Sep 18, 2012

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Aug 25, 2012

Rob Pattinson and the drama that never ends

Boy oh boy this story is old but still hot.  I must say I am sad for the both of them.  Especially Kristen. I know that sounds weird but if some of these reports are true she is obviously sorry for her mistake and is suffering horribly.  Let me emphasis that I don't AGREE with what she did - I'm just saying I am sad for her pain.  I'm also sad for Rob's too. He must feel betrayed and just disgusted.  Whole thing is a mess.

Like I said before, I believe in 2nd chances so I hope that they work it out.

Some headlines to chat about....

Headline (P. Hilton):
Kristen Stewart Admitted Her 'Out Of Control' Love Before Cheating On Robert Pattinson

Blurb from article:
Kristen Stewart felt so full of life before the news hit of her affair with married director Rupert Sanders. She was out of that shell and thrilled with her career. You could even see it on her face on the red carpets.

The only thing missing was something 'crazy.' She even told Elle magazine, "I feel like, 'Why is everything so easy for me?' I can't wait for something crazy to f–king happen to me. Just life. I want someone to f*ck me over!" But be careful what you wish for, KStew! Cuz we HIGHLY doubt she was welcoming something as crazy as the scandal whirlwind that hit her after she cheated on Robert Pattinson.

I remember reading that quote and thinking what an odd thing to say but she's 22 and wanting drama is part of being in your 20's.  It's not until you're older when you realize drama = bad.  And I'm certain (as Perez said) she meant for something this horrible to happen.  Who would want this hot mess?


Is Kristen Stewart Trying To Send Robert Pattinson A Message?

I don’t speak Vampire so you guys are gonna have to help me out on this one. We can’t help but notice that Kristen Stewart might be playing mind games with Robert Pattinson. When Kristen finally emerged from hiding earlier this week, she was spotted wearing Robert’s backpack and Baltimore Orioles baseball cap. 
File photos show Robert wearing his hat and backpack (check out the blue streamers on the right strap). So, is Kristen trying to send Rob a message that she misses him? Or does she just happen to like wearing his hat and backpack?

Take a look at our photo gallery and let us know what you think. Wouldn’t it be easier if she just picked up the phone and gave him a call rather than send him these secret little messages via the media? Hmm… Breaking up is the hardest thing, though, especially when the whole world knows about what you did.

Well if you've read here before you know I don't repost paparazzi pictures because those people that take those pictures disgust me and I think they are vermin.  Sending him messages? Maybe but obviously she's CALLED him.  I don't think she's trying to be secretive and simply wear his clothes or items so he suddenly says "Oh my God ! She's wearing my hate! I love her! I need her back!"   Right?  She's hurting so she's wearing stuff of his to feel better.  End o'story.  I'm sure he's hurting too. 

Aug 18, 2012

Rob Pattinson .. and on and on...

Whoa.. this is a crazy time isn't it?  Some people screaming "publicity stunt" but after seeing Rob on the Jon Stewart show ... my thoughts say no.  But again, what do I know about the Hollywood publicity machine.

I'm an actress - haven't quite made it to Rob status but wow - if that's the things they ask of you.. bleck!

Ok first headline:
Robert Pattinson Parties Like There Ain't No KStew Tomorrow!

Of course there's rumors of him cheating there MUST be rumors of him partying like a rockstar! 

Blurb from article:
(P. Hilton)

From lovesick puppy to party animal! It sounds like Robert Pattinson has made a full recovery from his shattered heart! Last night, R-Patz spent Thursday night pAArtying it up with his pal Bobby Long at the trendy NYC bar, The Cabin Down Below, forgetting allll about Kristen Stewart.
A witness to Rob's night out tweeted: "Rob Pattinson was chill tonight at #Art after party & in a baseball cap & very nice. It's like Kristin Who? Does not exist. (sic). 'He had a mini entourage, stood in a corner for an hour, knocked back a shot with a friend of mine & was just chillaxin." 
This is music to our Rob-lovin ears! Robsten is over — but life will go on. Hopefully, it won't be long before KStew is back to her old self too!

It irks me that someone has to tweet about it. You know? Showing off or whatever.. just let him be without announcing every time he farts!


Kristen Stewart Is Taking It Hard After Cheating On Robert Pattinson

Duh.... of course she is.. that doesn't take a secret freakin source to know that!  She f$cked up - of course she's taking it hard.


Kristen Stewart is still depressed! With promotion for Breaking Dawn — Part 2 right around the corner, Kristen is growing more nervous to show her face in public for the very first time since her affair with Rupert Sanders erupted. 
“She has been sulking and moping and it will for sure be harder for her to get back out there in the limelight then what we have seen with Robert, who obviously has been seen snapping back into it and facing the media and being seen out. [Kristen] isn’t enjoying the ridicule at all, she is taking it hard and doesn’t look forward to her first few media appearances,” a source with Summit Entertainment tells EXCLUSIVELY.
Again.. the "source" appears  .. this is not rocket science people.  Ever go through a break up? Well then yeah you know it S U C K S and hurts badly. (I secretly hope he will forgive her)


Another topic going around the web - Robs Friends Don't Want Him To Take Her Back!
Well is this true? Who the heck knows?  It's silly to even speculate.  Rob and Kristen were together for 3 years.. logic says that they became friends with each others friends so I'm sure they don't want to stone her to death.  But again.. 'source' - 'friends say' to me just means "made up some BS and labeled it a source."

