Aug 27, 2011

In idiotic news.. Rob Pattinson is a theif! And his sex face?

This was a rather odd headline.  I though we were going the Winona Ryder route.

Headline that I saw in more than one place:
Robert Pattinson Accused of Stealing?

Stealing... let's see where this takes us.

Robert Pattinson has been accused of stealing! What did the Breaking Dawn actor take? According to his good friend, Marcus Foster, he stole a song entitled I Was Broken which is on the Twilight soundtrack.
"He sang it in a pub and someone recorded it on their phone. We used to sing each other songs a few years ago and that one just got up on the Internet and it went crazy, but it's my song," said Foster.

It doesn't sound like Foster is angry about this or that he is going to take legal action—they are good friends after all (sometimes that doesn't matter). However, it does seem as though Robert Pattinson's success in music was more luck than anything else. If he and his buddy were just singing each other's songs and I Was Broken was the one to give Pattinson a name on the music map, that's great luck!

Basically, this is a non-story.  Someone taking a simple conversation and taking it out of context.  I see no malice in this statement.  Or hint that anyone thought this was a thievery in progress!  
The talk about Rob's music success being luck.  Any success in this freakin' business is all about luck.  Even Rob has said that during interviews.  Luck, right place at the right time, there is of course nepotism and you know the rest of the dirty business.  Bottom line.. Rob isn't a thief.


BEHOLD! This is what Robert Pattinson looks like when he's, you know...

Really, must we go there, really?  "This is what Robert Pattinson looks like when he's, you know.."???? And there is a picture of him from Bel Ami.
DO you ever wonder what Robert Pattinson looks like between the sheets?

Do you ever STOP wondering what Robert Pattinson looks like between the sheets?
We don't.
So imagine our delight when we discovered we could wonder no longer?

I.. I mean.. seriously?  I guess in all honestly, I must admit that there are women/girls that must envision that thing..

Let me start off by saying I for one do not think of what Rob or anyone else looks like while they are having sex.. One reason is because if you've actually HAD sex in your life then you know people make some funny lookin' faces, but bottom mind doesn't go that route. 

But even if there are girls thinking that way, why oh why would anyone be raunchy enough to write an article about it?  Don't they feel a tad bit .. pervish?   You know that "cringe" feeling we all get when we see something inappropriate - or when people are talking about something that is making us feel that "cringe" feeling?   That's what I feel when I see stupid articles and pictures, and speculation etc. like this.
When I see an article like this, that's what happens to me. The "cringe" feeling sets in and the occasional gag reflex.

Clearly these people are lacking a few of these things.  Big surprise.

Aug 19, 2011

Robert Pattinson losing roles and a bad influence!

Very interesting ...

Twilight’s Robert Pattinson Continues To Lose Movie Roles

Read this article.

It seems that Robert Pattinson was in the running for the lead in a biopic about cult music legend Jeff Buckley. Luckily for us fans, Reeve Carney (yeah this kid is a real actor) has been cast as the lead in the upcoming biopic. For those of you unfamiliar with Jeff Buckley, Jeff Buckley was the greatest musician that never was.
For those of you unfamiliar with Robert Pattinson, Robert Pattinson is a talentless hack that couldn’t act like he was blind in the dark. So as the set of Twilight Breaking Dawn II goes dark, it becomes more apparent that this moron will not be working very long.
I hope the The Holy Trinity of Suck (Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and the shirtless Taylor Lautner) bank their payday on this last movie. With the exception of mall openings and Kristen Stewart swinging on poles these hacks will never see another dime.
The Holy Trinity of Suck might get a few more direct-to-dvd roles and a few failed sitcoms. Eventually a sex tape or nude pictures will be released …I mean leaked …as a final desperate plea for attention. Kristen Stewart will probably take a quick lap through Showtime After Dark. Definitely nude and still talentless before slipping into obscurity or XXX porn.
So let’s get Twilight Breaking Dawn II released now. The sooner it gets released, the sooner we get to see Kristen Stewart naked on Showtime After Dark. And as far as Robert Pattinson goes, Rob I will tell you in advance to save time…yes I would like to supersize that extra value meal. Could you deliver that to my trailer?

My my my does this guy have some anger issues?  I'd say I'm speechless - but you all know I'm never speechless.  This has to be a spoof, right? No one has this much bile to puke up at someone.  I mean, this guy has got to be joking because if not.. then wow is he jealous of Rob and Kristen's success.  It's very common when someone skyrockets to stardom for others to say "it's a fluke" or "s/he really has no talent," that way it makes themselves feel better for no succeeding. 
I'm a struggling actor myself, but I'm thrilled for both of them.  Whether or not I think they are fabulous actors has nothing to do with it. But, as a fellow actor and human being.. it isn't good karma to say $hit like that. 
Clearly this man has some .... shall we say ISSUES!

Maybe he needs someone needs to give him a hug.. 
As for Kristen and Rob's career... I think they will be just fine.


'Twilight' News: Do Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Inspire Vampire Crimes?

It would seem so when one considers arrests such as that of 19-year-old Lyle Monroe Bensley, who is currently awaiting a psychiatric evaluation while in a Galveston, Texas, jail. Bensley was charged with burglary after he allegedly broke into a woman's house and tried to suck her blood.
Apparently he didn't take any notes from Robert Pattinson, who didn't break into any houses to terrorize unsuspecting people in any of the Twilight movies. Perhaps he obtained all of his tips from Bill and Eric from True Blood. Oh wait... they cannot enter houses without being invited. Clearly Bensley makes a very poor vampire.

