Nov 29, 2011

Robert Pattinson | The digs never stop comin'

Let's just jump right in with a headline, shall we?
Did Rob Pattinson break-up with Kristen Stewart right before the BD premier?

Me thinks me smell something foul

Blurb from article:

Reports My Twilight Spy: “Just two days after the couple was inducted into Hollywood’s legendary Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Robert – who’d been having second thoughts about their relationship – hit Kristen with the news that he’s ending it. They kept on smiling at the Los Angeles premiere, but Robert was an emotional wreck – and so was Kristen, who never saw the breakup coming. Explaining his reasoning, Rob told Kristen he adores her, but feels that their romance blossomed only because they’d been thrown together as on-screen lovers for nearly four years. Rob felt it was time to explore other relationships and move on.”

Even though Kristen’s devastated, the source added, she knows they’ve got to put on happy faces to promote “Breaking Dawn” – and the sequel next year.

First and foremost, let's just say that this quote is from the National Enquirer, enough said right? 
But just to beat the dead horse - a week after the premier the paparazzi were clicking pictures of Kristen and Rob going into their alleged apartment together.  So in my opinion this is just more fluff to paint Rob (this time) as some evil villain.  I'm sure Kristen's turn is next. 


This headline was able to annoy me and make me laugh at the same time.. I think I pulled something.

Rob Pattinson has fungus feet and Kristen Stewart has grubby nails?

Dear God - are we back on this topic?  How Rob smells like dirty ass?  How he never bathes.  Blah Blah Blah.. and now we are dragging Kristen into it?  She has "grubby nails."  

Blurb from article:

One stylist claims Rob Pattinson has fungus feet!
 "His toenails are curled up and yellow," the insider told Star.
(Me-Yes, I'm sure he has troll nails and a curling into his skin.. last I checked he wasn't 90 years old.)

What about Kristen Stewart? She has grubby nails, according to another source.
 "Very few people in the industry want to work with her, because she doesn't want to look good."
 (Me-GIVE ME A BREAK. Are you people insane!! She is not lacking for work people, now you people just sound dumb)

Fans are no stranger to witnessing Rob and Kristen lacking a glamorous image while in the public eye. Stewart glams up for magazines, but Pattinson if often pictured scruffy and not necessarily concerned about his physcial appearance. Having fungus feet and grubby nails are kind of gross, even for this A-list couple. Are the two rebelling against their own stardom?

Are they rebelling?  Does anyone really believe this 'source.' 
Oy vey.. They dress down when they are out and about, like most normal people.  The fact that some celebs for example, Kim Kardashian wears 10 inch Jimmy Choo shoes and full on make up every time she steps out doors is NOT the norm.  In my opinion it's weird as hell.  I have nothing against Kim Kardashian but come on, she's like a live wax figure.  Rob and Kristen look like the rest of us. As a matter of fact, all I wear is Vans myself.  Comfort, yet stylish without having to have bleeding feet!

Nov 27, 2011

Rob Pattinson being blamed for seizures and seriousness?

Oh silly paparazzi you and your brazen lack of respect never cease to amaze moi!

Robert Pattinson Spotted Very Serious At London Apartment Again Other Day

Very serious, huh? I saw the picture. I'm not sure what they expect? I mean these "photographers" are camping out at his apartment waiting for a glimpse of him. Do they expect him to come out waving, smiling and welcoming the vermin? I think not people. And not to mention - he's just WALKING out of his apartment. Last I checked when I leave my house I'm not doing a dance and grinning from ear to ear.

Blurb from Article:
Sources speculate that Rob may have been ticked off at the swarming paparazzi,who were waiting outside for him to leave. Robert Pattinson spotted very serious at London apartment again other day. Here’s a new shot of Twilight Saga,Edward Cullen star Robert Pattinson,spotted out and about again at his London,England abode this past Friday afternoon,November 25th,and I must say, we’ve seen him in a happier mood. He looked very serious in his casual attire as he exited the apartment,which he shares with his superstar girlfriend Kristen Stewart.
Sources speculate that Rob may have been ticked off at the swarming paparazzi,who were waiting outside for him to leave.

Ya think that it may bother him a little that outside his place are paps swimming around like sharks waiting for him to leave just so they can take a bite? It would drive me insane and I'd probably pull a Sean Penn and punch one of them in the mouth. He shows great restraint.


Robert Pattinson's newest 'Twilight' movie allegedly causing seizures

You have GOT to be kidding me. First and foremost let me say that I do realize that certain bursts of lights at specific speeds can cause people who are epileptic to have seizures. Usually it's some kind of strobe effect that you see in haunted houses or things to that effect. But what I'm reading is that people who do not have any diagnosis of epilepsy are experiencing seizures. I suppose that anything is possible but I really find this hard to believe. The birth scene is not that choppy with a blinking strobe light. It's a special effect - which are done in many movies.  If a scene did cause someone to have a seizure I truly am sorry but let's  not go overboard.

Me thinks that someone is looking for a lawsuit ? But hey, I'm cynical and bitchy so I could be totally wrong. But this newest claim literally made me laugh out loud.