Aug 10, 2012

Robert Pattinson - The saga goes on..

It hasn't been a great couple of weeks for Rob news has it?  It's just been this stream of .. well, sadness people are feeling about this cheating scandal.  Unfortunately, it's being played out in the media and of course Kristen is being vilified.  Not surprising that that is happening but does she deserve it?

I don't condone cheating at all - but I do know that people get caught up and make mistakes.  I don't believe the "once a cheat always a cheat" crap.  Yes, it does apply to some but not all people.  And since it is out there so much I'm going to comment.

I think that if they've been together for 3 years, and really have a strong bond that they can come back from this stronger.  Some counseling to work through the anger that I'm sure Rob is feeling and the guilt she is feeling. (This is all based on my assumption mind you.)  IF in fact this was a one time mistake, that doesn't mean the relationship has to end.  It means it needs fixing - and if they want it fixed it can be done. She is 22 years old and made a dumb mistake, which most people do make mistakes.

Ok onto headlines:
Robert Pattinson Continues To Be The Sweetest Guy, Ever

Article (P. Hilton):

All while Kristen Stewart deals with her cheating scandal guilt and drowns in hate mail from angry fans, Team R-Patz is showering Robert Pattinson with gifts and love! Reportedly, fans of the Twilight star have been sending him everything from roses and chocolates, to heartfelt letters and marriage proposals!

A source claims that although Robert is “incredibly touched” by the love of Twi-hards, he’s once again, winning over our hearts with a good deed! The source revealed: “His kind-heart has got the better of him, and in a selfless act he decided to send all the gifts he received to local hospitals and senior citizens’ homes. Robert didn’t feel like he deserved any of the presents and didn’t want them going to waste. So, he decided to redirect them to places he felt warranted receiving such gifts.” 

AW!!! First, it was reported he’s too good of a guy to seek revenge on Kristen and now THIS super sweet gesture?! Be still, our beating, Edward-loving hearts!!! We sure wouldn’t mind something regifted from R-Patz, LOLz!

If this "source" ... (and you all know how I feel about the 'source' B.S.) is actually true than that is a very sweet gesture.  But the bottom line is - don't send celebrities gifts.  ESPECIALLY FOOD.  Do you really think they will eat them? Nope.. in the 

Think before you send peeps!


Did Robert Pattinson Cheat on Kristen Stewart with Multiple Women?

Here we go.... now we have to find a way to be mad at him too.  Because of course he must have done SOMETHING since she did, right?

Blurb from article:
According to the "Hollywood insider," RPattz has hooked up with around 14 women (!) since he and KStew became an item. As Jezebel points out, Rob "has been linked with a number of women during his three-year relationship with Stewart." (Jezebel also grouses that, despite the rumors, RPattz has never been slut-shamed, but that might be because there's also no photographic evidence of him getting it on with any of his alleged side pieces.) The tipster mostly name-checks the ladies from those rumors, such as Nikki Reed, who Rob was seeing before he and Kristen started dating. But Nikki's not the only costar RPattz has allegedly boned: The tipster claims he had a three-way with Remember Mecostar Emilie de Ravin and Camilla Belle, and he's allegedly had an ongoing "affair with Ashley [Greene] for several years, with them supposedly hooking up most recently again during the Breaking Dawn 1 international promo tour." (Ashley did compare herself to Angelina Jolie in an interview last year ...) According to Jezebel's source, KStew and Ashley have a hilariously bitchy high school-esque catfight going on, with Kristen "telling her to stay away from Rob or she would tell the media about Ashley's little venereal problem (herpes)."

Ok that just smells of 

Do I really need to say anymore about that?  It is just so RIDICULOUSLY STUPID!

Aug 4, 2012

Rob Pattinson : I'm blue..

Why do I feel so blue about this ? I feel SILLY to say the least that I even care but for some bizarre reason I do care.  Being an actor myself, and witnessing the incredible blase attitude towards commitment and love and relationships etc.. I always hope that one will stick.
I understand that they are only in their 20's and mistakes will happen but it did seem like a real couple that may have a chance to make it. I find myself just seeing all the press and media about it and feeling sad.
I keep hoping it's a big hoax (although I can't see a reason for it even though I swear those pictures are staged - and they do say any publicity is good publicity) but I don't know if it is.

This is a rather harsh headline:
Robert Pattinson bans Kristen Stewart from movie premiere: Favorite people

 Is this really true? I'm sure it's not fully true. I'm sure she wouldn't show up anyway and ruin his premier. I don't know if she needs to be banned - and that is why I doubt it's true that it has gone to that length.

