Mar 16, 2011

Rob Pattinson: Stalking App!? - Fans?! - Imposter!

Yes I know it's been a while - I took a bit of a break from the computer.

There are somethings that I LITERALLY can't believe I'm reading - it's like being on a fake show and this is just the gag-line..

Ok here is this headline:
The Robert Pattinson iPhone App is kind of creepy


The "Where is Robert" app has been available for eight months but there has been very little news about it. That's probably because it's a tool that can help you stalk the Twilight star. Why would you bring attention to such a creepy app?

The odds that someone would actually use it to stalk him is probably remote but the opportunity exists. The app boasts this description:

“Over 1000 fan submitted pictures! Where is Robert Pattinson right now? Get location news about Robert and find out with this fan app. Get notifications from other fans when he moves!”

Are you fa-reakin' kidding me? They have an APP that basically stalks Rob???? Does anyone see the sickness? The holy creepiness? The absolutely and totally inappropriateness of this? I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone - how can someone have invented this??

Please someone tell me this is a joke!


Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Ignore Fans — Are They Being Rude Or Scared?

"Interesting," I think.. "wonder where this is going..."

Reports from the set of the hit film claim the ‘Twilight’ twosome, as well as their costars, ignore fans who were so disappointed after waiting hours to see them!
ShareIt looks like any fans hoping to get a friendly greeting from Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart on the Breaking Dawn set shouldn’t hold their breath — the two ignored and ran pass bystanders March 14! Christine K. from On Location Tours Vancouver tweeted, “I don’t understand the effort Rob and Kristen make to avoid fans & photogs. I get the privacy but do the get who pays their salary? Giveback.” Ouch.
(Me- are you kidding me? Who pays their salary? The movie companies do - you have a choice whether or not you want to go and watch the movie. They have - on many occasions - come out to greet fans and talk to them but seriously give them a break? They don't owe you or anyone else a thing! Yes I think that being in the public eye requires a certain amount of meet & greets etc. But don't you think that they have gotten their share of "invasion of privacy" - give them a break. How amazingly ignorant for Christine K to make such a statement.

The actors were apparently trying to avoid fans so much, they jumped straight from the door of their car into the Orpheum Theatre where they were filming!

Christine went on to say, “Even Tom [Cruise] & Katie [Holmes] who are huge stars at least wave and make eye contact and Rob and Kristen run and hide like the fans are horrifying.” What’s the deal?

Hrmm.. me thinks Christine needs to get a grip.


Fake Robert Pattinson Wears Diaper, Tries To Enter Real Robert Pattinson’s Hotel

Umm.. what?

What people will do for attention. In the WTF news of the day, a bad Robert Pattinson impersonator (look at the hair under the hoodie) walked into the real Robert Pattinson’s hotel yesterday (March 14) wearing a diaper and no pants. He was quickly kicked out.

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