Feb 4, 2011

Rob Pattinson: THE ring - Taylor vs. Rob - time out for Rob - $$

Bunches and bunches of articles on Rob wearing a wedding ring!
For example this headline:

Robert Pattinson Wearing A Wedding Ring On The Set Of Breaking Dawn


Once again, I go back to the same ole stance.. why is this newsworthy? They are filming Breaking Dawn - the movie where Bella and Edward get married.. hence a wedding ring. No huge surprise there, especially since that is a huge part of the movie people.


Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner Fighting Over Kristen Stewart?

Hrmm... smell that?? I do.. it's the sweet scent of misleading headlines!!

Now that the cast of Breaking Dawn are doing the filming for the wedding between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, we’re hearing that some real drama is going down on the set of the vampire movie!

Oh yeah – here’s the picture of Robert Pattinson wearing his wedding ring! Excited?
(Me: See what I mean? Edward & Bella got married - wedding ring to follow)

Now back to the drama!

Reportedly, Taylor Lautner and Rob Pattinson are fighting over Kristen Stewart during filming! Actually, that’s kind of misleading….it’s for the movie! I blame Hollywood Life. But — We are excited for the movie’s fight scenes, aren’t we?!??
(Me: See what I mean.. they say right there - "that's kind of misleading" - but one misleading headline leads to cacophony of headlines and crap. Alas, no surprise here)


So this is a story going around.

Angry woman tells Robert Pattinson off for smoking?

A mum reportedly told Robert Pattinson off for smoking.

The Twilight actor was apparently having a smoke outside Vancouver’s Glowbal Grill, where he was hanging out with friends.

According to the National Enquirer, the woman, who was with her teenage daughter, had a go at Rob for smoking near the entrance.

According to the site, the woman screamed: “You’re NOT allowed to be smoking here!” before plucking the burning butt from the his lips and putting it out.

She then apparently hissed: “That’s called secondhand smoke. I know my rights. You have to be at least 6 meters away from the entrance, you jerk!”

The woman apparently changed her tune when she realised it was Edward from Twilight, but the 24-year-old Brit actor said: “Don’t apologize. You are absolutely right. I need to stop smoking, for sure.”

OK, first of all .... this is from the National Enquirer so my antennas start buzzing and red flags start waving. The woman supposedly grab the cigarette out of his mouth? Not sure I believe that. I am a non-smoker and I can tell you it drives me nuts to walk thru an entrance of any building etc., when I have to walk thru a fog of stinky smelling smoke BUT I don't think I'd ever rip a butt out of someones mouth. Maybe this story is a bunch of bull but if Rob was smoking to close to the entrance then tsk tsk - move away so you aren't gagging others ;). But again, National Enquirer = bull-O-knee (haha get it?)


Robert Pattinson Earns Less Than Taylor Lautner

Robert Pattinson earned less than Taylor Lautner, a detail that may be surprising to Team Edward fans as well as to Team Jacob fans.

Of the top 40 earners in Hollywood in 2010, according to the just-out Vanity Fair, the two Twilight foes were ranked number 15 (RPatz) and number 9 (Taylor), earning an estimated $27.5 million and an estimated $33.5 million, respectively.

Are you kidding me?? First of all, who gives a $hit who makes more. That information for most people is private. Second of all, I think that it's insane that actors/athletes etc make that kind of money yet teachers, police officers, fireman etc don't make a fraction of that.. but I digress..
My point is it's tacky for newspapers or online websites or whatever to share what these guys make. If you are making in the millions than it doesn't matter if someone is making more than you because basically you are not worried about how you are going to pay your electric bill. And trust me, I don't think Rob is flaunting it nor Taylor - it's these websites that wants everyone to drool over the money they make and to start trouble because Taylor made more (supposedly).

Know how much money I made for my last indie film? $250.00 :) And I LOVE to act. I did community/semi professional theatre for years and go paid nothing! So when I got $250 bucks I was THRILLED!! :)

Don't get me wrong - I would love to get to pick and choose projects and be in their position right now. I am a damn good actress but like Rob has said - it's all about luck. For me, I'd just like to be in a place to get really good work and good scripts and have someone see my talent -that's why I envy them.. not their money. And even though I'm sure they are happy that they can take care of themselves and their family - the biggest win is getting good scripts and being a working actor.

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