Jan 28, 2011

Rob Pattinson: Normal food - Wild night? - Razzies

Oh the silliness of it all.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Get The Worst Actor and Actress Nomination

Is anyone surprised that Eclipse got so many nods for Razzies? I'm not. Whatever is extremely popular - especially with a younger crowd, gets $hit on. God forbid a movie is made without extreme suffering, or super artsy. Not that I have anything against either one, but give me a break. Eclipse and the Twilight Saga is so big that it's pi$$ing people off. That's the bottom line.
Ok so we all know the frenzy around this series. I personally like it the series. Doesn't mean anyone else has to or doesn't mean anything really. But worst actor nods? Really? If that doesn't scream 'sour grapes' I don't know what does.

I looked at a list of movies that came out last year. More than I expected - but please tell me why a movie called BITCH SLAP isn't among the nominees?

Need we remind this ridiculous organization that Sandra Bullock who won a Razzie for worst actress - went on a month later to win the Oscar for Best Actress..


Robert Pattinson Wild Night Out with Boys?


Robert Pattinson had a boys night out this week in Baton Rouge! Robert Pattinson, along with some of the boys of Breaking Dawn had a wild night out on Tuesday. Rob, along with Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Jamie Campbell-Bower and Michael Sheen hit the hot spots of Baton Rouge for some fun.

The Twilight Saga men went to XXXXXX for sushi and a few shots. The Los Angeles Times Ministry of Gossip reports that some Twilight fans sent over shots for the hardworking movie vampires.

Dinner and drinks.. yup that certainly is a wild night!
(fyi - remember I always 'X' out places they have been - don't want to help the madness.)


Robert Pattinson has sushi with the boys (but he really wants salad)

Now THAT'S a headline if I've ever seen one!

While that highbrow snacking is more like Hollywood, Rob has been sampling to local fare as well. Recently stopping by a deli chain called XXXXXXXX, the actor caused hysteria with the female staff, according to People.

So what did he order -- a juicy po' boy or some cajun delight?

"He ordered a house salad," a staffer told the Ministry. "It wasn't that exciting."

That's funny. I often wonder what people expect. He ordered a ... SALAD! You mean he eats foods that (dare I say) WE EAT??
I think that people may expect him to waltz up to a counter and say "Yes, I'll have a small animal fully alive, you know juicy.. I'm a vegetarian you know."
Sorry to disappoint - but yup he eats salads, sorry it's not more exciting!


Fake.. not real. Just in case you were wondering.
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