Dec 26, 2011

Robert Pattinson || Boyfriends and sightings and smelly butts!

Well I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday whatever it is that you celebrate!

Now back to bidnezzz!

Ok so some of the headlines that have surfaced and piqued my interest...
Robert Pattinson: Christmas In London Without Kristen Stewart?

Odd isn't it? Once says one thing and the other - completely the opposite.
The one that says Rob was in London had this people tweeting things like this:
Jamie Hearne wrote, “In the same pub as R Patz, how he is a heartthrob I’ll never know #overrated #craplad #hashtag.”
Also backing up the info was Paddy Hughes, who wrote, “In the pub, Robert Pattinson is here & Lorraine Pascal. Made sure Lorraine knows wot cheese cake is & how 2 improve stories (Harry Hill).”

NONE of that makes sense to me but the first one screams of jealousy. Why on earth would you write something like that if you weren't screaming inside with jealousy? But who know if Rob was even there - I mean from reading the online ragmags you can't tell where they are - and know what, it's a big fat none of our business!


Robert Pattinson doesn't actually smell like butts

Wow, what a headline. Nothing like class with the emphasis on the last 3 letters. When will this story finally croak. Anyone really think he goes to set, any set, smelling like a dirty old man? Come the freak' on people.


Robert Pattinson Put In The Running For Best Famous Boyfriend 2011 Contest

Best boyfriend? Ok, even though it's pretty clear they are a couple - neither one has ever admitted to it, right? But that's beside the point - how on earth would we know, or anyone outside of his circle know what kind of a boyfriend he is??? Really?

Robert Pattinson put in the running for Best Famous Boyfriend 2011 contest. Well, it looks like Hollywood Life is throwing another,fun contest called “Best Boyfriend of 2011,” and Twilight Saga main guy Robert Pattinson is currently one of the frontrunners. However, he’s up against some stiff competition. The winner will be decided by the people in a huge vote off.

Rob’s competition includes: Justin Bieber, Liam Hemsworth,Justin Timberlake, Brad Pit,Justin Theroux, Ryan Gosling,Nick Jonas,George Clooney,and Ryan Reynolds. You guys can vote for who you want to win, by clicking the Hollywood Life link at the beginning of this article.
In related news, Rob recently showed some good boyfriend actions by buying Kristen Stewart not one,not two,but a whopping XX Christmas gifts the other day. I’m sure she had a blast opening them today. Kristen is also up for best girlfriend this year.

This whole article makes me giggle. We have no clue what Rob, or any of those guys for that matter are like as BOYFRIENDS or human beings for that matter. We only know what they play in movies and what the say during interviews. So it seems to me that Rob is winning because they are voting on "Edward" being the best boyfriend of 2011. Not to diss Rob - I'm sure he's a lovely boyfriend and whatnot but to voting on who is the best, is it just me that finds that incredibly dumb?

Until next time....

Going to see Mission Impossible tonight - will let you know how it is!
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