Dec 5, 2011

Robert Pattinson | A Cheetah !

Yes sort of a play on words really .. wink wink nudge nudge..

The Internet which is wonderful and can be horrible all in the same breath. Word travels as fast as a .. (wait for it..) CHEETAH!

Ok ok I'm done. But the Internet is smoking hot with these headlines:

Robert Pattinson Leaves Bar With Mystery New Girl-Lady
Rob Pattinson has a late night in LA with a new lady
Robert Pattinson Parties With Friends Without Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson a cheat?????  (Me=get it Cheetah, I make myself laugh it's ok)
Robert Pattinson Spotted Leaving Bar With Sarah Roemer

So what I THINK they are trying to imply and I could be way off base here but I think they are saying Rob is cheating on Kristen?  Am I right or reading to much into this?

Some of the blurbs:

Is Robert Pattinson cheating on Kristen Stewart? Paparazzi caught the Breaking Dawn hunk leaving a bar on Saturday night with a mystery woman, who was later identified as actress Sarah Roemer.

Last night Robert Pattinson went to the Los Angeles bar La Poubelle (French for "dirty cheater") and hung out with actress Sarah Roemer, who once worked with his accidental wife Kristen Stewart on a movie. Suspiciously, Stewart was not with them. Did they canoodle?

Canoodle.. I think that's the main ingredient in a recipe I used once.  At least it's a good thing that the rag mags don't jump to conclusions because the obvious explanation is cheating. I mean it's so easy.  To think that they just went out with a bunch of people to have drinks and get together like friends? That's insane!  No one does stuff like that?  The evidence is there! Rob is getting into a car with a group of people and one is a female! PROOF - CHEATER!

Yes, I'm am joking.  He went out with friends. Big deal.

OH OH WAIT - this was my favorite and by favorite I mean I puked in my mouth a little
Robert Pattinson Shares Car, Maybe Bodily Fluids, With Random Blonde

Doth my eyes deceive me?  Did someone REALLY write that nasty headline?  Why yes, someone did!

Blurb from that article
The Twihard community will no doubt be split down the middle with news that Robert Pattinson left a club with Disturbia actress Sarah Roemer over the weekend – leading many to believe they were off to make some little Renesmees of their own.

Don't you wish that when people were writing $hit like this - the computer would even think that are too stupid and zap the shit out of them?  Or have a special APP on your computer that if you are so dumb as to write something so gross and disrespectful that your computer will slap you somehow.

Sadly that doesn't happen so to the rescue is ... ME.


Robert Pattinson to Taylor Lautner: Stay Away From Kristen Stewart

This headline made me giggle.

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kristen Stewart beamed a megawatt smiel at Taylor Lautner. She made the audience laugh by tossing grapes in his mouth and frequently patted his leg as they sat together. "It's clear that they are best friends, and we love that," wrote a blogger about the Nov. 18 appearance by the cast of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1. But one person did not love it: Kristen's boyfriend and co-star, Robert Pattinson, who erupted backstage.
Rob saved his harshest words for Taylor. "He told him to back off Kristen and find his own girlfriend," says the insider."

False. Do I really need to explain why? (without mentioning the misspelled word)

I didn't think so.
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