Dec 29, 2011

Rob Pattinson || Bearded byebye - beer belly? -

The crap er gossip um information never stops!

R-Patz Sad To Leave Family Holiday In Londontown
Robert Pattinson and his beard leave London after the holidays

A big bye bye to Rob leaving London apparently. And from what this headline says, his beard went with him. I'm surprised at that, I thought maybe the beard would stay a bit longer and visit.. snobby beard.

Yes, it appears to me that Rob is going back to LA which is where he lives now. As are most people that went visiting family. They are now going back home. This is not shocking nor earth shattering. Well, except the pictures they took of Rob packing up his car. More tacky bull. And by the way - how do they know he was sad?? In the sneaky pictures - there were no tears.

And of course this blurb:
Fortunately for us, YES you DO have to come back!
After a nice, relaxing holiday with family in London, R-Patz packed up his schtuff, including his precious guitar, and said a teary goodbye to his parents.

After clearly doing nothing much, except for growing a big, bushy beard, Rob packed his things into a cab as his parents (not pictured) were seen waving him off while wearing their bathrobes.
Must have felt nice to get away from work AND the paps and spend a calm vacay in his hometown.
We sure did you miss you though, R-Patz. We'll be waiting not so patiently for your return!

"Must have felt nice to get away from work AND the paps.." The paps?? They were right there - taking his freakin' picture! Ugh..


Robert Pattinson Hiding a 'Beer Belly'? Say It Ain't So!

Oh God.. first his smells, now his fat?

Robert Pattinson is supposedly getting a little chubby. The Twilight actor is said to have been sneaking some of his favorite snacks and drinking a lot of beer in the last few months.

However, despite claims that he is "getting fat" the actor still looks pretty good! Has he taken to hiding his beer belly as STAR magazine is suggesting?

"By the last week of the shoot, Rob had gained so much that they had to keep making the beach scenes darker and darker so you couldn't see his beer belly," said the Star source.

No way! Gossip Cop is once again debunking this crazy rumor started by STAR. Robert Pattinson isn't getting fat, so no worries to all of his legions of fans out there!

Even if he did gain a little weight, can you blame him? He's been working hard and making the most of his time off might be a good thing for Rob!

Yeah, I'm sure they had to make the scenes darker and darker because Rob's belly is now grazing around his knees. Star magazine.. morons. A guy, drinking beer and eating snacks? Now THAT is unheard of - I think someone should stage and intervention!


See Robert Pattinson's Christmas Eve Pub Night With Pals

Robert Pattinson was able to spend his holiday break at home in London with friends and family. On Saturday, he linked up with some old pals for an evening at a pub! He was seen chatting with friends, including one brunette girl, while drinking a couple beers at the XXXXXX. He stayed out until past midnight, but apparently still spent Christmas Sunday morning with his parents Clare and Richard. Robert left his childhood home this morning, though, already looking toward his next fun night coming up on New Year's Eve.

First of all, yes there are tons of sneaky pictures taken of him at the bar. You know, I've been on set with some famous people and it never would even occur to me to sneakily take out my iphone and take their picture. I'd feel slime ooze out of my pours.. yet these people have no problem with it.
And why mention he is out with pals - then say "including a brunette girl." Is there some dictionary definition I am unaware of that the word 'pal' excludes brown haired women? Or women in general? Let's see..

pal   [pal] Show IPA noun, verb, palled, pal·ling. Informal .
1.a very close, intimate friend; comrade; chum.

Nope, I don't see anything. Ahhh so the goal of pointing out that there was a browned haired girl there was to cause angst. Silly me - I thought maybe I'd learn something new about the word 'pal.'

Until next time.....

Really fun movie to watch!

Dec 26, 2011

Robert Pattinson || Boyfriends and sightings and smelly butts!

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday whatever it is that you celebrate!

Now back to bidnezzz!

Ok so some of the headlines that have surfaced and piqued my interest...
Robert Pattinson: Christmas In London Without Kristen Stewart?

Odd isn't it? Once says one thing and the other - completely the opposite.
The one that says Rob was in London had this people tweeting things like this:
Jamie Hearne wrote, “In the same pub as R Patz, how he is a heartthrob I’ll never know #overrated #craplad #hashtag.”
Also backing up the info was Paddy Hughes, who wrote, “In the pub, Robert Pattinson is here & Lorraine Pascal. Made sure Lorraine knows wot cheese cake is & how 2 improve stories (Harry Hill).”