Blurb from article:
-- Stewart not only is not invited to join Pattinson at the Aug. 13 premiere of his latest movie, "Cosmopolis," but she has been banned from attending -- security has been alerted, even -- according to

"The decision was made," a source told the website, "because Robert just doesn't want to see her. There were fears that she could use it as a chance to talk to him in person and that sort of drama is not wanted at the premiere."

 Again, I find it hard to believe that they had to go to those lengths. I don't think she is going to show up and make a scene, do you? She may be a fool for cheating on Rob (which I think that seems to be the general consensus) but she's not going to ruin his movie premier, c'mon.

Another headline (believe it or not?)
Robert Pattinson's Whereabouts Unknown But He's Reportedly Speaking To Kristen Stewart Again

What do you think? You think he's talking to her again?

Aug 1, 2012

Now something REALLY seems OFF!

Ok now I'm not 'in the know' or anything like that - but have you SEEN these pictures from US magazine???

Normally any pictures of Rob & Kristen are all fuzzy like someone is in a bush or hiding behind a forest!  But the pictures in US magazine look like the photographer was standing RIGHT NEXT TO THEM????!!!!

Normally I don't post pictures but look at these and tell me what you think!

That's only a couple of the pictures -
I mean they are clear as a bell - and in other pictures she's almost looking directly at the camera.  You are going to tell me she didn't SEE the paparazzi standing 10 feet away from her??

This looks like a photo session rather than "sneaky pictures."  Something ain't right!

Tell me what you think???????

Jul 28, 2012

Rob Pattinson - Things seem very .. yuck

Trusty readers this truly seems to be a mess. I was HOPING it was false - only because they did seem like a strong couple & so many kids look up to them because of Twilight.  Not that they need to behave like innocent goodie - goodies (clearly they don't do that with the smokin' wink) But it is very sad indeed that this is true.
Seems a little silly if you think about it.  Almost as if she wanted to get caught.  She knows paparazzi follow her every move. Not that I think THAT'S the problem.  The problem is she cheated in the first place.

I know a lot of people are saying poor Rob - the fact is we don't know either of them personally.  Although I'm sure he's a very nice guy and seems to have high morals. I'm not vested in this personally but it does sadden me.  I feel like celebrities live in this alter universe - where common rules don't apply to them.  And Kristen cheating on her boyfriend of 3 years, just sucks. It would suck if it was anyone but this is especially worse because so many followed her and Rob. (Robsten .. hate that name)

Let's look at some headlines:
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart both cried after she admitted to cheating

A source told “Rob has been in contact with Kristen and has already had the awkward first meeting with her in person since the news. Tears have certainly been shed over the whole situation from both. It’s a complete mess right now with them." 

"A source."  There are so many sources it's amazing.  Always a source.  Anyway, of course they must have shed tears.  Doesn't take a fake source to enlighten us with that tid bit of information. Duh!

Robert Pattinson is being supported by Katy Perry

Why do I have a feeling that this is going to lead to another headline (sooner rather than later) saying "Rob and Katy - romance!"  Something like that??

Robert Pattinson To Rupert Sanders: You Owe Me A Man-To-Man!

Yes, I can totally see Rob saying that.....NOT!  This headline is from Perez Hilton.. not surprising really.
Blurb from blog:

.....So while Kristen's distraught from Robert cutting off all contact with her, a source close to Robberz explains his next plan of action: 

"Rob just doesn't know who or what to believe right now. And he'll do whatever it takes to find out the truth. Rob wants to have a man to man chat with Rupert to find out exactly what happened between him and Kristen. Kristen has already betrayed his trust by cheating, so he can't be sure that she will tell him exactly what went on between her and Rupert. Rupert has a wife and a family to save, so Rob feels like he has nothing left to lose and would be honest with him. Rob really was blindsided by this and he's going through the typical stages of being cheated on. He was hurt and heartbroken, then angry and pissed off, and now he just wants answers. He feels like he needs to know exactly what happened, how far it went and how many times, so he can figure out if this is something he can move past. He's not ready to talk with Kristen, it's too painful, so he's going to Rupert." 

Good for you, Rob! We stand behind you 110%! You do whatever you have to do!! As for K-Stew… since Robert's reportedly sick over her public apology, we think it might be best for her to keep her loaded lips on lock until he decides he wants to hear it!

First of all here we go with another "source" - is he really going to Rupert? Who in the heck knows? I mean come on you "sources" (whether or not there is ANY sources I question constantly) keep your traps shut.  Rob was hurt and heartbroken - OF COURSE HE WAS!  Why is this such a revelation for some.

As for telling "K-Stew" (another name which I hate) to "keep her loaded lips on lock until he decides he wants to hear it," give me a break. Like WE have any right to tell them what to do.  Give me a freakin' break. 

Jul 25, 2012

I'm back! - Just in time I see....

Well well well.. I guess the proof everyone has been looking for is out with Kristen's public apology to Rob - stating how much she loves him.

