Dec 29, 2011

Rob Pattinson || Bearded byebye - beer belly? -

The crap er gossip um information never stops!

R-Patz Sad To Leave Family Holiday In Londontown
Robert Pattinson and his beard leave London after the holidays

A big bye bye to Rob leaving London apparently. And from what this headline says, his beard went with him. I'm surprised at that, I thought maybe the beard would stay a bit longer and visit.. snobby beard.

Yes, it appears to me that Rob is going back to LA which is where he lives now. As are most people that went visiting family. They are now going back home. This is not shocking nor earth shattering. Well, except the pictures they took of Rob packing up his car. More tacky bull. And by the way - how do they know he was sad?? In the sneaky pictures - there were no tears.

And of course this blurb:
Fortunately for us, YES you DO have to come back!
After a nice, relaxing holiday with family in London, R-Patz packed up his schtuff, including his precious guitar, and said a teary goodbye to his parents.

After clearly doing nothing much, except for growing a big, bushy beard, Rob packed his things into a cab as his parents (not pictured) were seen waving him off while wearing their bathrobes.
Must have felt nice to get away from work AND the paps and spend a calm vacay in his hometown.
We sure did you miss you though, R-Patz. We'll be waiting not so patiently for your return!

"Must have felt nice to get away from work AND the paps.." The paps?? They were right there - taking his freakin' picture! Ugh..


Robert Pattinson Hiding a 'Beer Belly'? Say It Ain't So!

Oh God.. first his smells, now his fat?

Robert Pattinson is supposedly getting a little chubby. The Twilight actor is said to have been sneaking some of his favorite snacks and drinking a lot of beer in the last few months.

However, despite claims that he is "getting fat" the actor still looks pretty good! Has he taken to hiding his beer belly as STAR magazine is suggesting?

"By the last week of the shoot, Rob had gained so much that they had to keep making the beach scenes darker and darker so you couldn't see his beer belly," said the Star source.

No way! Gossip Cop is once again debunking this crazy rumor started by STAR. Robert Pattinson isn't getting fat, so no worries to all of his legions of fans out there!

Even if he did gain a little weight, can you blame him? He's been working hard and making the most of his time off might be a good thing for Rob!

Yeah, I'm sure they had to make the scenes darker and darker because Rob's belly is now grazing around his knees. Star magazine.. morons. A guy, drinking beer and eating snacks? Now THAT is unheard of - I think someone should stage and intervention!


See Robert Pattinson's Christmas Eve Pub Night With Pals

Robert Pattinson was able to spend his holiday break at home in London with friends and family. On Saturday, he linked up with some old pals for an evening at a pub! He was seen chatting with friends, including one brunette girl, while drinking a couple beers at the XXXXXX. He stayed out until past midnight, but apparently still spent Christmas Sunday morning with his parents Clare and Richard. Robert left his childhood home this morning, though, already looking toward his next fun night coming up on New Year's Eve.

First of all, yes there are tons of sneaky pictures taken of him at the bar. You know, I've been on set with some famous people and it never would even occur to me to sneakily take out my iphone and take their picture. I'd feel slime ooze out of my pours.. yet these people have no problem with it.
And why mention he is out with pals - then say "including a brunette girl." Is there some dictionary definition I am unaware of that the word 'pal' excludes brown haired women? Or women in general? Let's see..

pal   [pal] Show IPA noun, verb, palled, pal·ling. Informal .
1.a very close, intimate friend; comrade; chum.

Nope, I don't see anything. Ahhh so the goal of pointing out that there was a browned haired girl there was to cause angst. Silly me - I thought maybe I'd learn something new about the word 'pal.'

Until next time.....

Really fun movie to watch!
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