Jul 25, 2011

Rob Pattinson's hair is big news!

Breaking News! Rob's ........ HAIR!

People are not too happy - so it seems.

Headlines like this!
Robert Pattinson's Weird New Haircut Explained

What’s Up with Robert Pattinson’s Hair?

As you know - his hair looks like this:

Is it ugly?  In my opinion, not the most flattering cut. I'm not a fan .. but let's not wig out people. (pun intended)  Clearly (unless I'm way off) he wouldn't choose this cut unless it was for a movie, right?
Well .. low and behold  ......
Robert Pattinson's 'Cosmopolis' Haircut Turns Heads (PHOTOS)
Turns out that Pattinson, best known for his signature bedhead look, is sporting the bizarre style for his new movie "Cosmopolis," in which he spends a good chunk of the movie trekking across Manhattan in order to get a haircut...apparently fleeing one salon before his 'do was done.

Strange movie plot? Sure. Even stranger haircut? Most definitely.

Did anyone think that he really wanted to look like that? Movie role! 

I wonder if I should break the news to all these silly articles that Rob really doesn't have WHITE WHITE skin.. it's....... MAKE UP!


Taylor Lautner hotter than Robert Pattinson at Comic-Con?

And the comparisons begin!  They are own handsome in the own way. How's that? (Minus Rob's odd hairdo)


Headline (ready for this one again)
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Married

Yup - iiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt's baaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkk!

This couple is as beautiful in real life as on screen and would make a cute husband and wife too … but this hasn’t happened but on screen only. Will they take this step in real life too? Or is it too early for the young stars?

Ok so the headline - complete lie. 100% a lie lie lie lie lie. Why? Because Bella and Edward got married. Not the actors, but you guys knew that anyway. But hey why would they stop lying now right?
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