Nov 15, 2011

Breaking Dawn - the craziness begins!!

Yes it has been a while - but I wanted to wait until it was close to the premier because I knew there would be stuff to chat about, joke about, freak about etc.. :)

And was I right? Oh yes I was..

Ok let's see where to start with my rants and raves!

The first pictures I am going to post..

I don't even know what to say .. If they were young teens, I could at least roll my eyes and giggle.  But these are grown women.. wearing a vail, and taking pictures with a cardboard Edward.. I am a little freaked out over those pictures.
Thoughts? Is it just me??



Robert’s pup gets his own plane seat

And reading this headline the first thought I have is .. "and the problem with that is what??"  You see, I am a dog lover and I own 2 (beagle and daschund) - and I've always had dogs.. so I think that that is highly appropriate. 

More to come...
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