I smell something fishy....

Ok .. I could be TOTALLY wrong here and if I am well that's ok I will admit it freely.  But don't you think this is weird?? The whole things smells of a publicity stunt to me.  I hope so because if it isn't, I have lost a bit of respect for Kristen. (Not that she gives a damn what I think but I'm just sayin').

It just seems weird to me that out of no where there are these photos of them kissing (which I haven't seen yet.. I've only seen that one on the cover

The guy with his arms wrapped around her. I admit it looks suspicious but I don't know - something has me saying hmmmmm.... Kristen doesn't ever say a peep - even after they are obviously together for 3 years and this comes out and she professes her love for him for all the world to see.  Which is fine - but doesn't seem like her personality. Again what do I know.  I hope this whole thing isn't true or is somehow a big misunderstanding.  Why do people cheat......

Jul 20, 2012

Gossip be gone is gone ..

I'm coming back to this one :)

The other one was too much work and I just think this is best.

I'll write more later :) 

Jun 22, 2012

Gossip Be Gone



Just started it come visit - comment - etc!

May 30, 2012

Surprises ahead

Hi there!
I just wanted to let you know that some changes to the website will be happening. That's why I haven't updated recently.

As soon as everything is ironed out.. I will let you all know!

It will be soon!


May 18, 2012

Rob Pattinson: PDA & Nipple licking?

So much to chit chat about!

Ok let's dive in shall we!

Robert Pattinson Proves He Only Has Eyes for Kristen Stewart (VIDEO)

Whenever I see "Video," I know that it is going to be a bit off the mark and of course it is. The video is (for all intense and purposes) an anchor woman explaining what that headline is about.

And then it really went too far ... Toward the end of the shot the photographer instructed the model to lick Rob's nipples! That was the kiss of death -- Rob called cut and went in his dressing room and made a phone call.

 He actually came back to finish the shoot, so no one thought anything of it, but a few days later, the magazine was contacted and told that those raunchy pics needed to find their way to the cutting room floor. Uh-huh! Well, I'd say KStew has reason to be pleased with her man! Okay, so he could have refused to do it altogether or pretended he hated having a gorgeous, half-naked woman all over him. But sorry, ladies, that would be like asking the impossible of any straight guy. Sounds like RPatz did the best he could given the circumstances. He made a point to preempt an upsetting situation for Kristen and protect her from having to see those photos all over newsstands and the web. It's also telling (and reassuring) that he was so nervous and uncomfortable with the whole thing. Surely, that's a sign that he's just that faithful to KStew and wouldn't want her to get upset.

Ok let's break this down.  He is doing a photo shoot which he's done tons of so we know he's used to this and Kristen actually being upset is a bit of a dramatization in my eyes because this is par for the course.  Having tons of people around doesn't give a feeling of sexy. All of this blah blah about Kristen being pissed.. made up, I'm sure.
As for Rob calling CUT when the powers that be asked the girl to lick his chest and/or nipples.. Ummm.. I think that he had every right. Clearly they were going for the shock soft porn shock value but I can see someone being upset with that - now come on!  Good for him. I'd love to know why someone wanted the girl to LICK his nipples.. give me a freakin' break.


South Beach Smoke Offers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart a Healthier Alternative to Traditional Cigarettes

Yes, I'm sure they did this out of the kindness of their hearts and not the fact that they want to promote their product and have 2 of the most famous people in the world using it, hrmm?


And their is a million articles about the PDA that supposedly happened during the after party for Snow White and the Huntsman. Well that's a shocker hmm? I mean they've only been dating for what seems like 3 years now? And I'm sure PDA is holding hands and things of that nature not what we are being led to believe.  They aren't throwing each other down and making out on tables I can assure you that.

May 10, 2012

Robert Pattinson - more silly headlines to report on!

Hi everyone!

Been a while I know - I give myself lashings.

So let's talk stupid Headlines!

Even Robert Pattinson Knows the Twilight Movies Are Crap

Now simply looking at this - you know somewhere, somehow this got twisted into this silly headline.  You all know as well as I do that he thanks his lucky stars that he got this gig because getting Twilight shot him out of the proverbial cannon.

Let's see the blurb from the article:
Robert Pattinson talked recently to French magazine Premiere about his upcoming role in David Cronenberg's movie Cosmopolis. In discussing his current acting work, he also managed to slyly imply that the Twilight movies sucked without outright biting the hand that's made him famous. Well played, RPatz.
(Me = ah I see so he slyly implied - in other words we twisted it completely out of context)

The most direct remark came after being asked about the Cosmopolis trailer, which caused a lot of people to express their surprise that Pattinson can actually act. After Premiere said he was good in the Twilight movies, he replied:

In some scenes maybe… I tried anyway.. I'd like to ask a question to those people who think I just started acting well: What do you think I was doing in Twilight? Do they think it's how I act naturally? No, I had to take decisions as an actor. I find it funny when I read stuff like (He uses a dramatic voice) "Will Cosmopolis finally prove that he can act?" What does that even mean?

