Nov 24, 2011

Rob Pattinson and the never ending saga

First and foremost - Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it.  It was a wonderful day here and I'm exhausted beyond belief.   To those of you who don't celebrate it, hope you had a lovely day.

Okee dokee

Internet was a blaze with rumors that Rob dumped Kristen!

Bleck, even writing shit like that makes me cringe at myself, but again, I vowed to continue to write this because on the OFF chance that luck smiles down on my acting career and for some crazy reason I got to ride a mini-wave of fame (which really the fame means nothing, it's the acting I want more than anything - and I'm pretty damn good at it if I do say so myself.. but I digress) that I would continue to mock those who make complete asses out of themselves in hope to just gain notoriety and fame on the proverbial back of someone else.  So because my decision to go for professional acting coincided with Rob's explosion of fame he is my mission to defend. Make sense?  Maybe not because I ate entirely too much today so I'm a bit fuzzy - but you get the point.

Anyway all I am seeing are headlines like this now:
Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson head to XXXXX to enjoy their precious time together

Reminder to all: I 'X' out places that I read they have frequented or continue to frequent.  It's easy enough to find out what time they happen to sneeze on the Internet.  I do not intend to perpetuate the gossip, truth or not.  If they are out somewhere as a couple and the pictures that were taken were CLEARLY not pictures they were keen on being a part of, then I won't tell where I read that they went or show any pictures I see.

They are a couple and are allowed to go out and .. be.

I was going to cut/paste some blurbles from articles but really all it is is gawkers commenting on how they behave as a couple. Creeps me the hell out so I'm not going to comment except that .. people if you see 2 people together fine, but talking to rag mags about it and sharing information just is uncool. I need some hand sanitizer.

Tsk tsk tsk
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