NONE of that makes sense to me but the first one screams of jealousy. Why on earth would you write something like that if you weren't screaming inside with jealousy? But who know if Rob was even there - I mean from reading the online ragmags you can't tell where they are - and know what, it's a big fat none of our business!


Robert Pattinson doesn't actually smell like butts

Wow, what a headline. Nothing like class with the emphasis on the last 3 letters. When will this story finally croak. Anyone really think he goes to set, any set, smelling like a dirty old man? Come the freak' on people.


Robert Pattinson Put In The Running For Best Famous Boyfriend 2011 Contest

Best boyfriend? Ok, even though it's pretty clear they are a couple - neither one has ever admitted to it, right? But that's beside the point - how on earth would we know, or anyone outside of his circle know what kind of a boyfriend he is??? Really?

Robert Pattinson put in the running for Best Famous Boyfriend 2011 contest. Well, it looks like Hollywood Life is throwing another,fun contest called “Best Boyfriend of 2011,” and Twilight Saga main guy Robert Pattinson is currently one of the frontrunners. However, he’s up against some stiff competition. The winner will be decided by the people in a huge vote off.

Rob’s competition includes: Justin Bieber, Liam Hemsworth,Justin Timberlake, Brad Pit,Justin Theroux, Ryan Gosling,Nick Jonas,George Clooney,and Ryan Reynolds. You guys can vote for who you want to win, by clicking the Hollywood Life link at the beginning of this article.
In related news, Rob recently showed some good boyfriend actions by buying Kristen Stewart not one,not two,but a whopping XX Christmas gifts the other day. I’m sure she had a blast opening them today. Kristen is also up for best girlfriend this year.

This whole article makes me giggle. We have no clue what Rob, or any of those guys for that matter are like as BOYFRIENDS or human beings for that matter. We only know what they play in movies and what the say during interviews. So it seems to me that Rob is winning because they are voting on "Edward" being the best boyfriend of 2011. Not to diss Rob - I'm sure he's a lovely boyfriend and whatnot but to voting on who is the best, is it just me that finds that incredibly dumb?

Until next time....

Going to see Mission Impossible tonight - will let you know how it is!

Dec 24, 2011

Rob Pattinson || Christmas - nothing is sacred!

Oh how tacky! Grrrr

Headlines like this:
What Xmas gift did Robert Pattinson buy for girlfriend Kristen Stewart?
News: Robert Pattinson's Christmas Shopping Spree
Robert Pattinson goes Christmas shopping for Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson Antiquing at XXXX,  Meets XXXX the XXXXX


He can't even shop without it being spewed amongst the rag mags. Seriously what he buys.. gifts, clothes, FOOD should be off limits. Whether or not what he recently bought is a.) what he actually purchased and b.) really for Kristen or for himself is no ones business.

I will post a blurb (obviously X'ing out the items because it's so tacky it make me skin get goose bumps)

Robert Pattinson was seen at XXXX, a XXXXXXXXX store in XXXX on Wednesday with a friend, Christmas shopping for his girlfriend, Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. A source told “Rob stayed for a little over an hour picking out Christmas gifts for his girlfriend Kristen Stewart. Rob’s been at XXXXX before, he seems to get a real kick out of all the unique items. He kept asking his friend, ‘Do you think Kristen would like this?’ He ended up getting XXXXXXXXXX.

This amazes me. Someone was creeping around writing down everything he bought INCLUDING THE PRICE! Seriously?? Imagine if you will, that Kristen happened upon this article - and it actually is presents for her - well wouldn't that just suck the big dong. Talk about a spoiler for your own gifts cuz some yahoo moron can't keep his/her mouth shut! Shocker - Rob buys presents for Christmas for his girlfriend! I'm going to go out on a limb here - but I but he buys gifts for his friends and family too!

I know, hard to believe.. gag

oh and this was the picture from one of the articles.  Now, this is funny

 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in a still from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part I.

That was the caption under the picture. Anyone see this movie? Yeah.. see this "still" any place in the movie? No. Why? Because it's SO clearly a photoshopped picture. The fact that this online rag-mag is claiming this is a 'still' from the movie should be beaten with a wet noodle.  (Doesn't even look real.. idiots)

Until next time I will leave you with this tid-bit of advice..

