Nov 27, 2011

Rob Pattinson being blamed for seizures and seriousness?

Oh silly paparazzi you and your brazen lack of respect never cease to amaze moi!

Robert Pattinson Spotted Very Serious At London Apartment Again Other Day

Very serious, huh? I saw the picture. I'm not sure what they expect? I mean these "photographers" are camping out at his apartment waiting for a glimpse of him. Do they expect him to come out waving, smiling and welcoming the vermin? I think not people. And not to mention - he's just WALKING out of his apartment. Last I checked when I leave my house I'm not doing a dance and grinning from ear to ear.

Blurb from Article:
Sources speculate that Rob may have been ticked off at the swarming paparazzi,who were waiting outside for him to leave. Robert Pattinson spotted very serious at London apartment again other day. Here’s a new shot of Twilight Saga,Edward Cullen star Robert Pattinson,spotted out and about again at his London,England abode this past Friday afternoon,November 25th,and I must say, we’ve seen him in a happier mood. He looked very serious in his casual attire as he exited the apartment,which he shares with his superstar girlfriend Kristen Stewart.
Sources speculate that Rob may have been ticked off at the swarming paparazzi,who were waiting outside for him to leave.

Ya think that it may bother him a little that outside his place are paps swimming around like sharks waiting for him to leave just so they can take a bite? It would drive me insane and I'd probably pull a Sean Penn and punch one of them in the mouth. He shows great restraint.


Robert Pattinson's newest 'Twilight' movie allegedly causing seizures

You have GOT to be kidding me. First and foremost let me say that I do realize that certain bursts of lights at specific speeds can cause people who are epileptic to have seizures. Usually it's some kind of strobe effect that you see in haunted houses or things to that effect. But what I'm reading is that people who do not have any diagnosis of epilepsy are experiencing seizures. I suppose that anything is possible but I really find this hard to believe. The birth scene is not that choppy with a blinking strobe light. It's a special effect - which are done in many movies.  If a scene did cause someone to have a seizure I truly am sorry but let's  not go overboard.

Me thinks that someone is looking for a lawsuit ? But hey, I'm cynical and bitchy so I could be totally wrong. But this newest claim literally made me laugh out loud.
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