So basically he's saying if people had a problem with the movies, it wasn't because of his acting; it's because he was acting out a shitty script in a movie being made for teenagers. Fair enough. While he probably is a much better actor than people have given him credit for, he's still trying to sort it all out:
(Me = Um NO he wasn't saying that at all - he was saying that because people like to trash the Twilight series and think it was just a fluke, they like to criticize all the actors in it because again there are those who think the Twilight movies aren't any good. Therefore saying that Rob couldn't possibly know how to act because it was a bad movie.  And he's is saying what on earth do you think he was doing in the movie. He doesn't act like Edward in real life!)

I'm going through a phase where I'm trying to determine what I can accomplish or not as an actor. It's even more complex when you know you have a past, even though people like David don't pay any attention to it.

A past... That sounds so tawdry. Will he ever be able to live down his turn as a mediocre vampire or will it haunt him for life? 

Seriously? mediocre? Why is it that when someone becomes a sex symbol or are in a teen franchise that they are automatically labeled as crap? Makes zero sense to me.


Was Kristen Stewart Spying On Robert Pattinson's Sex Scene With Christina Ricci!?!

I HIGHLY doubt he was - why would anyone want to witness their partner screwing around with someone else - even if it is acting.

OMG… we would hope not!! LOL!!
While watching Christina Ricci grace The View with her sexy cute presence Wednesday, the following topics REALLY caught our attention…

While it's totally cool if a girlfriend visits her man, we're betting it's super awkward watching him make-out with another woman… NAKED!
So did she??

Christina opens her mouth and says:
She came to visit every once and a while. He had his birthday while we were filming, so she was there.
Yeah, uh huh… we got that part… but did she see you guys rolling around in your naked hotness??? Ricci reveals:
No! It's generally bad manners for your significant other to come on a day when a love scene is happening. It's considered bad manners.

Phew!! That's that!!
We're weren't sure what we'd think if she did go to supervise… ick! That just can't be fun for anyone!!!

Why would anyone ask that question.  Just to $hit stir is what I think. Let's push the envelope and ask about thinks to start rumors. Why even ask Christina about Kristen on the set?? Ah to verify they are together. I wouldn't have answered.  Especially knowing how they don't answer any questions about themselves. But that's just me.


Robert Pattinson: I've Been Overshadowed by 'The Hunger Games' 


When asked about attending this month's Cannes Film Festival, the actor said the reaction to his presence will be muted compared to his last appearance on the La Croisette in 2009. Robert Pattinson to Star in Saddam Hussein Film 
"This year they won't even notice me: 'We don't care, he's not in The Hunger Games!'" he told French Premiere. The 25-year-old also joked about his age. "I'm older," he said. "When I have to go on the makeup chair, I see all those wrinkles that came with time, it's scary." He revealed that he's also put on some weight! "Since I didn't have any clothes when we shot the first movie, I stole some from the movie and I can't fit any them anymore!"

No trash talking, just saying that the Hunger Games is the "it" thing right now. Everyone calm down. 

Apr 30, 2012

Rob Pattinson: More silliness!

Hello everyone - been a little crazed lately. I got a part in an indie film! So that's some good news. :)

Ok enough about me.

Robert Pattinson Spotted Leaving Washington, D.C. Without Kristen Stewart

Rob was in the nation’s capital for barely two days before fans saw him leaving a D.C. airport on April 29 — without Kristen! We were SO looking forward to seeing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s romantic reunion at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner on April 28, but they were complete no-shows. And he’s leaving town without her!

Fans spotted Rob, 25, on a departing flight to Houston, Texas, of all places. “Saw @theirishayk on our flight back to Houston this morning @bobbyboswell & @GeoffCameron were too busy watching Robert Pattinson to notice,” Calen Carr, a major league soccer player for the Houston Dynamo tweeted. 

Hmm — we’ll be on the lookout to see what Rob is up to in the Lone Star state! What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Why did Rob leave Washington, D.C. without Kristen?

Tweeting has become dangerous in some instances don't you think? These people can tell the world where someone is - in and instant. Sigh.. And he's always going somewhere without Kristen - I hate to break it to those people but they aren't attached at the hip. They do have lives of their own. Besides they are headed (from all the other headlines) to Vancouver to do their reshoots. And just FYI - there are tons of pictures flashed in their faces (they are separate) of them each at the airport. Just merely walking or trying to walk. I would love it if they had a camera and just starting flashing at the paparazzi!


The love scenes won't be needing any more work! Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson arrive in Vancouver to re-shoot Breaking Dawn Part 2 scenes 

What does that even mean? The love scenes won't need any work?

They are dating off screen as well as playing husband and wife in the upcoming Twilight Saga movie. So it’s unlikely Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would need to re-shoot any of their love scenes in Breaking Dawn Part 2. (Me = What in the hell does that mean?? They are dating in real life so they don't need to reshoot any love scenes?? That literally makes zero sense. I want to slap someone.)