Best coffee!

Dec 22, 2011

Robert Pattinson || NYE - Nikki - Neckin'

Hello.. Hola...Bonjour...Hallo...Hyvää päivää....Ciao

A way to say hello to all the people that come visit me!

Just a reminder for those of you that are first time readers :
If you see XXXX, that means that the article included detailed information about where Rob or Kristen are going or where they were seen, something to that effect.  I will not publish any of that. Whether or not it's true isn't the point.  On the off chance that one of their locations IS true, I will never reveal that kind of information.
Also, I will never print photos that were clearly sneakily taken.  And furthermore..


Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart Reportedly Hittin Up A XXXXX Hotel For New Year’s Eve

Ah, so they are doing something outrageous - going to party at a hotel for New Years Eve..?

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart reportedly hittin up a XXXXXX for New Year’s Eve. That’s right. According to a new report from Hollywood Life,our favorite Twilight Saga mega stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have completed making their New Year’s eve plans,and they will be, to just hit up Rob’s favorite XXX in XXXXXXXXX called the XXXXXXXXXX.

Their source told them that Rob and Kristen will “have a five course dinner inside the hotel at the Courtyard Brasserie with five other friends,” along with a swing band playing that night at the restaurant. It sounds lovely,I guess.
(Me = you guess? Who cares what you guess cuz you ain't invited)

This is definitely a big switch of plans as they’ve been,spotted hanging out at the Isle of Wight in London the past two years,so maybe it will be refreshing.
(Me = refreshing for who? The nosey readers? Who cares, they are doing something different and...?)


This makes me grin-ish.. also makes me roll my eyes into the back of my head until I can see my brain.
Oh Snap! R-Patz Cheated On K-Stew With Nikki Reed!?! Vampire Drama! Vampire Drama!

First of all ... Oh Snap? Who says that anymore?

We remember Nikki Reed admitting the fact that "not all Twilight stars are best friends…" and now we may see why!

According to an insider, Robert Pattinson cheated on Kristen Stewart with Nikki!


The source claims:
[Nikki and Kristen] can’t stand each other,. They don’t even talk anymore. Kristen has never forgiven Nikkie for the fling she had with [her boyfriend Robert Pattinson]. Kristen never confronted Rob about the affair, she just put the blame on Nikki and accused her of pursuing him.
Nikki’s the most down-to-earth actress you’ll ever meet. Kristen acts like she can’t be bothered with fame, yet she lives for all the press about her and Rob. Nikki is very vocal about Kris not being appreciative of her success. Nikki is not one to censor herself to avoid confrontation, and Kristen does not like that.
(Me=Kristen lives for the press?  You could be living under a rock and still know that's not true.  She is super awkward around press and interviews etc.  Why oh why would anyone do that ON PURPOSE?  I'm sure she loves having paparazzi trying to catch her going to the ladies rooms etc.  C'mon .. gag.)

Mmhmm, innneresting…

Welp! Regardless of whether or not Nikki is a better person, we're not cool with cheating…unless he's making sweet, sweet love to us, LOL!
(Me = ha ha ha .. not)
But really, do U think this is true?? Star seems to think it is!

First of all Perez Hilton irks me.. I don't know why maybe I just have read enough of his $hit but just posting private stuff and them making off the cuff remarks that are obviously made to be funny (although often I'm not laughing) - in my book isn't cool.  But then again, I'm not going to sell out just to get a million hits!


This next headline I came across was a bit... random.
‘Glee’ Star Naya Rivera Would Rather Date Justin Bieber Than Robert Pattinson

and that's my thoughts on that....

Until next time ..

(great movie)

Dec 19, 2011

Rob Pattinson | Bedmates and battles and begging, OH MY!

I'm not sure why I can still be amazed after this being my 3rd year for the blog (?)  -  but I can!  I guess that makes me sane because if I ever read this stuff and said "Oh, that's not too bad," it would be time for me to retire!!

