Aug 10, 2011

Robert Pattinson shops? He's WORRIED about Kristen, really?

Hello folks!

Here's a headline for you:
Robert Pattinson Steps Out in Sweats and Sandals to Grocery Shop With a Buddy

WOW SHOCKING NEWS! Rob eats? You mean he food shops like the rest of us??
And yes, I saw the pictures (and no, I'm not publishing them because clearly they were taken without his permission) and he is wearing shorts and sandals.

I know it's hard for everyone to believe he doesn't walk around looking like this :

all the time. 


Is Robert Pattinson worried about Kristen Stewart's safety in London?

There are some really tragic things happening in London right now and I know that a lot of people (including myself) are praying for those involved.   But to spin this story into Rob and Kristen?  C'mon people.   Is Rob worried about Kristen?  I doubt it because I don't think that Kristen is anywhere near the riots, do you?? 
I'm sure she is no where near the danger.  That's just my opinon.   But please, lets focus on the real problem.
Kristen Stewart’s Friends Say She’s Putting Robert Pattinson Before Her Own Family — Do You Believe It?

Here we go.  Now Kristen is dumping all over her family to be with Rob.
Blurb from article:
Kristen Stewart’s Friends Say She’s Putting Robert Pattinson Before Her Own Family — Do You Believe It?

Kristen pulled out of her mom’s film ‘K-11′ so that she could spend more time with Rob, a source close to the actress claims. Do you think it’s wrong for her to put Rob first?

Kristen Stewart is doing everything possible to keep her romance with Robert Pattinson alive! A source tells Star that Kristen will drop everything just to be by his side. Kristen was set to star in her mom Jules Stewart‘s directorial debut K-11 this summer, but she reportedly pulled out due to scheduling conflicts. Now friends of Kristen are saying she actually did it so she could spend what “little free time” she has with Rob.

“Whenever she isn’t working, she’s jetting to whatever film location Rob is on,” a source says. “She basically drops everything when she can, to be with him.”
Rob and Kristen have been doing their best to make time for each other during their busy shooting schedules this summer. But now that Kristen is filming Snow White and the Huntsman in London, she barely sees him. Rob even attended the Teen Choice Awards in LA without her, and he’s been spotted out with buddies since Kristen is in his hometown.
Kristen’s mom is reportedly “hurt.” Do you think Kristen’s mom should understand or take it personally?

Anyone believe this?  First of all, Kristen seems like an extremely strong woman. I highly doubt that she would DUMP on her Mom for Rob or anyone else.  I'm sure there was scheduling issues and the reason she's not doing her Mom's movie has nothing to do with her jet setting after Rob.

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