Jun 4, 2011

Rob Pattinson Jealousy - Wedding jitters - Coffee cups?

The last few weeks I've been inundated with articles and  pictures about his new movie Cosmopolitan. I didn't find it interesting enough to write about it.

Now that he's been filming a movie without Kristen (oh the horror) the rumors begin again.  Not that anyone in their right mind is going to be surprised at the accusations .. I think it's more of a "oy here we go again" feeling, right?

Kristen Stewart Cries About Robert Pattinson "Cheating" Rumors

Blurb from Article:
According to a new report, Kristen is distraught over stories appearing the last week in the tabloids about the chemistry between Rob and Sarah Gadon, his sexy female lead in the new movie Cosmopolis. According to an unnamed insider, Kristen has been crying her heart out over the phone to Rob and calling him out over his nightly hard-partying ways.
"Kristen's upset about his partying and ended up having a tearful showdown with him over the phone, saying he's acting as if he finds life boring with her" says the friend. 'But Rob thinks she's blowing it all out of proportion.'

I must remind you that if they are indeed a couple then she has been through this .. how many other times?  Emilie from Remember Me and Reese from Water for Elephants and Uma from Bel Ami..
My gut tells me Kristen doesn't even read this garbage just looks at it and giggles.  I mean the tabloids have such a good track record and are respected by so many... NOT.  The tabloids should be used for things like bird cage bottoms and training puppies.  Yet there ARE people out there that read that $hit as gospel, although those people believe that aliens have come down and tried to contact them too.


Coffee Talk
Robert Pattinson Comes out of Trailer With Starbucks!

Any why is this a story?  Let's see what it says...
Blurb from article:
Robert Pattinson stepped out of his trailer on the set of Cosmopolis holding a big Starbucks cup! While this may seem insignificant to non-RPattz fans, it's actually a way for fans to get to know him a little better. If only they knew what was in that cup!

Let's break this down shall we?  It's a way for his fans to get to know him better?  Um.. ok.. he drinks coffee, like most other people on this planet. This is not some random thing uncovered.  If it was a story on how he likes to drink coffee through his nose, well ok then maybe it's worth mentioning.  But that fact that he drinks coffee .. not a huge fact finder my friends.
As for wondering "what was in that cup," I'll go out on a limb here and say.. coffee.

Although on a personal note ... if I had to pick a coffee chain to drink I wouldn't go with Starbucks...

Dunkins in much better.  But I digress...


Kristen Stewart Wedding Scene with Robert Pattinson Almost Like the 'Real Thing'

Umm .. that's the point.  Any wedding I've seen on T.V. or in the movies looks real peeps - but we all know it's pretend. Duh.. Why oh why do I need to explain these things over and over again..
Movies = pretend, fake, make-believe, ACTING!
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