Well well well .. if it were up to the rag mags, they would be leading us to believe that Rob is a swindler!
Why oh why you ask? Because of headlines like this:
Robert Pattinson Spotted In Bed With Another Woman - New Pic

At first my thought process swirls around how someone got close enough to get a picture of him in bed with ANYONE.. then I think further and mentally slap myself because this is the picture that goes along with the title:

I suppose you could say he is in bed with another woman (Christina Ricci) FROM THE MOVIE BEL AMI... stupid headline.
But you want to know the worst part???
This is a blurb from the article:
Rob has bedded a bevy of beauties in his brief film career, which of his leading ladies do you think is sexiest?
Robert Pattinson is one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men and, as such, gets to spend almost all his time onscreen with some very sexy ladies. From girlfriend Kristen Stewart in the Twilight films to Uma Thurman in the upcoming Bel Ami and current leading lady Sarah Gadon on the set of Cosmopolis, Rob always seems to find himself in the company of gorgeous gals!
Take a look at Rob’s ladies in the gallery above and let us know, who do you think is sexiest?

My GOD I hate the way that's worded!  "bedded a bevy of beauties," really?  Reese Witherspoon (who has won an oscar), Kristen Stewart, Uma Thurman.. yeah just beauties right?  I'm not a super PC crazy person or anything like that - but Jezzuz that statement makes my toes curl.  I believe these actresses deserve a little more respect than that statement.  But please! Don't let me interrupt VOTING on who is the sexiest!!


Ok to the next headline:
Robert Pattinson Pleads With Kristen Stewart: Don't Leave Me, Please!

Oy.. he cheats, he doesn't cheat.... she cheats, she's too busy.. he's too busy.. no wait! Now Rob's....

This one didn't make me want to vomit it just made me twitch a little..
Robert Pattinson has reportedly sunk to begging Kristen Stewart not to leave him. According to reports, Kristen is ready to kick Robert to the curb over his "innocent" dinner date with Sarah Roemer. Should Pattinson stoop so low as to have to be Ms. Stewart, and frankly, should Kristen really be so jealous of Robert?

Of course, the tabloids are all reporting that Kristen Stewart is royally ticked-off at Robert for even going out to dinner with a sexy female friend. She is so mad at him that Robert Pattinson is resorting to groveling.

The typical tabloid "unnamed friend close to the couple" says that Rob is clearly in panic mode!

Rob's in a total panic at the thought of losing Kristen. He's desperate to keep her and is virtually groveling on bent knee. The truth is that Rob adores Kristen.

Wow, over react much, Robert? Assuming that this is true, or at least partially true, Robert Pattinson needs to suck it up and figure it out with Kristen Stewart. If she is the jealous type, he should have figured this out long ago. Then again, Pattinson put himself in this situation by going on a date/dinner/whatever he calls it with a hot girl!

Good thing these people that write this B.S. aren't on jury trials because damn Rob's accused, convicted and then made fun of for doing the 'alleged' groveling (i.e. "Wow, over react much, Robert?") !  (Not just me is it, you feel the twitch too right??)   All I can do is sigh (and twitch) at this overly ridiculous, makes no sense article.
sigh.. twitch.. sigh .. twitch..


Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Fighting Over Where to Live?

This time is was the National Enquirer claiming that the two are on the brink of a break-up because they cannot decide where to buy a new lovenest. 
It seems believable that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart would quarrel a bit over where to live, but rumor has it that they are looking to buy a home in Los Angeles and in London. Rob has said that he has adapted to life in LA now and since both of them spend the majority of their spare time in California, it seems as though that's the logical place to purchase a new abode.

Can I ask a question?  Any couples out there that read my blog or whomever.. anyone live in a "lovenest?"  Or better yet, anyone KNOW what a "lovenest" is??  Because all I can picture is big bird from Sesame Street.  Why does all the tabloids refer to their houses, apartments or flats as "lovenests?"  It really just sounds ludicrous.
I very much doubt they are fighting over anything.  I think that they have plenty of cash to have places to live in both LA and London if they so choose to do so.

And for my friends out there that don't know who big bird from Sesame Street is...

See the big nest he's sitting in - that's the picture in my mind that comes up!

Of course I did find this picture too..

I wonder if they meant this?

Dec 16, 2011

Rob Pattinson | Holidays apart. No, wait, together..? Jealousy to get even.

As the hype around Breaking Dawn Part I dies down a bit there is some grasping at straws for stories.

