Jul 31, 2011

Robert Pattinson and his bites - Breaking Dawn part 3? - Kristen in London, so?

Hello my friends, I trust you all had a fantastic weekend and if not.. sorry.

A few things to chat about.  Some very stupid er sought after stories!

Robert Pattinson: Where would you like him to bite you?

My answer (and most of his on the level fans) is no place.  A shake of the hand, great.  But do I want him to bite me, I'll pass.  More importantly, the headline is creepy.  Doesn't it sound creepy?
After the previous articles I've read (and posted about) regarding fans (and I use that word loosely) that when given the opportunity to meet him ask him .. "hey will you bite me?"

Well, that would be my reaction.. can't tell you for sure what his would be. I assume something similar.


Robert Pattinson Thinks There Will Be More ‘Breaking Dawn’ Movies — Are You Shocked?

He was being facetious.  Simple as that.  I know many people would love a Breaking Dawn Part III but this is what he said
“I still feel like somehow, someway I’m going to have to shoot and put in the contacts and the makeup on again for some reason,” he said. “But I don’t know when.”
Yup that is it.

I put it in so you could hear it yourself. 
Hrmm.. what would we call another one?  Dusk?  Harvest Moon?  Moon Light?
I've been mooned??

Sorry that last one cracked me up.


Last but not least!
Headline (and more than one about the same thing or else I wouldn't have posted it):
Kristen Stewart Arrives in London Sans Robert Pattinson

Yup she apparently arrived in London. And from the pictures.. I didn't happen to see Rob.  So I guess the shocking answer is yes, she traveled without him. Shocker.
As always, continue to send me silly articles you find - then I will follow up with my own Internet surf.
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