Jul 5, 2011

Robert Pattinson: Angry Man! Singer Man! .. Oh man..

Hi everyone!
Been a busy few weeks.  I've been on a few auditions.. nuttin'.
I also had a birthday to which my husband threw me a surprise birthday party. Twas lovely!


A little slow on the news lately.  But I found some gems as I usually do. And by gems I mean .. polished turd stories haha.

Twilight Director "Worried" About R-Pattz & K-Stew

Worried?  I wonder .. let's take a peek at the article and see if he ACTUALLY says that.
Twilight director Chris Weitz has expressed his concern for stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, stating that he hopes fame doesn't change them.

Weitz, who worked with R-Pattz and Stewart on the second vampire flick, New Moon, has told Hollywood Life that despite wanting the pair to be successful, he is worried their "essential humanity" could be ruined by superstardom.

Speaking of the hunky actor and K-Stew to the US gossip website, the director revealed: "I want to see them succeed. I want to see them retain their essential humanity I like them very much."

He added: "What I also wish for them are happy lives that aren’t impinged on too much by the downside of the great things that have happened to them.”

Despite Weitz's concerns, Rob and Kristen continue to keep a low-profile when it comes to their relationship, with Pattinson recently claiming that when he gets married, he wants it to be "pretty simple."

Interesting hmm?  Let me explain.. usually when someone uses these
" "
Otherwise known as quotation marks means that it's a direct quote.  Anyone see Chris Weitz use the word worried?  Nope me either.  Which means that the use of quotation marks in this article are bogus.  My feeling is that essentially when anyone is interviewed that has a connection to Rob and Kristen albeit tiny or not, they MUST ask about them personally.  Clearly Chris was being P.C. yet genuine, but that doesn't matter .. cuz no matter WHAT you say the editor will twist, and kneed and squeeze until they get something that may be controversial.  Hence the word they used "worried." 


Robert Pattinson gets angry in new set photos from Cosmopolis

Let me say that this headline is misleading.. I know, I know.. SHOCKER!
It's photos of him on the set, in character, and his character is angry. Big deal.


The New Thing in London? Live Performances in Living Rooms, with Robert Pattinson
Ok this article SUPER misleading..  That headline had a picture with it.. and when you open the picture you see this..
  Umm.. who in the hell is this??? (I think to myself)

Article blurb:
Sofar Sounds (Songs From a Room) is the anti-arena experience: its founders have pioneered a music movement where they host performers in living rooms, their location kept under wraps until the last minute. Visit their website to view video clips of past shows, audience members visible just feet away from drum kits as they get unprecedentedly close to an artist for the evening. Past special guests have included impeccably coiffed Twilight star Robert Pattinson and the Magic Numbers.

Ahhh ok.. so he was there once. Allegedly.  And even if it is true, the story is really about these cool rooms where it feels like a more relaxed atmosphere.. NOT Rob performing.


Kristen Stewart Boards Flight On Fourth Of July: Is She On Her Way To See Robert Pattinson?

Of course she is! I mean her whole life revolves around Rob, right? She couldn't possibly be going anywhere else!   If Kristen is in departures.. that means she going to see Rob.. arrivals.. she was just with Rob, right?

And then to top it off - here is a blurb from the article:
Kristen arrived at LAX just minutes before her flight was set to take off and she had to go through the notorious body scanner that snaps naked pics!

Really? Did they NEED to go there? C'mon. Makes you just wanna do this to someone, doesn't it?

Here is another blurb that definitely confirms their possible confirmation:
Kristen Stewart didn’t spend her July fourth sitting by a pool with friends — she hopped on a plane. The 21-year-old actress arrived at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday with what looked like a bodyguard. Kristen had her passport in hand, which means she’s traveling out of the country … Canada?! There’s a bit of buzz on Twitter claiming Kristen boarded an Air Canada flight to see boyfriend Robert Pattinson in Toronto. We definitely hope Kristen is headed to see Rob — it’s been exactly one month since they’ve seen each other!

Or they are saying .. We have no clue where she's going. 
Unless of course they are using what so many other online sources use....

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