I just wrote about how the 2 of them will be not be "spending the holidays together"
Of course, all that based on the articles I read.. yet now here are some

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Together for the Holidays

Now I'm confused. I can't make my funny and ridiculous commentary with the fabrications that these rag mags come up with if they are contradicting each other in the same week!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be spending the holidays together. It's uncertain whether Christmas will be spent in L.A. with Kristen's family or in London with Rob's, but the fact that they'll be together no doubt makes these Twilight stars very happy.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Kristen returned to L.A. and met up with Rob after filming of Snow White and the Huntsman finally wrapped up this week. And even though the two haven't finalized their holiday plans, they are definitely enjoying being together again.

"They will be together for the holidays and they are happily together in LA and relaxing away from the limelight," a source says of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

"They will be spending some time with Kristen's family for the holiday, but not necessarily Christmas," this same source reveals.

That sort of makes it sound like they'll spend time with Kristen's family now and head to Robert Pattinson's family's home for Christmas--doesn't it? Of course they might leave Rob's family right after Christmas to be home in time for New Years at Kristen's family's.

Regardless of their plans, Rob and Kristen will spend the holidays together, and that quite likely is one of the best Christmas gifts each can give to the other. 
(Dear God that last sentence made me gag)

So if we break this all down - what this "source" is saying is they are both in LA - they MAY spend Christmas with Kristen's family... but they still may spend it with Rob's family.. although they could be spending time with Kristen's family for New Years....

Good job "source," you just told us in so many words that you have NO idea what they are doing.
In other words



Kristen Stewart Gains Revenge For Robert Pattinson's Night Out With Sarah Roemer?

Yes, because when I think of Kristen Stewart I picture a jealous, vengful bitch... really people?

Kristen Stewart has been getting her own back on Robert Pattinson for enjoying a night out with actress Sarah Roemer by openly cosying up to musician Marcus Foster, according to reports.

Rob was seen leaving a Los Angeles bar and entering a car with Roemer recently, which has - In Touch reports - led to Kristen seeking a bit of revenge.

A source is quoted as saying: "Rob doesn’t like how close Kristen is with Marcus. Rob asked her to stop calling him so much, but she refuses.

"Rob and Marcus are good friends, and Kristen is playing off of that to make Rob jealous.

"She likes having someone to make Rob jealous and remind him that other guys find her attractive."
(Me = Does anyone believe this horse$hit?)

This comes despite other reports suggesting the glamour couple are set to tie the knot in a ceremony on the Isle of Wight.

Very sneaky how they stuck that last line in there, huh?  Wedding? Really? Yep, and she's also pregnant with triplets - see the bulge in her belly?

Dec 13, 2011

Robert Pattinson | Dating, dying, drama

'Tis the season!  For what?  Well among many things, embellishment is a big one!

Have you ever played the telephone game?

Someone says something and then each person whispers it to the the end of the line the message is totally skewed.  Tabloids remind me of that game......... often.

Been reading some headlines (obviously) and here is a few that are odd.
Best and; Worst of 2011: Robert Pattinson’s tea-pouring hands

At first I thought - what the hell is a tea pouring hand??

His hands have apparently been a source of Twi-Hard obsession for some time now. Those losers have devoted pages and pages of online genital rubbing to what they consider the sexiness of his hands.
Vanity Fair’s April 2011 issue. With Robert Pattinson on the cover, you know, in his poet’s shirt and a hipster hat, just, like, hanging out with his favourite alligator over his shoulders, held there like an Hermes scarf by his delicate tea-pouring hands. Which is when I introduced the description:

Robert Pattinson’s tea-pouring hands.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to read that clearly riveting issue so I have no idea if this is a quote from the article or just the fans making up a label for his hands.  My comments are limited because - well it's just odd.

My best guess is that they are referring to his super long fingers.  I'm not one to notice things like that but when I read somewhere about it, I made a point to look.  And his fingers are in fact REALLY long - reminds me a bit of Arsenio Hall (dating myself a bit).


Robert Pattinson: Kristen Stewart Looked ‘Disturbing’ In ‘Breaking Dawn’

“It’s definitely very strange considering we did most of the movie where she gets looking progressively worse and worse,” Rob says in movie’s newly released official illustrated companion. “It was actually quite moving to see her look as haggard and destroyed as she did. It’s incredibly disturbing, even on the set.”

We could only imagine! From her protruding bones to extremely pale skin, it wasn’t pretty. What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Was Bella’s dying look disturbing? Vote and weigh in below.

