Jun 19, 2011

Robert Pattinson shunned, turned away, etc..

Oh what a tangled web we weave.....

So the Internet is a blaze with headlines like this:
Robert Pattinson Gets Turned Away At Private Party Before Enjoying A Guys Night Out
Robert Pattinson turned away from hip Toronto party

At first I read that and thought to myself .. wow, what club would turn him away because it would just hurt them. But then I thought .. wait a minute.. of course this is B.S.

Blurb from articles:
Rob might be an international megastar, but when he showed up to a ‘Vice’ magazine party on June 16 no one seemed to recognize him or care — and he almost didn’t get in!

(Me: Ahhh "he almost didn't get in," in other words.  He got in.)
Robert Pattinson might want to move to Toronto permanently — the 25-year-old actor and world’s biggest star is in the beautiful city shooting his new flick Cosmopolis, but he can walk around almost unnoticed! Several sources tell HollywoodLife.com that when Rob showed up to a private party on June 16 with two guys and three girls at The Poor Alex, a small venue on Dundas West he had a difficult time getting in and was initially turned away!(Me:  Here we go, and the rumors will being about Rob moving to Canada and what will Kristen do and blah blah.. oh yeah "initially turned away" just means they didn't know who he was yet)

“Rob and his pals weren’t getting in as there was a line,” a source tells us of the party for Vice magazine. “So they took a security guard around the corner to chat with him and a while later they ended up getting in.”
(Me: once again, in other words .. they just had to clue the management who the hell was there and I'm sure he got in right away with a zillion apologies to follow)


Oh No! Gossip Guy Robs Robert Pattinson of Dream Role

Once again

Blurb from article

We'll admit: looks like we got our Pattinson-lovin' panties in a twist early and some of you crafty—and a few crabby—readers caught on quick. We had a hard time believing Penn would beat out Rob for a role anyway. R.Pattz is still in the running for the role, but things don't look to good, as speculation says flick might cast an unknown. Guess that means we have to start the Pick Rob campaign now, right?

Me:  So in other words (I sound redundant don't I) Your headline is a bunch of ......
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