. oy)


And the scandal begins! Supposedly Rob and Keira Knightly will be in a new movie together and she will play his love interest.

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart: Should Kristen Worry About Keira Knightley?

Surprised? Nope. First their was Emilie, then Reese.. now Keira.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are together 24/7 while filming Breaking Dawn, but after the movie wraps, Robert is set to star in Cosmopolis. In the film, actress Keira Knightley will be playing his wife. Will she have better chemistry with Robert Pattinson than Kristen Stewart? Should Kristen be worried?

Keira Knightley recently split with longtime boyfriend, Rupert Friend, so she’s definitely back on the market. Will there be an instant attraction between Keira and Robert Pattinson? Or is he way too enamored with Kristen Stewart to even notice Knightley?

Dear God.
Well I guess the common practise is.. if their is no story - MAKE ONE UP!

Let's get this movie off the ground before we start making up trashy titles and speculations.. no?

Also, I wonder why there was no speculation about Rob hooking up with Javier Beltrán, the man who played opposite him in Little Ashes? He played Rob's love interest too? Equality here folks!
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