But the couple were back in Vancouver today, where filming for the flick takes place, to go over some technical work for their highly anticipated motion picture. 

This whole article is sneaky pictures and descriptions of what they are wearing. C'mon people. Are you that desperate to write a story that you babble about not needing to redo love scenes because they are a real life couple (idiotic) - and then just the invasive pictures of them at the airport. Me thinks that thee needs to get a life!

 I'd write more but all there is now is pictures of them in Vancouver - well really at the airport. I feel so badly when I see those pictures - especially for Kristen she looks pissed. Maybe one day she'll pull and Sean Penn and punch one of them in the face!

Apr 23, 2012

Rob Pattinson || Secret Love Hat! and more...

So the past few days there has been this thing called Coachella. I've never heard of it. I don't know if it's because I'm older or because it's a West Coast thing and I'm and East Coaster. Here is the link if you'd like to learn more

Having said that apparently Kristen was there. (I think this blog will be about leave them both alone from now on.) And of course:

There is poor Kristen trying to enjoy this festival and she has her head ducked down with a Baltimore Orioles hat on. And there is picture among picture - same as the headlines of her "wearing" Rob's hat.
Kristen Stewart Wears Rob Pattinson's Hat at Coachella

Blurbs from some:
She tried to blend into the massive crowd at Coachella this weekend, but Kristen Stewart's baseball hat actually gave her away.
The Twilight actress, who turned 22 on April 9, was spotted at the music festival rocking boyfriend Robert Pattinson's signature Baltimore Orioles cap with denim shorts and a ripped gray tank on Saturday.


Kristen was spotted wearing his Baltimore Orioles baseball cap. Awwww. However, later reports confirmed that KStew wasn't just "wandering around the Coachella Music Festival without [her] boyfriend" trying to make herself feel less lonely by wearing his hat. A gimlet-eyed festival goer actually spotted the couple together, and they were packing on some heavy (for them) PDA.
(ME = First of all.."Gimlet-eyed" you know what Gimlet means? Here is it
gim•let   [gim-lit]
1.a small tool for boring holes, consisting of a shaft with a pointed screw at one end and a handle perpendicular to the shaft at the other.
2.a cocktail made with gin or vodka, sweetened lime juice, and sometimes soda water.
verb (used with object) pierce with or as if with a gimlet.
4.Also, gim•blet  [gim-blit] Show IPA. Nautical . to rotate (a suspended anchor) to a desired position.
Stupid word to describe anything. Onward..

"They were kissing and holding hands during Radiohead," the eyewitness revealed, "swaying and singing along to parts [of the songs.]"
(ME = Like ever other attendee in the audience)

Earlier that day, RPattz and KStew were spotted by other concertgoers in the beer garden. Rob's lady-love seemed "happy and relaxed" hanging out with Rob and his friends. She also looked beautiful as always even devoid of make-up, and she sported her signature super casual style in burgundy shorts, a dark grey tank top showing a hint of side bra, and of course, Rob's Orioles cap. According to another eyewitness the couple was "laughing and looking like they were having a fun time."
(ME = Why oh why is it important what she's wearing. If she was wearing a ball gown and 12" heels ok, then mention it.. oy)

So there you have it. The mystery of where in the world is Robert Pattinson has been solved. Of course, that doesn't really explain why he didn't show up with KStew on the first day of the festival. Was he at the mystery photo shoot or...?

Ugh.. doesn't all of it make you gag. They've been together at this point for a while. But yet we are still talking about them like a.) they are in some fairy tale b.) they are newly together and c.) STFU .. Sorry letter c.) was my personal comment.

That's literally all that's out there now that is worth bi*ching about. The rest is just about Rob's upcoming movies, etc. That's all legit but this whole fiasco about her wearing his hat and tons of PDA at the concert is just more..

Apr 17, 2012

Robert Pattinson || Butt wait! Surfer dude? Dare to insult Robsten (I hate that)

Wow if I get any more information on Rob's butt I'm going to start to feel like a stalker! All the articles out there are butt articles from the new clip from Bel Ami.

Headlines like this:
Robert Pattinson Loses His Shirt For EXCLUSIVE 'Bel Ami' Clip
(and that one is tame)

There are a million articles about a scene in the movie where he is wearing loose fitting long underwear and you can see the top of his a$$. Big deal? It's the movie folks. I know they have to make it a big deal because it will help when the movie hits the theatres if tons of girls are wanting to see Rob's bum. It's not that revealing sorry to say. But there are a TON of headlines out there about it, and some trying to trick you saying things like "Rob in bed with Ricci!"
And just that makes me .


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Insulted by Famous Fellow "Vampire" Star?

Hrmm... let's see the blurb

Blurb from article:
As Hollywood Life reports, Kate Beckinsale was not shy in standing on the "anti" side of the franchise, revealing just why she's not such a fan. "[My daughter Lily] read Twilight and was completely obsessed with them. It actually almost ruined Christmas one year because all she wanted to do was be a vampire and she didn't want anything on her Christmas list," the actress admitted.

