Apr 1, 2011

Rob Pattinson: Thoughts on Twilight - Same Ole - etc

I'm not sure how often to be updating this blog. I don't want people to get bored and have me update it everyday - I'd rather wait until I get an accumulation of stories and update it with the silliness surrounding him. What do you think? Would you prefer me to update more often? or wait until I get enough RAG MAG CRAP and update a bunch all at once?

Lovely headlines to share:

'Breaking Dawn' Leaked Photos Leave Studio 'Heartbroken'

Breaking Dawn Sex Pics: Tweeted, Removed, Hot, Posted Here!

Holy Shiz! TONS Of SPOILERIFIC Images Leak From Breaking Dawn!

Ok - let me start off by saying that I've seen these photos, I don't THINK it's someone is playing an April Fools joke but stranger things have happened. Having said that .. let's say that this is true for argument sake. How did these photos leak out?? Some crew member? I don't know who would have the gall to leak these out. Although, I guess $$ talks.

I'm not going to repost the pictures because they are obviously not meant to be published. And I think it's such a betrayal from someone on the inside leaking them out. (Unless of course this was done for publicity, to keep the movie on peoples minds.)

I DO NOT try to understand the industry even though I'm in it.. well not IN it - in it.. but I am a struggling actress.. yet I digress.. as usual haha.


Robert Pattinson couldn’t see what was so special about Twilight

Veeeeddddyyyy Interesting...

What I'm thinking is that somewhere along the line Rob gave an interview talking about how he didn't understand the intense draw people, well mostly women I should say, have for the Twilight series. Which if you think about it makes perfect sense for a guy to say. BUT WAIT.. the spin is going to eventually be that Rob is dissing and putting down the movie that shot him in to fame. I'd bet money that this simple quote he made:

“When I first read [the Twilight script], it didn’t appeal to me,” Rob told the Italian Vanity Fair. “I couldn’t understand what was so special and why everybody was so into it.”

is going to turn into this scandal that Rob is ungrateful towards the movie that launched his career. It's going to get twisted and turned into this ugly story to make Rob look like a prima donna.

I could be wrong.. but it's just a gut feeling. When someone becomes a huge success, people - whether it be critics or rag mags or the "un"fans - have to find a way to trash talk, belittle, criticise and tear him/her down. Doesn't matter who it is - it happens. Look at Justin Bieber. He is a talented young man, yet because he is a HUGE success, he must get trashed. Very strange don't you think? I think a lot of it is jealousy .. still a $hitty thing for people to do though.


Reese Witherspoon: Robert Pattinson has Dirty Fingernails and Hair

Oh my God - here we go again! Once again the rumor that Rob doesn't clean himself. A simple quote from Reese, twisted around to fit this recycled story. Who knows in what context this was said. It could have been referring to his character in the movie who the heck knows! But c'mon - I believe it's time to let this rumor .......

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