Jun 24, 2011

Rob Pattinson: Cheating, chuggin', & cheap?

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Digression stopped!  Intervention!

So in perusing my regular haunts amongst others I found some idiotic interesting articles to comment on! Big surprise knowing me and my big mouth.

Let's start with this headline shall we?
Rob Pattinson likes the bar scene

Blurb from article:
A Toronto native has opened up to HollywoodLife about two of Robert Pattinson‘s favorite bars in the city.
“Rob really loves two bars in Toronto, Goodnight and The Dakota Tavern,” the source said. “He’s super laid back and normal acting. It’s obvious he likes the bar scene a lot.”

Wow, a 25 year old likes to go to bars. Profound.


Is Robert Pattinson cheating on Kristen Stewart?

Here we go... cheating, breaking up, madly in love...

Ok here is a blurb from the article (caution - upon reading laughter will ensue)
Is Robert Pattinson cheating on Kristen Stewart with a member of the crew of his new movie Cosmopolis? That's what we are hearing. We can not confirm this report at this time but that is what is being said about Rob right now. What we can say is that there are a few things that make it look as if Rob and Kristen are in a lot of trouble.

According to these sources Rob has been cheating on Kristen with this person for sometime now. We will not mention her name here because we have not been able to 100% confirm the story as of now and do not want to damage her reputation. We are confident that Robert Pattinson has been seen out with this girl on many occasions in Toronto since filming started.

Also, our sources have said that Stewart is no longer wearing what was thought to be a promise ring that Rob gave to her last year that she had not taken off since he gave it to her. She supposedly stopped wearing it right after the MTV Movie Awards.

In a story earlier today by Showbiz Spy it was reported that Pattinson and Stewart had a big fight over the fact that they haven't seen each other in almost a month and about the fact Kristen is mad at Rob for partying too hard and too often since he has been in Toronto.

If you combine that story with our source who claims that Pattinson has been seen out clubbing with this woman in Toronto on many numorous occasions and things start to become clearer. It also fits perfectly into the rumor that Pattinson is looking to break up with Stewart because he wants to be single.

There are also rumors that this "new" girl in Rob's life is planning on writing a book about his and Stewart's soon to be breakup and she has locked down her Twitter account recently because Pattinson's fans were starting to mess with her.

Let us be clear, we have not been able to 100% confirm the report that Pattinson is cheating on Stewart and we are not saying that he is. Those are just rumors at this point as far as we are concerned. But, we think that this new claim, the claim of a huge fight by ShowBiz Spy, the fact that they haven't seen each other in almost a month and the non stop rumors that they are having serious problems and may breakup is enough information to at least discuss the real possibility that Rob and Kristen maybe near the end.
What do you think?
(courtesy of MetroWNY)

Sooooo in other words.. this entire article is pure "speculation" ... or ... BULL$hit.. yep that's what I thought.
They continually allege that he's cheating etc.. yet preface it with "we have no confirmation.."
It begs the question that if you have ZERO proof - then DON'T WRITE IT!!


Robert Pattinson buys cheap T-Shirts

Blurb from article:
Robert Pattinson isn't a fan of couture, in fact, he wears T-shirts that cost about $20! Mainly seen in a T-shirt, ball cap, and shades, the Breaking Dawn actor keeps it ultra-casual when he's not working.
His laid back style probably serves two purposes. The first is that he likes to wear "normal" clothes and just blend in with the crowd. The other is that he likes being comfortable! RPattz is just a regular guy who wears cheap T-shirts and has a super-cool job!

I wouldn't say that $20 is cheap.. a $2 shirt is cheap.  He buys regular clothes like everyone else yes.. so the point is .... nothing.

Sorry was that my outside voice?
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