Ah there it is! She is insulting them right... no, that's not it.. oh wait THERE it .. nope not there either... Oh I found it - it's NO WHERE!! No where in that quote does Kate Beckinsale insult Rob or Kristen. All she is doing is making some remarks about Twilight, as she is talking about her daughter READING the book. WAIT!

Twilight is a series of BOOKS, originally. Just in case people were confused.

Anyway, I know know what else Kate Beckinsale said but no where do I see any insults to Rob and Kristen.




CHINS have become “the new boobs”, with thousands of people forking out cash for a new jawline.

So many plastic surgeons are being asked to get rid of double chins that the procedure could soon become as popular as breast implants.

Image-conscious Brits are signing up in their thousands to lose their James Corden-like jowls.

Instead of looking like the telly comedian, 33, men are opting for a sculpted jaw to rival Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson, 25.

Ahh.. so I see the twist. So I see that jaw lines are the new "boob" (odd but whatever). But no where does it say that thousands are running into plastic surgeons asking to look like Rob. What it seems to me, is that they are asking to have new chins. But you see, writing an article like that would be so what they do is wrap it in a Rob bow and voilà- people are reading.


Robert Pattinson Gearing Up For New Surfing Movie?

Oh boy...

Is Robert Pattinson working on his paddle boarding skills for an upcoming movie venture?

The Twilight actor was spotted paddle boarding in Malibu again, but he’s definitely a far cry from being a master of the waves. He was said to be crashing into the surf time and time again. Poor guy. Is this how he lets off steam?

He was photographed recently wiping out as he worked on his technique with a friend. Earlier this week, it was said that Rob’s girlfriend Kristen Stewart had ordered him to lose ten pounds. He was said to have gained weight after completing filming for Breaking Dawn and she wanted him to take it back off.

Is Rob gearing up to do a movie about surfing and paddle boarding? Would you go see that in the theater? (ME = Does this line make you want to the person who wrote it?

Anyway talk about your misleading headlines! To make a long story short, he was doing that new (or maybe not so new) trendy thing of using a surf board like a flat boat. Standing on it and using an oar to paddle. That's it. That's all he was doing - like on a vacation. And that's lead to the story that maybe he is going to make a movie about surfing?

Apr 12, 2012

Robert Pattinson || More silly sagas to report on!

I'm still considering doing a little talk show on a blogradio station - we shall see!

Ok onward
Robert Pattinson isn’t the perfect man anymore after hearing this news *sniggers*

What the he|| is "sniggers?" Do they mean snickers and is giggle?

Robert Pattinson may have most makings of the dream boyfriend (especially after her arranged Kristen Stewart's surprise birthday party ) but we've some devastating news today — he's dipped down in our estimations as it's revealed he's not as rich as we'd hope.
With our tongues firmly in our cheek, we're sad to say that Robert Pattinson is only number two in The Sunday Times Rich List of wealthiest actors under 30.

The Twilight hottie is worth £40 million and was a hefty £14 million shy of first place which was occupied by fellow film franchise star Daniel Radcliffe.
Although it's not all bad news, firstly RPattz made £8 million in the last year, so there's definitely potential for growth in the near future. *winks*

UGH.. That's so gross. I know this article is just tongue and cheek - but really, revealing how much money he is worth? How much money someone makes? People don't talk like that. Imagine someone came up to you and said "hey, how much money do you make in a year?" You'd want to punch them in the face because if it's too little you feel bad - and if it is too much you sound like you're bragging! Plus, now it just adds to my own pet peeve that actors shouldn't be making that kind of money. I know he's talented - don't get me wrong. And I guess someday if I "make" it (which to me isn't about the money.. but the thing is the more popular you get the better scripts you get - that's what I want) I wouldn't turn it down. But millions of dollars for 3 to 6 months of work? Seems a bit much to me...

I'll shut up now.


Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Spotted 'Holding Hands' At Birthday Party

The private couple held a bash at the XXXXXXXXX last Saturday night (April 7), where they were seen holding hands and putting protective arms around one another.

A source told Hollywood Life that it was actually Rob that had put together Kristen's party.

“Rob planned the whole thing a few weeks ago. He talked to the owners and managers about it and wanted to make sure everyone could get in and out without too much trouble," the insider said.

The Twilight star had even dished out invites to their close pals so that they could be very relaxed for the evening.

“Rob and Kristen seemed so comfortable with each other, holding hands and putting their hands on each other’s backs occasionally. They were making goofy faces for pictures and everyone was just having a great time," a source revealed.

Our invite must have got lost in the post...

Lord. "Putting their hands on each others back occasionally..." Really, have we come down to that? I just don't get it. We know they are a couple. It's obvious. So do you think it's odd that they do things that any couple might do? Ok people - MOVE ON!

(Yep, I "X" out places they go, have been, may go etc.. if you read my blog you already know:).)


Robert Pattinson Cheating on Kristen Stewart with Singer?

