Oct 22, 2011

Robert Pattinson - how dare you grow facial hair!

Hi everyone - sorry for my absence, long story which I'm sure you have no interest in so I will just skip it! :)

Ok so wow Breaking Dawn comes out in less than a month and the Internet is slowly starting to simmer and come to a boil with stories about Rob and of course Kristen.

Because there isn't much going on, they have to make headlines and the current one is about his......
(insert spooky music) HIS BEARD!!!!

Yup there have been oodles of reports about his beard.

Headlines such as :
Robert Pattinson Rocks Long Beard at LAX (PHOTOS)
Rob Pattinson Sports A ScruffyBeard
Grizzly Alert! What's Up With Robert Pattinson's Facial Hair!

Those are to just name a few.  I won't post pictures because the only ones you can see are the sleazy ones online from Paparazzi and you all know how I feel about them.  But to confirm, yes there are pictures out there of Rob with a beard.

These are some of the blurbs written about it:

The normally clean-cut Robert Pattinson was spotted looking super-scruffy this week as he arrived at LAX.
The Twilight hunk, who is scheduled to be in France  on Sunday for aBreaking Dawn fan event in Paris, was barely recognizable in a long beard, sunglasses and brown leather jacket, though just recognizable enough for cameras to take a few photos.
With less than a month before Breaking Dawn Part I opens, something tells us Robert won’t stay scruffy very long.

Robert Pattinson stepped out looking more than a little rumpled at the LA airport before boarding a flight. For a Hollywood actor who made bazillions for his Twilight films, you'd think he could clean up a bit.
Now he's really got us wondering—what's Rob tryin' to say?
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Clearly, he's attempting his best to say:
—I would rather have been cast as a werewolf!
—Paris wears shades, I wear whiskers, but it all means stay away!
—Kristen loves to be tickled in all the right places by my man mane!
Or whatever.

It makes me crazy some of these 'make you wanna gag' comments. Like "Kristen loves to be tickled..." comment. That's just a - STFU - moment.  Honestly, when that person was typing that for the article didn't s/he feel like a total dickhead?  Stupid a$$.
Rob has a beard - really it's not the end all be all.  I honestly doubt he will have it when the press junket starts for Breaking Dawn. But, even if he did - really, do you care that much?  Last time I checked, it WAS his own face - unless he sold it to Summit?


Is Hollywood Turned Off to Twilight's Robert Pattinson?
This is a very long article so I won't post blurbs in it - if you click on the link you can read it for yourself. But it talks about Rob being turned down for various parts in upcoming movies.  Also, how his movies other than the Twilight Series haven't grossed very much money etc.

Ok, so here's the deal.  He's hotter than hell right now so when that happens people find reasons to hate you. It's going to take a while for non-Twihards to accept him into the realm of movie star.  He should just take a small break let the dust settle then do some more. The problem too is fans and Hollywood find it difficult to get past Edward because that is his SMASH through hit.  Yes, that is the movie that hurdled him into stardom but give him a chance to show he has the chops to do more than just Edward.  Because honestly, I believe he does.  I think there are some actors that have their big hit but that's it and can't get past that hump.  If he plays his cards right - he will. 

So relax everyone, get off his back and give him space to breathe.

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