Nov 29, 2011

Robert Pattinson | The digs never stop comin'

Let's just jump right in with a headline, shall we?
Did Rob Pattinson break-up with Kristen Stewart right before the BD premier?

Me thinks me smell something foul

Blurb from article:

Reports My Twilight Spy: “Just two days after the couple was inducted into Hollywood’s legendary Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Robert – who’d been having second thoughts about their relationship – hit Kristen with the news that he’s ending it. They kept on smiling at the Los Angeles premiere, but Robert was an emotional wreck – and so was Kristen, who never saw the breakup coming. Explaining his reasoning, Rob told Kristen he adores her, but feels that their romance blossomed only because they’d been thrown together as on-screen lovers for nearly four years. Rob felt it was time to explore other relationships and move on.”

Even though Kristen’s devastated, the source added, she knows they’ve got to put on happy faces to promote “Breaking Dawn” – and the sequel next year.

First and foremost, let's just say that this quote is from the National Enquirer, enough said right? 
But just to beat the dead horse - a week after the premier the paparazzi were clicking pictures of Kristen and Rob going into their alleged apartment together.  So in my opinion this is just more fluff to paint Rob (this time) as some evil villain.  I'm sure Kristen's turn is next. 


This headline was able to annoy me and make me laugh at the same time.. I think I pulled something.

Rob Pattinson has fungus feet and Kristen Stewart has grubby nails?

Dear God - are we back on this topic?  How Rob smells like dirty ass?  How he never bathes.  Blah Blah Blah.. and now we are dragging Kristen into it?  She has "grubby nails."  

Blurb from article:

One stylist claims Rob Pattinson has fungus feet!
 "His toenails are curled up and yellow," the insider told Star.
(Me-Yes, I'm sure he has troll nails and a curling into his skin.. last I checked he wasn't 90 years old.)

What about Kristen Stewart? She has grubby nails, according to another source.
 "Very few people in the industry want to work with her, because she doesn't want to look good."
 (Me-GIVE ME A BREAK. Are you people insane!! She is not lacking for work people, now you people just sound dumb)

Fans are no stranger to witnessing Rob and Kristen lacking a glamorous image while in the public eye. Stewart glams up for magazines, but Pattinson if often pictured scruffy and not necessarily concerned about his physcial appearance. Having fungus feet and grubby nails are kind of gross, even for this A-list couple. Are the two rebelling against their own stardom?

Are they rebelling?  Does anyone really believe this 'source.' 
Oy vey.. They dress down when they are out and about, like most normal people.  The fact that some celebs for example, Kim Kardashian wears 10 inch Jimmy Choo shoes and full on make up every time she steps out doors is NOT the norm.  In my opinion it's weird as hell.  I have nothing against Kim Kardashian but come on, she's like a live wax figure.  Rob and Kristen look like the rest of us. As a matter of fact, all I wear is Vans myself.  Comfort, yet stylish without having to have bleeding feet!
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