Feb 19, 2011

Rob Pattinson: Oscar night - Delish dishes? - Married!

Hello all!

Yes, once again I'm apologizing for not updating sooner. I was cast in an indie film (yipee!) and had to film so I was crazed this week.

Onward to the rag mags !

Robert Pattinson Attending Oscars without Kristen?

Gimme a break will ya?

Blurb from article:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won’t be going as a sweet pair to one of the biggest events of the year, the Oscars! According to reports, the previous plan of the coupe was to attend it together; but now, there seems to be a change of plans. Kristen has a lot of work piled up and cannot make it to the Oscars. Oh no!

Dear God people, you don't see these 2 together enough? And let us not start with the rumors such as "Trouble in Paradise?" - "Are they breaking up!?" just because they aren't going to the awards ceremony together. Once again, that's even assuming they are a couple!

OH MY GOD WAIT! How funny - as I'm writing this and going through my articles to make my comments about I find this!!

Blurb from another article:
Robert Pattinson will attend the Oscars without his leading lady Kristen Stewart. Rob’s Twilight Saga co-star and real life girlfriend Kristen Stewart is too busy with a hectic shooting schedule to attend the Academy Awards. But Pattinson is going alone to another big event, and it makes me wonder if the rumors about the celebrity couple not getting along have some truth to them.

Ha ha! I was right :).. not that it's a big surprise I just find it funny that I said that then I found the proof I was right haha.


Could Robert Pattinson Marriage Rumors Really Be True?

I know, I know .. can you believe it? It's just so funny that they keep recycling these.

Blurb from article:
There won't just be one royal wedding in 2011 -- there will be two. The Daily Star reports that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are planning a California ceremony for this summer. I'm not taking the news that well, either.

But if this rumor turns out to be factual, and they are in fact getting married, watch out Napa Valley, we Twihards are about to storm your hills.

The pair has reportedly consulted a wedding planner and want a hippie vibe for their Napa nuptials. Nothing too fancy, something earthy and simple. Boring! These two are so rich ... they shouldn't be shy to drop some cash on this shindig. Well, I guess they'll have to pay a pretty penny for security so that you and I can't storm the altar.

So not only does it get made up that they might be getting married - but then they get criticized for how they supposedly want to have it? Because they have a lot of money they are supposed to be spending $15,000 on napkins because .. they can? Oy.. shut the hell up.


Where Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Get Romantic When Filming In Vancouver! Check Out Their Hot Date Night Spots!

Again, spouting off where they are going to be or have gone... Unreal.

Blurb from article:
Rob and Kristen couldn’t get enough of each other on or off the set in Baton Rouge. Now we can tell you all the places they’ll go when ‘Breaking Dawn’ filming moves to British Columbia!
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart can’t wait to go back to their hot Canadian date night spots! HollywoodLife.com has discovered all the places that Rob, 24, and Kristen, 20, love going when they’re in town to shoot their Twilight flicks! We’ve been telling you that the gorgeous couple are expected to arrive soon in Vancouver, BC Canada, to wrap up Breaking Dawn. Now we can reveal where they’ll be spending their free time chowing down on XXXXXXXXXXX dishes!

Then this stupid article proceeds to LIST all these places where they must have gone before when they were filming there. I am speechless.. well sort of. Come on people - must I say it over and over again how rude, selfish, inappropriate, dangerous .. need I go on.. that it is?? For God sakes, let them have the down time. They don't have a lot of that - so Jeezzuuzzz give them a ba-reak! Obviously if you follow my blog you know that I'd never list where they go - but I even X'ed out the kinds of food just in case people would try to find out via that route. It just isn't cool people, not cool.

Last but not least

blurb from article:
When Kristen Stewart went up on stage to accept her award for best dramatic actress, Rob gazed lovingly at Kristen, while she stumbled through her acceptance speech. She looked uncomfortable with the attention but he was cracking up! Rob and Kristen are so sweet together, I really hope the rumors are not true. Just look at the photo in this post from the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS. The man adores her.

I think this is so funny. Phrases like "gazed lovingly at Kristen" and "The man adores her." These people SO was Rob and Kristen to be Bella and Edward. Those phrases I would expect to hear on a cheezy soap opera.

Must be nice being a mind reader. I wonder if they would tell me the lottery numbers??
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