Nov 24, 2011

Rob Pattinson and the never ending saga

First and foremost - Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it.  It was a wonderful day here and I'm exhausted beyond belief.   To those of you who don't celebrate it, hope you had a lovely day.

Okee dokee

Internet was a blaze with rumors that Rob dumped Kristen!

Bleck, even writing shit like that makes me cringe at myself, but again, I vowed to continue to write this because on the OFF chance that luck smiles down on my acting career and for some crazy reason I got to ride a mini-wave of fame (which really the fame means nothing, it's the acting I want more than anything - and I'm pretty damn good at it if I do say so myself.. but I digress) that I would continue to mock those who make complete asses out of themselves in hope to just gain notoriety and fame on the proverbial back of someone else.  So because my decision to go for professional acting coincided with Rob's explosion of fame he is my mission to defend. Make sense?  Maybe not because I ate entirely too much today so I'm a bit fuzzy - but you get the point.

Anyway all I am seeing are headlines like this now:
Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson head to XXXXX to enjoy their precious time together

Reminder to all: I 'X' out places that I read they have frequented or continue to frequent.  It's easy enough to find out what time they happen to sneeze on the Internet.  I do not intend to perpetuate the gossip, truth or not.  If they are out somewhere as a couple and the pictures that were taken were CLEARLY not pictures they were keen on being a part of, then I won't tell where I read that they went or show any pictures I see.

They are a couple and are allowed to go out and .. be.

I was going to cut/paste some blurbles from articles but really all it is is gawkers commenting on how they behave as a couple. Creeps me the hell out so I'm not going to comment except that .. people if you see 2 people together fine, but talking to rag mags about it and sharing information just is uncool. I need some hand sanitizer.

Tsk tsk tsk

Nov 20, 2011

Breaking Dawn opening weekend & the craziness never stops!

FYI - Yes, I saw Breaking Dawn at midnight on Thursday - 6 sold out movie theatres. We had to get there at 10:30 so all 4 of us could sit together .. then we sat for an hour and a 1/2.. that was so boring.

Movie was great - definitely see it.  I do think it's a huge mistake waiting a whole year for Part II but hey what do they care what I think.

Onward to more silly shit.

Robert Pattinson Lets Out A Yawn!
Can't imagine why he would be tired? I mean he's only been flying all over the planet to promote Breaking Dawn?   Yes, I'm sure he's tired.  Yes, he let out a yawn and some photographer yahoo decided to sneak and take his picture. Shocker there. And nope, I ain't showing the picture.  You all know me - if it's a sneaky picture or any of that horsecrap - it's not going on here. 




Oh boy, wonder where this is going...

Blurb from article:
British actor ROBERT PATTINSON and his girlfriend KRISTEN STEWART may have been all smiles when they posed together on the red carpet last week for the premiere of their second Twilight film, but I can disclose relations away from the cameras are less cosy.
Londoner Rob, 25, and his American squeeze have had several ups and downs since meeting on the first Twilight movie set four years ago. 
As I reported last year Kristen, 21, showed more than a passing interest in Ridley Scott’s son Jake while he was directing her in a film in which she played a lap dancer. But this time the cracks have widened, and despite putting on a united front for the screaming Twi-hards, a source close to the pair tells me: “They are doing a lot of soul-searching about their relationship – they’ve burnt each other out.”
Oh God, does this ramble ever stop.  The problem out there is internet-land is that the 2 of them never talk about their relationship. Never have confirmed or denied it etc.  So the  only thing that the rags can do is "speculate" which is really a nice word for lie their asses off.  I'm sure they aren't burnt out of anything.  They are problem a normal couple like anyone else - go figure.  


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Want to Adopt Together
Yes, let's twist this.. get everyones panties up in a bunch.. The article is talking about adopting a dog, not a baby. 
So will adopting a pet and buying a house together eventually lead to a real-life wedding for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson? Perhaps, but there are lots of celebs who have long, happy relationships without getting married - think Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. So who knows? Maybe they'll skip the wedding and adopt a few kids instead - so far this life decision seems to be working out well for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.
Yes, I completely see the correlation between adopting a dog together and getting married.  I thought I read they already adopted a dog. Maybe that was just Rob but I don't pretend to believe anything I read unless I see the words coming out of their mouths.  But hey if they adopt a dog - good on them. 

That's it for this week. Anyone find anything off the wall? send it to me!

Nov 15, 2011

Breaking Dawn - the craziness begins!!

Yes it has been a while - but I wanted to wait until it was close to the premier because I knew there would be stuff to chat about, joke about, freak about etc.. :)

And was I right? Oh yes I was..

Ok let's see where to start with my rants and raves!

The first pictures I am going to post..

I don't even know what to say .. If they were young teens, I could at least roll my eyes and giggle.  But these are grown women.. wearing a vail, and taking pictures with a cardboard Edward.. I am a little freaked out over those pictures.
Thoughts? Is it just me??



Robert’s pup gets his own plane seat

And reading this headline the first thought I have is .. "and the problem with that is what??"  You see, I am a dog lover and I own 2 (beagle and daschund) - and I've always had dogs.. so I think that that is highly appropriate. 

More to come...