Dec 19, 2011

Rob Pattinson | Bedmates and battles and begging, OH MY!

I'm not sure why I can still be amazed after this being my 3rd year for the blog (?)  -  but I can!  I guess that makes me sane because if I ever read this stuff and said "Oh, that's not too bad," it would be time for me to retire!!

Well well well .. if it were up to the rag mags, they would be leading us to believe that Rob is a swindler!
Why oh why you ask? Because of headlines like this:
Robert Pattinson Spotted In Bed With Another Woman - New Pic

At first my thought process swirls around how someone got close enough to get a picture of him in bed with ANYONE.. then I think further and mentally slap myself because this is the picture that goes along with the title:

I suppose you could say he is in bed with another woman (Christina Ricci) FROM THE MOVIE BEL AMI... stupid headline.
But you want to know the worst part???
This is a blurb from the article:
Rob has bedded a bevy of beauties in his brief film career, which of his leading ladies do you think is sexiest?
Robert Pattinson is one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men and, as such, gets to spend almost all his time onscreen with some very sexy ladies. From girlfriend Kristen Stewart in the Twilight films to Uma Thurman in the upcoming Bel Ami and current leading lady Sarah Gadon on the set of Cosmopolis, Rob always seems to find himself in the company of gorgeous gals!
Take a look at Rob’s ladies in the gallery above and let us know, who do you think is sexiest?

My GOD I hate the way that's worded!  "bedded a bevy of beauties," really?  Reese Witherspoon (who has won an oscar), Kristen Stewart, Uma Thurman.. yeah just beauties right?  I'm not a super PC crazy person or anything like that - but Jezzuz that statement makes my toes curl.  I believe these actresses deserve a little more respect than that statement.  But please! Don't let me interrupt VOTING on who is the sexiest!!


Ok to the next headline:
Robert Pattinson Pleads With Kristen Stewart: Don't Leave Me, Please!

Oy.. he cheats, he doesn't cheat.... she cheats, she's too busy.. he's too busy.. no wait! Now Rob's....

This one didn't make me want to vomit it just made me twitch a little..
Robert Pattinson has reportedly sunk to begging Kristen Stewart not to leave him. According to reports, Kristen is ready to kick Robert to the curb over his "innocent" dinner date with Sarah Roemer. Should Pattinson stoop so low as to have to be Ms. Stewart, and frankly, should Kristen really be so jealous of Robert?

Of course, the tabloids are all reporting that Kristen Stewart is royally ticked-off at Robert for even going out to dinner with a sexy female friend. She is so mad at him that Robert Pattinson is resorting to groveling.

The typical tabloid "unnamed friend close to the couple" says that Rob is clearly in panic mode!

Rob's in a total panic at the thought of losing Kristen. He's desperate to keep her and is virtually groveling on bent knee. The truth is that Rob adores Kristen.

Wow, over react much, Robert? Assuming that this is true, or at least partially true, Robert Pattinson needs to suck it up and figure it out with Kristen Stewart. If she is the jealous type, he should have figured this out long ago. Then again, Pattinson put himself in this situation by going on a date/dinner/whatever he calls it with a hot girl!

Good thing these people that write this B.S. aren't on jury trials because damn Rob's accused, convicted and then made fun of for doing the 'alleged' groveling (i.e. "Wow, over react much, Robert?") !  (Not just me is it, you feel the twitch too right??)   All I can do is sigh (and twitch) at this overly ridiculous, makes no sense article.
sigh.. twitch.. sigh .. twitch..


Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Fighting Over Where to Live?

This time is was the National Enquirer claiming that the two are on the brink of a break-up because they cannot decide where to buy a new lovenest. 
It seems believable that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart would quarrel a bit over where to live, but rumor has it that they are looking to buy a home in Los Angeles and in London. Rob has said that he has adapted to life in LA now and since both of them spend the majority of their spare time in California, it seems as though that's the logical place to purchase a new abode.

Can I ask a question?  Any couples out there that read my blog or whomever.. anyone live in a "lovenest?"  Or better yet, anyone KNOW what a "lovenest" is??  Because all I can picture is big bird from Sesame Street.  Why does all the tabloids refer to their houses, apartments or flats as "lovenests?"  It really just sounds ludicrous.
I very much doubt they are fighting over anything.  I think that they have plenty of cash to have places to live in both LA and London if they so choose to do so.

And for my friends out there that don't know who big bird from Sesame Street is...

See the big nest he's sitting in - that's the picture in my mind that comes up!

Of course I did find this picture too..

I wonder if they meant this?
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