Ok, so you are going to vote to see if Bella's death look was disturbing.. and by the way this is the picture of her..

Um.. YES of course it's disturbing! She looks like shit! (Which if you've seen the movie, it's even worse.. the make up designers deserve an A+)  What is the point of this article?

Ahh, I know, we need to show how romantic Rob is for commenting that it's upsetting to see his girlfriend look like she's about to keel over and croak!

I wonder if the crazy more obsessed fans realize that he is a normal human being?  I once saw him do an interview where he told the girl what he did the night before... and that included trimming his toenails.  Yummy!

Dec 10, 2011


Hey everyone - wondering if you think I should do an overhaul on this page?

So please either leave a comment!

Keep it the same
Or something brand new!


Dec 8, 2011

Rob Pattinson | (and Kristen Stewart) big bucks at the box

Ah yes the ever bank-able star.  Which I'm sure the stars are grateful for. Why you ask? Because then the get offered projects that are really really juicy and meaty. That's what it would mean for me. From my perspective as a struggling older actress, and by older I mean not in my 20's anymore - I would love to get to that point. I don't want the fame that goes along with it - but wow, what I wouldn't give to get some projects under my belt that would give me the opportunity to do some really good material.
I keep hoping.  Maybe someday I'll reveal to you all who I am (not that it would make a big deal unless of course I turned out to be Rob himself, which I assure you - I am not.).

But here are some of the headlines:

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson are sure things at box office
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Make Bank On Forbes List
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson top Forbes' most bankable list

As you know, I don't know either of them personally.
But, ironically Kristen and I share a common bond to Australia. Her mom is Australian and my husband is from Australia. Being around an Aussie (pronounced AuZZie folks) is a most calming thing. From what I've learned being married to an Aussie for 11 years is that they are very laid back.  Take things in stride and that could be how Kristen got her laid back attitude. Which is why I don't think she would give a rats ass about how "bankable" she is. As long as she gets to do projects that she connects with and mean something to her.  As an actor that is finding gold!  Right now, I do indie films - any chance I get. They are some of the best written and creative things ever done because they don't have to worry about the box office battle.
So it's wonderful that they are bankable because then they get to see and do things that they might not have gotten the opportunity to do otherwise.

And when I'm in a movie with either of them, I'll ask they what they think.

...or not. ;)


Robert Pattinson’s Night Out With Sarah Roemer: ‘No Hanky Panky’

(hanky panky - stupid phrase)

"Rob Pattinson and his friends were having a business meeting," and the blonde woman was actress Sarah Roemer. "[Rob] sat next to one of the men and the other man and young lady sat across from them." He can't even hold a business meeting without being confronted with rumors!

Whether or not it was a business meeting, who knows. But at least this is more realistic than the other articles. I mean if he wanted to go on a date, I think he could find ways of doing it without being photographed and followed. Gut tells me that he's not going to cheat on Kristen or anyone else so overtly.

So basically... I TOLD YOU SO.

Dec 5, 2011

Robert Pattinson | A Cheetah !

Yes sort of a play on words really .. wink wink nudge nudge..

The Internet which is wonderful and can be horrible all in the same breath. Word travels as fast as a .. (wait for it..) CHEETAH!

Ok ok I'm done. But the Internet is smoking hot with these headlines:

Robert Pattinson Leaves Bar With Mystery New Girl-Lady
Rob Pattinson has a late night in LA with a new lady
Robert Pattinson Parties With Friends Without Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson a cheat?????  (Me=get it Cheetah, I make myself laugh it's ok)
Robert Pattinson Spotted Leaving Bar With Sarah Roemer

So what I THINK they are trying to imply and I could be way off base here but I think they are saying Rob is cheating on Kristen?  Am I right or reading to much into this?

Some of the blurbs:

Is Robert Pattinson cheating on Kristen Stewart? Paparazzi caught the Breaking Dawn hunk leaving a bar on Saturday night with a mystery woman, who was later identified as actress Sarah Roemer.

Last night Robert Pattinson went to the Los Angeles bar La Poubelle (French for "dirty cheater") and hung out with actress Sarah Roemer, who once worked with his accidental wife Kristen Stewart on a movie. Suspiciously, Stewart was not with them. Did they canoodle?

