Nov 20, 2011

Breaking Dawn opening weekend & the craziness never stops!

FYI - Yes, I saw Breaking Dawn at midnight on Thursday - 6 sold out movie theatres. We had to get there at 10:30 so all 4 of us could sit together .. then we sat for an hour and a 1/2.. that was so boring.

Movie was great - definitely see it.  I do think it's a huge mistake waiting a whole year for Part II but hey what do they care what I think.

Onward to more silly shit.

Robert Pattinson Lets Out A Yawn!
Can't imagine why he would be tired? I mean he's only been flying all over the planet to promote Breaking Dawn?   Yes, I'm sure he's tired.  Yes, he let out a yawn and some photographer yahoo decided to sneak and take his picture. Shocker there. And nope, I ain't showing the picture.  You all know me - if it's a sneaky picture or any of that horsecrap - it's not going on here. 




Oh boy, wonder where this is going...

Blurb from article:
British actor ROBERT PATTINSON and his girlfriend KRISTEN STEWART may have been all smiles when they posed together on the red carpet last week for the premiere of their second Twilight film, but I can disclose relations away from the cameras are less cosy.
Londoner Rob, 25, and his American squeeze have had several ups and downs since meeting on the first Twilight movie set four years ago. 
As I reported last year Kristen, 21, showed more than a passing interest in Ridley Scott’s son Jake while he was directing her in a film in which she played a lap dancer. But this time the cracks have widened, and despite putting on a united front for the screaming Twi-hards, a source close to the pair tells me: “They are doing a lot of soul-searching about their relationship – they’ve burnt each other out.”
Oh God, does this ramble ever stop.  The problem out there is internet-land is that the 2 of them never talk about their relationship. Never have confirmed or denied it etc.  So the  only thing that the rags can do is "speculate" which is really a nice word for lie their asses off.  I'm sure they aren't burnt out of anything.  They are problem a normal couple like anyone else - go figure.  


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Want to Adopt Together
Yes, let's twist this.. get everyones panties up in a bunch.. The article is talking about adopting a dog, not a baby. 
So will adopting a pet and buying a house together eventually lead to a real-life wedding for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson? Perhaps, but there are lots of celebs who have long, happy relationships without getting married - think Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. So who knows? Maybe they'll skip the wedding and adopt a few kids instead - so far this life decision seems to be working out well for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.
Yes, I completely see the correlation between adopting a dog together and getting married.  I thought I read they already adopted a dog. Maybe that was just Rob but I don't pretend to believe anything I read unless I see the words coming out of their mouths.  But hey if they adopt a dog - good on them. 

That's it for this week. Anyone find anything off the wall? send it to me!

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