Sep 7, 2011

Robert Pattinson with some down time in (of all places) LONDON! And more gossip B.S.

And in the nutty news... Headline:
Robert Pattinson Touches Down in London With a Big, Bright Smile

A big BRIGHT smile? Wow!
Robert Pattinson was still rocking his favorite Baltimore Orioles hat when he touched down at Heathrow airport on Sunday. He's back at home in the UK after wrapping up his role in Cosmopolis and spending part of his Summer hanging out with friends and his dog, Bear, on the West Coast. A break in Rob's schedule gives him down time before he's whisked away on a global press tour for Bel Ami and Breaking Dawn Part I.
Rob may have a chance to meet up with his real-life leading lady, Kristen Stewart, in the days to come as she's currently on location in England filming Snow White and the Huntsman.
Sooooo he was in the airport and ... pretty much that's it. He landed in the airport in the country where he's from.  How old do photos of him walking in an airport get? They pretty much all look the same people, LEAVE HIM ALONE.  Freakin' A - he's walking.. with luggage.  No big news there folks.. move on.
Robert Pattinson Really, Really Hates Twitter! Is He Justified?
Rob has never been a huge fan of social networking and now he says if Twitter didn’t exist he’d finally be at peace! Do you think he’s being dramatic or totally justified?Robert Pattinson recently sat down for a long interview with Premiere magazine where he shared a lot about filming Breaking Dawn and seeing Kristen Stewart look like an alien as Bella. Another revelation he made involved Twitter, the social networking site Rob has never particularly loved. He explained why he hates it so much!
“In LA I have at least 40 seconds from the moment I arrive somewhere, before I get asked for my autograph,” he said. “It’s Twitter’s fault. If this website didn’t exist, I’d be in peace.”
Rob went on to explain how he knows he’s been spotted. “When I cross a glance at someone, they hurry to get their phone out. I know perfectly well that I’m screwed and that I’m going to spend a big part of my day shaking people off. It’s frustrating.”
On the one hand, it’s a shame Rob can’t always get privacy, but on the other, that’s the price of fame. Do you think he’s justified in his anger, or should he just relax? We know how much you Twi-hards love finding out where Rob is via Twitter but now that you know why he resents the site, will you take a stand against Twitter in the name of Mr. Pattinson? Sound off below!

Ok, I do have an opinion on this. When someone is a celebrity, yes there is a certain amount of "schmoozing" the fans that you have to do - and to be perfectly honestly, they are owed that because without the fans then a celeb wouldn't have the luxury of doing what they love to do and living in the means that they live. 

Ok, HAVING SAID THAT.. I think that Twitter, facebook, texting, taking sneaky photographs, etc.. is bull$hit and unfair to the celebrity.  They don't deserve that - if there are people in the club, or restaurant that recognize them that's one thing... but announcing on Twitter, or your facebook to your hundreds of friends - and then they tell their friends.. becomes a $hit show to the point where they start NOT to want to talk to fans.  When it's a few that's one thing, when it becomes hundreds in a matter of 30 minutes - that is something entirely different.  

I have met & worked with some celebrities, and seen a few whether it be on set or at the same bar I was at and I have never asked for an autograph (because really, what is one going to do with it? Nada!) never even contemplated asking for a picture .. I've been fortunate enough to talk to some of them, but just like normal people and normal conversations.  (Also, since I'm a struggling actress it would make me look like a freakin' turd.) 

I don't have a problem what-so-ever if people want to ask for a picture, or even an autograph..but leave it at that and walk away. Respect their space & privacy - as you would want someone to respect yours. 
Robert Pattinson Vs. Taylor Lautner: Who Looks Cuter With Their Pup?
I just thought that headline was so dumb I had to mention it .. and the pups look adorable!
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