May 13, 2011

Rob Pattinson: Birthday Boy - Their idiots! - boogers

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

So .. I must apologize that I haven't been around.  Married (renewal of vows) and honeymoon. It's been a KA-RAZY time!  Very busy but good times!

Ok so back to bidnezz!

Obviously today is his birthday - he's 25.  There are oodles are articles on his birthday. So I did a search and found this:

Sorry - couldn't resist!


I guess there the online rags didn't change at all during my LOA.  Twisting, turning, misleading  -  all the good ones!

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are ‘Idiots’ Says ‘Twilight’ Costar!
I saw that and thought ... hrmm... "what a tangled web we weave..."

Rob and Kristen may appear to be one of the most low key and cool Hollywood couples, but according to one costar the two are both ‘idiots!’
(Me: Misleading hrm?)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart seem to be beloved not only by the general public, but also their costars! Their Twilight pal Jamie Campbell-Bower was interviewed at the National Movie Awards May 11 in London and when asked how it was to work with Rob joked: “Terrible, the guy’s an idiot.”

It wasn’t just Rob either, as when then asked about Kristen, Jamie again joked, “An idiot as well, they’re both awful.”
(Me: Aahh.. there ya go, and there's the truth)

Don't you love how they take a quote and squeeze it-twist it-to make you stop in your tracks and think for a second 'Oh no! Who is trash talking!' even though you are thinking .. B.S.! So.. well typical I guess I should say. Bunch of turds.

I saw the many stories about Reese Witherspoon allegedly trash talking Rob and saying how "disgusting" their love scenes were because he was all snotty and sick.

Let us break this down, shall we?

A. Well in all honesty when you are sick, you ARE snotty. Not much you can do about it.. although Afrin nose spray works wonders!

B. Really? If that was the case, do you REALLY think that Reese would be so classless as to talk about it to a newspaper? C'mon - she's a professional and of course she wouldn't say anything like that. Jeez..

C. And SERIOUSLY .. do you think that a the production would continue if Rob was sick as a dog? No, of course not. He may have had a cold - but they aren't going to have him snotty all over the lead - if nothing else to avoid HER getting sick. Was he sick? I'm sure he was - but he didn't have the frackin' plague everyone.

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