Canoodle.. I think that's the main ingredient in a recipe I used once.  At least it's a good thing that the rag mags don't jump to conclusions because the obvious explanation is cheating. I mean it's so easy.  To think that they just went out with a bunch of people to have drinks and get together like friends? That's insane!  No one does stuff like that?  The evidence is there! Rob is getting into a car with a group of people and one is a female! PROOF - CHEATER!

Yes, I'm am joking.  He went out with friends. Big deal.

OH OH WAIT - this was my favorite and by favorite I mean I puked in my mouth a little
Robert Pattinson Shares Car, Maybe Bodily Fluids, With Random Blonde

Doth my eyes deceive me?  Did someone REALLY write that nasty headline?  Why yes, someone did!

Blurb from that article
The Twihard community will no doubt be split down the middle with news that Robert Pattinson left a club with Disturbia actress Sarah Roemer over the weekend – leading many to believe they were off to make some little Renesmees of their own.

Don't you wish that when people were writing $hit like this - the computer would even think that are too stupid and zap the shit out of them?  Or have a special APP on your computer that if you are so dumb as to write something so gross and disrespectful that your computer will slap you somehow.

Sadly that doesn't happen so to the rescue is ... ME.


Robert Pattinson to Taylor Lautner: Stay Away From Kristen Stewart

This headline made me giggle.

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kristen Stewart beamed a megawatt smiel at Taylor Lautner. She made the audience laugh by tossing grapes in his mouth and frequently patted his leg as they sat together. "It's clear that they are best friends, and we love that," wrote a blogger about the Nov. 18 appearance by the cast of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1. But one person did not love it: Kristen's boyfriend and co-star, Robert Pattinson, who erupted backstage.
Rob saved his harshest words for Taylor. "He told him to back off Kristen and find his own girlfriend," says the insider."

False. Do I really need to explain why? (without mentioning the misspelled word)

I didn't think so.

Dec 3, 2011

Rob Pattinson | I love the fiction um.. make believe.. no no ARTICLES ya, that's it!

Oh holy funny.  Some of these make me chuckle.. (some of course make me want to puke..)

Want a Taste of Robert Pattinson, Ladies?

My first thought was, Oh God what edible underwear with his face on it have they come up with now?

Another Headline:
“Twilight” Hunks Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner Get Battered!

Hrmm.. I think and then I see...

These are the blurbs from the articles that go with this picture.
Have you ever wanted to pour butter and syrup all over Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner … or Robert Pattinson AND Taylor Lautner, at the same time?
(Me: *shiver* eww.. I'm sure they love reading that about themselves)


If you've ever wanted to take a bite out of Robert Pattison, now's your chance. One very creative 25-year-old artist in Chicago, Katherine Kalnes, uses pancakes to render the faces of celebrities and her creations are delicious on so many levels. Kalnes explained that she uses spray batter to achieve the head outline, then layers on bits of the pancake to get that 3-D look. Each face takes about eight hours to make and she's been honing her skills over the last two months.

Clearly her hard work has paid off because these flapjacks are flipping awesome. They bring a whole new meaning to hotcakes. I just want to drizzle syrup all over Taylor Lautner and eat his face off. Er, something like that.
(Me= Anyone else creeped out by that last sentence?)


How Much Will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's Former Love Nest Sell For?
Then there are oodles of pictures of this beautiful house. Which I must say, I'd love to purchase alas I don't have millions to spare. My millions are all tied up in .. well my head.
But why the "love nest" bull$hit? Since when do we call all there apartments of places they live "love nests?" I find that - icky.


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Won't be Together for Christmas
(insert music - DUN DUN DUUUUN!)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won't be spending Christmas together -- they'll be in different countries during the holiday. So is this a sign of trouble?

No, it's a sign of other possible commitments. Go figure?

Last but not least!

Rob Pattinson Asks Kristen Stewart If She ‘Can Kegel’ On TV

Ok that peaked my interest. I have 2 children so I am all too familiar with what kegel exercises are.
It was on the Ellen show. She did a HILARIOUS skit with the cast.

Ok now at the very end of the video during the fake credits Rob is reading the play on word books "What to expect when you are expecting a demon baby."  He obviously opened to the page that talks about doing Kegel exercises and just simply said it to Kristen.  It wasn't a big revelation and serious discussion asking her if she does them people!  (Nonetheless funny as hell)