Aug 27, 2011

In idiotic news.. Rob Pattinson is a theif! And his sex face?

This was a rather odd headline.  I though we were going the Winona Ryder route.

Headline that I saw in more than one place:
Robert Pattinson Accused of Stealing?

Stealing... let's see where this takes us.

Robert Pattinson has been accused of stealing! What did the Breaking Dawn actor take? According to his good friend, Marcus Foster, he stole a song entitled I Was Broken which is on the Twilight soundtrack.
"He sang it in a pub and someone recorded it on their phone. We used to sing each other songs a few years ago and that one just got up on the Internet and it went crazy, but it's my song," said Foster.

It doesn't sound like Foster is angry about this or that he is going to take legal action—they are good friends after all (sometimes that doesn't matter). However, it does seem as though Robert Pattinson's success in music was more luck than anything else. If he and his buddy were just singing each other's songs and I Was Broken was the one to give Pattinson a name on the music map, that's great luck!

Basically, this is a non-story.  Someone taking a simple conversation and taking it out of context.  I see no malice in this statement.  Or hint that anyone thought this was a thievery in progress!  
The talk about Rob's music success being luck.  Any success in this freakin' business is all about luck.  Even Rob has said that during interviews.  Luck, right place at the right time, there is of course nepotism and you know the rest of the dirty business.  Bottom line.. Rob isn't a thief.


BEHOLD! This is what Robert Pattinson looks like when he's, you know...

Really, must we go there, really?  "This is what Robert Pattinson looks like when he's, you know.."???? And there is a picture of him from Bel Ami.
DO you ever wonder what Robert Pattinson looks like between the sheets?

Do you ever STOP wondering what Robert Pattinson looks like between the sheets?
We don't.
So imagine our delight when we discovered we could wonder no longer?

I.. I mean.. seriously?  I guess in all honestly, I must admit that there are women/girls that must envision that thing..

Let me start off by saying I for one do not think of what Rob or anyone else looks like while they are having sex.. One reason is because if you've actually HAD sex in your life then you know people make some funny lookin' faces, but bottom mind doesn't go that route. 

But even if there are girls thinking that way, why oh why would anyone be raunchy enough to write an article about it?  Don't they feel a tad bit .. pervish?   You know that "cringe" feeling we all get when we see something inappropriate - or when people are talking about something that is making us feel that "cringe" feeling?   That's what I feel when I see stupid articles and pictures, and speculation etc. like this.
When I see an article like this, that's what happens to me. The "cringe" feeling sets in and the occasional gag reflex.

Clearly these people are lacking a few of these things.  Big surprise.

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