Dec 3, 2011

Rob Pattinson | I love the fiction um.. make believe.. no no ARTICLES ya, that's it!

Oh holy funny.  Some of these make me chuckle.. (some of course make me want to puke..)

Want a Taste of Robert Pattinson, Ladies?

My first thought was, Oh God what edible underwear with his face on it have they come up with now?

Another Headline:
“Twilight” Hunks Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner Get Battered!

Hrmm.. I think and then I see...

These are the blurbs from the articles that go with this picture.
Have you ever wanted to pour butter and syrup all over Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner … or Robert Pattinson AND Taylor Lautner, at the same time?
(Me: *shiver* eww.. I'm sure they love reading that about themselves)


If you've ever wanted to take a bite out of Robert Pattison, now's your chance. One very creative 25-year-old artist in Chicago, Katherine Kalnes, uses pancakes to render the faces of celebrities and her creations are delicious on so many levels. Kalnes explained that she uses spray batter to achieve the head outline, then layers on bits of the pancake to get that 3-D look. Each face takes about eight hours to make and she's been honing her skills over the last two months.

Clearly her hard work has paid off because these flapjacks are flipping awesome. They bring a whole new meaning to hotcakes. I just want to drizzle syrup all over Taylor Lautner and eat his face off. Er, something like that.
(Me= Anyone else creeped out by that last sentence?)


How Much Will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's Former Love Nest Sell For?
Then there are oodles of pictures of this beautiful house. Which I must say, I'd love to purchase alas I don't have millions to spare. My millions are all tied up in .. well my head.
But why the "love nest" bull$hit? Since when do we call all there apartments of places they live "love nests?" I find that - icky.


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Won't be Together for Christmas
(insert music - DUN DUN DUUUUN!)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won't be spending Christmas together -- they'll be in different countries during the holiday. So is this a sign of trouble?

No, it's a sign of other possible commitments. Go figure?

Last but not least!

Rob Pattinson Asks Kristen Stewart If She ‘Can Kegel’ On TV

Ok that peaked my interest. I have 2 children so I am all too familiar with what kegel exercises are.
It was on the Ellen show. She did a HILARIOUS skit with the cast.

Ok now at the very end of the video during the fake credits Rob is reading the play on word books "What to expect when you are expecting a demon baby."  He obviously opened to the page that talks about doing Kegel exercises and just simply said it to Kristen.  It wasn't a big revelation and serious discussion asking her if she does them people!  (Nonetheless funny as hell)
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