Jan 17, 2011

Rob Pattinson: Ginger Globes - Breakin' Dawn pics

I wasn't going to comment on the Golden Globes because sooooo many folks are.. BUT alas, some stupidity comes out so I am forced to comment.

This headline cracked me up:

Rob Pattinson: Ginger Spice!

People seem to be wigging out because Rob's hair is red'ISH.
I assure you people he doesn't look like Carrot Top (and for those of you that don't know comedian Carrot Top - this is his picture below)

(a tad strange looking man, but I'm referring to the color of his hair)
Apparently Rob is having to change his hair color for Breaking Dawn and Water for Elephants. Not unusual for an actor to change appearance for a role. So relax, he's not turning into a redhead.
(Ginger spice..)


Golden Globes 2011: Robert Pattinson Upstaged By Ricky Gervais

WHEN we heard Robert Pattinson was presenting an award at the Golden Globes 2011, i.e. in speaking, moving, real-life form, we knew it would be our highlight of the awards ceremony.
(Me: What does that exactly mean? What is he usually doing in movies and interviews? He's not speaking or he's not in 'real-life' form? Strange.. he always looked like he was alive and speaking from his own mouth to me... beats me?)

Yet we didn't quite expect Robert Pattinson's appearance at the Golden Globes 2011 to be upstaged by host Ricky Gervais.

Rob, who was looking very nervous at delivering his lines, was introduced by Ricky, who quipped: "Our next presenters are young and thin, with hair and teeth... they're lovely to look at.

"Which is just as well, because they're presenting the award for best foreign language film. A category that no one in America cares about."

The poor Water For Elephants hunk then had to walk on stage with Olivia and present the award - and was so flustered by Ricky's embarrassing intro that he fluffed his lines slightly, pronouncing the film's title incorrectly.
(Me: Ricky Gervais wasn't upstaging Rob at all, he was doing what he did to everyone else he introduced. That was Ricky's "shtick" so to speak. No one was immune to his 'introductions.' So because Rob flubbed the title a bit - we need to search for a reason for it? It wasn't a big deal at all. I didn't even notice it until he started laughing. But so what? There were other flubs as well. It's live T.V. and my assumption .. quite nerve wracking. Trust me, I'm not defending Ricky's shtick - but it is what it is.)


Ok .. the next big thing was the newly released picture of Edward and Bella in bed. Oh boy is this getting blown out of proportion.

Statements like "Kristen is naked!" etc..
Let me clear this up. Is she naked? NO. Is it 'implied' that she is? Yes. OBVIOUSLY. They just got married and they are on their honeymoon.. what do you think they would be doing? Playing scrabble?

This is the released picture:

The only reason I'm showing it-is because it was actually released. It is a really lovely shot. I don't think they should have released it only because it's a bit of a spoiler but that's just my opinion.

Anyway - the same headline that I put above ALSO had this picture under the headline:

Are you kidding me?? This is so obviously photoshopped. Their heads don't even look natural. Rob looks like they glued his head on out of scale with the rest of his body! Plus, I'm not an expert of Rob's body - but did he have hair on his chest in New Moon?
That's not even the point - this picture is just .. well...
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