Umm... uh huh.  So, now Rob and Kristen are being blamed for some insane dude trying to suck on some woman's neck?  Really??  I see.. so I guess we should all be worried that the actors from the Smurfs will start influencing people to go out and paint themselves blue?  And that people will start thinking they can fly and leap off of their houses because .. well.. Superman can fly! 
Give me a break folks. Vampire movies have been around for a long time. 

See? This is a very ooooolllldddd movie.  I think this is when we politely say
Seriously?? Oy..

Aug 15, 2011

Robert Pattinson - Rags to riches? Out and about - sans guess who?

Hi Everyone

This is so funny!  I can't TELL you how many headlines I saw like this one:
Pattinson plans clothing line
Ok, if you've listened to any interviews with Rob Pattinson you'd know that the last thing he seems to care about is fashion.  He isn't like a Kardashian, and this is just by mere observation.  He dresses casual, but doesn't seem to care about it whatsoever.  So anyone that believes this article was true and not just being funny.. is a looney!
So the article lures you in then BAM you read this:
"Rob and I were talking about doing clothing lines, and he found out I was doing one and was like 'I should do one'. He wants to do one -- he's always so hipster," quoted Lutz as saying.
Lutz added that he and Pattinson named called the line "Rags by Rob", which is fitting since Pattinson's own style could be described more or less as disheveled, with monotone V-neck T-shirts, worn-in jeans, and flannel button-down shirts being his wardrobe staples, and unwashed hair to boot.

See? Just tongue and cheek.. but let me tell you I saw more than 10 headlines about Rob starting a clothing line.


Robert Pattinson &; Kristen Stewart Party Separately This Weekend, Proving They Can Be In Love & Independent!
This cracked me up. Article:
They were each out partying at private club Soho House on different sides of the world — Kristen in London and Rob in L.A.! Find out all of the details!
(Me= first of all - there IS no details - just someone saying that they were at these specific clubs)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were both spotted partying separately this weekend — with K-Stew drinking at Soho House London on August 12 and Rob hanging out at Soho House Los Angeles on August 13! But while some could read into their separation as a rift in their relationship, we think the Breaking Dawn sweeties just know how to be by themselves and remain in love!
(Me= or they are adults and know what it's like to be in the business. It's part of show business.. it's actually part of lots of different couples.  Lots of couples spend time apart due to work commitments. They aren't in the minority)

It makes sense they would be separated, with K-Stew, 21, working hard on Snow White And The Huntsman and Rob, 25, gearing up for work on The Unbound Captives. We’re so happy they’ve found a balance between love and their red-hot careers!

Ugh. Next week there will be articles of how Rob was "spotted" in London.

(The source, shhh)

Aug 10, 2011

Robert Pattinson shops? He's WORRIED about Kristen, really?

Hello folks!

Here's a headline for you:
Robert Pattinson Steps Out in Sweats and Sandals to Grocery Shop With a Buddy

WOW SHOCKING NEWS! Rob eats? You mean he food shops like the rest of us??
And yes, I saw the pictures (and no, I'm not publishing them because clearly they were taken without his permission) and he is wearing shorts and sandals.

I know it's hard for everyone to believe he doesn't walk around looking like this :

all the time. 


Is Robert Pattinson worried about Kristen Stewart's safety in London?

There are some really tragic things happening in London right now and I know that a lot of people (including myself) are praying for those involved.   But to spin this story into Rob and Kristen?  C'mon people.   Is Rob worried about Kristen?  I doubt it because I don't think that Kristen is anywhere near the riots, do you?? 
I'm sure she is no where near the danger.  That's just my opinon.   But please, lets focus on the real problem.
Kristen Stewart’s Friends Say She’s Putting Robert Pattinson Before Her Own Family — Do You Believe It?

Here we go.  Now Kristen is dumping all over her family to be with Rob.
Blurb from article:
Kristen Stewart’s Friends Say She’s Putting Robert Pattinson Before Her Own Family — Do You Believe It?

Kristen pulled out of her mom’s film ‘K-11′ so that she could spend more time with Rob, a source close to the actress claims. Do you think it’s wrong for her to put Rob first?

Kristen Stewart is doing everything possible to keep her romance with Robert Pattinson alive! A source tells Star that Kristen will drop everything just to be by his side. Kristen was set to star in her mom Jules Stewart‘s directorial debut K-11 this summer, but she reportedly pulled out due to scheduling conflicts. Now friends of Kristen are saying she actually did it so she could spend what “little free time” she has with Rob.

“Whenever she isn’t working, she’s jetting to whatever film location Rob is on,” a source says. “She basically drops everything when she can, to be with him.”
Rob and Kristen have been doing their best to make time for each other during their busy shooting schedules this summer. But now that Kristen is filming Snow White and the Huntsman in London, she barely sees him. Rob even attended the Teen Choice Awards in LA without her, and he’s been spotted out with buddies since Kristen is in his hometown.
Kristen’s mom is reportedly “hurt.” Do you think Kristen’s mom should understand or take it personally?

Anyone believe this?  First of all, Kristen seems like an extremely strong woman. I highly doubt that she would DUMP on her Mom for Rob or anyone else.  I'm sure there was scheduling issues and the reason she's not doing her Mom's movie has nothing to do with her jet setting after Rob.