Jul 14, 2011

Rob Pattinson is a bad guy! No wait a sensative soul! PDA = TMI??

Villian.. evil..?


Robert Pattinson Wants To Play The Villain!

Robert Pattinson Wants to Be Bad. Yes, Please.

Blurb from 1 of the articles:
Robert Pattinson is having a hankering for the dark side. Deep down, he's aching to be bad. Very very bad, and I find that's just music to my ears.

Alright, fine. A guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do to break the typecast put upon him by hot-blooded women everywhere. I understand. Hearthrobbiness can get a little tiresome. I just hope RPattz doesn't try the bad guy thing on for size off-screen as well -- there are more gossipy rumors about him partying hearty without his main squeeze Kristen Stewart. Stay good, Robert Pattinson. Stay good.

Ok yes it's a bit tongue and cheek but really?  "I hope RPattz (I hate that stupid name btw) doesn't try the bad guy thing on for size off-screen."  REALLY?  Then mentioning the rumors about him partying. So this will be the direction we are going now? We are going to try and make him out to be a 'bad-ass' or 'player' .. For the record, a lot of actors like playing a villain.  I can imagine now that Rob has done 5 movies where he plays the knight in shining armour (in a manner of speaking) he'd want to do something completely different.
Let's not turn this into him morphing into something else..shall we?

How far into bad will Robert go -- only time will tell.
(Me - Oh shut up)


Robert Pattinson’s Co-Star Tweets: He’s A Great Guy Because He’s A Dog Lover!

Robert Pattinson Helped Co-Star Deal With Death of his Dog

This was the tweet from the other actor
"Rob is a great guy. My dog died while we were shooting," Guri said of Pattinson. "He's a dog lover so he got it. That's sort of how we bonded."
It must have been hard for Guri. I've lost 2 dogs and I know how painful it is. And Rob helping him is a very sweet and genuine gesture.  Having said that.. Rob is a nice guy BECAUSE he's a dog lover?  No.. I happen to think dogs are the best but give Rob a tad of credit - maybe he's a nice guy, because he's a nice guy. Not because he loves dogs. Hrm? 


If You PDA On A Plane Like Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Did, Are You Being Rude To Other Passengers?

Is this kind of PDA ever OK?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are typically pretty private about their romance, so it might have come as a surprise to some of their fellow plane passengers on a flight en route to Los Angeles that the two couldn’t stop making out. Is this something you should ever do in public?

New photos and a first-hand, detailed account of the turbulent 2010 session have just been released. A fellow passenger sitting behind them in business class on the departing flight from Montreal said the couple was allegedly making out for “half the trip.”
“They kissed a lot and they were holding hands,” the sky-high spy said. “They seemed very close. They played games together on [an] iPad. Robert was reading a script. Kristen listened to music.”
Now, given, it’s R-Patz and K-Stew, and we love them. But an in-flight, non-stop PDA is not OK. That flight is six hours long, and if we’re to take the passenger on his word, the couple canoodled for three hours.
Think about it this way: would you want to see someone else sucking face for three hours? Especially if you were in a seat across the aisle or inches away from them? What if you were sitting in front and could hear it? Right. So please, don’t you be that person.
I love couples that hold hands and occasionally cuddle in the air. I think they’re adorable. But a straight-up long-lasting make-out session is a different story. It’s gross and rude.
When I see a couple making out on the street, I think, ‘get a room.’ Well, on a plane, only the bathroom is available. And unless you plan on joining the mile-high club, please, curb your air-born enthusiasm

Really.... really? Are they REALLY saying that - are you OUT of your frackin' minds? When thinking of Rob and Kristen, does anyone think they are doing too much PDA?? Um.. no. It's exactly the opposite. They clearly go OUT of their way NOT to show their personal lives, despite all of these unnamed sources etc.

Now as for these airplane pictures. I've seen them.. and no of course I'm not going to post them because they are an extreme invasion of privacy. Some dink that was sitting behind them was sneaking pictures of them when they didn't know. Extreme dickhead comes to mind when I think of this little troll hiding the camera phone and taking pictures. I looked at them because I knew this title was B.S. The PDA was normal for 2 people sitting next to each other. That is it folks. Making out? No. Sitting on each others laps? No. Snuggling? No.  This article is all innuendo, speculation and ba-lo-ney!
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