I was waiting for this one.. could it be with .... KATY PERRY??

Despite In Touch Weekly's attempt to create drama between Rob and Kristen by putting Katy Perry (of all people) between them, Gossip Cop has confirmed that nothing of any sort ever even happened. Tis the life of being a Hollywood couple—the rumors just never end. Fortunately for Robsten fans, those rumors are also never true.

Think that says it all..

Apr 8, 2012

Rob Pattinson || Eyes for one please - Nice people??

Thank you to all my loyal readers, wish I could get a helper to promote the sites on forums etc. But I guess a lot of "Rob" sites might be pissed at my blog because of the lack of enthusiasm I have for him. I think he's a great actor, and this page is for people that respect his (and Kristen's) privacy. Also the insane things that get written about them. I am the "voice of reason" for lack of a better term.


Robert Pattinson Spotted Turning Down Many Women For Kristen Stewart Other Night

Shocker, right. First of all - for all intents and purposes he is in a (unconfirmed but obvious) relationship with Kristen. Now, while may Hollywood people don't take that serious - maybe he does. But even if he didn't, do you really think he would go off with some random chic in a bar? Maybe normal guys - but as you can see, he has eyes on him and ears on him at all times. That would not be a smart move on his part. And maybe, just maybe, he's a gentleman (like many people say about him) and he is truly faithful to Kristen. Weirder things have happened.

Blurb from article:
Robert Pattinson spotted turning down many women for Kristen Stewart other night. Well,it’s definitely official,Twilight mega hottie Kristen Stewart has Robert Pattinson completely sprung according to this new report from Hollywood Life.

He apparently didn’t give all these beautiful women,that approached him at the club the other night, a second look. Their sources said, he hit up the XXXXXXXX this past Wednesday,April 4th. An eyewitness their,told them, Rob showed up there with “three of his male friends and they pretty much just sat at one of the tables and talked and drank some cocktails.

A lot of different girls came up to Rob throughout the night, and he was always polite and just a complete gentleman. It didn’t matter how gorgeous the girl was, Rob did not have a wondering eye whatsoever!”

I laugh when I read that "did not have a wondering eye whatsoever!"  Like it's impossible to keep your composure and stay faithful.  (Remember - I "X" out all information on where they have been, or where they are going etc.)


Now here is a spin. The article I just wrote about - where Rob simple went out with a few guy friends for drinks.
Look at this Headline:
Robert Pattinson Ditched Kristen Stewart For A Solo Club Outing Other Night

Interesting spin, don't you think? See what I mean.

Robert Pattinson ditched Kristen Stewart for a solo club outing other night. According to a new report from Popsugar in the video (below), Twilight mega star Robert Pattinson finally pried himself away from his main squeeze Kristen Stewart for at least one night to go clubbing with some guy friends this past Wednesday night,April 4th. He looked pretty busy on his cell phone as he was photographed leaving the joint to get into his chauffeured ride.

Of course he looked busy. I saw those photos. Someone was just standing in front of him holding the button down and taking a million pictures of him so I'm sure he wanted to feign business. He was probably talking to someone to keep his sanity whilst going BLIND from



Robert Pattinson Tongues The Hell Out Of Another Chick In New ‘Bel Ami’ Movie Clip

Ok, I saw the clip and I saw no tongues. He makes out with her - big deal. He may "tongue" someone in the movie but I haven't seen the movie - but as for the exaggeration. Huge surprise there!

Oh and ...


Apr 1, 2012

Check out the poll to your right!

Ok check out the poll to your right - I need thoughts before I go ahead and think about this!

Thank you!

Mar 28, 2012

Rob Pattinson - Kate Perry, Kate Perry and oh, Kate Perry

Hello! Back again!

Ok so fun stuff to chat about as usual.  There is no lack of ridiculousness out there.

There are 15 bazillion articles like this one
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Attend Katy Perry Show

It seems to be very interesting that they are there. There are so many articles about it. Here are some random blurbs:
Holy smokes! On- and off-screen loves Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted in an L.A. back alley Monday night, puffing on a few cigarettes with friends. Par for the course, right? Well, reports indicate that the "Twilight" twosome were taking a break from...the set of Katy Perry's upcoming movie "Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D"!

 An eyewitness told Celebuzz, “They hung with a group back near the bar, and flew under the radar for the most part. They looked like they were having fun. I saw them laughing a lot.” Another concert attendee added, “I saw them XXXXXXXX. Kristen was XXXXXX, singing along at times. It was cute XXXXXXXX! They XXXXXX to the backstage part.” (Me = It annoys the piss out of me that people think that what they are doing is almost sneaky.  They are behaving like 2 people that are in a relationship.  Not really out there at all. Although I'm sure it would be nice if people wouldn't be all sneaky and write where they saw them and what they were doing!  I'm X'ing out what seems to me to be more intrusive comments)

After a weekend filled with dates, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted out and about in Hollywood AGAIN — this time attending a rare club gig by superstar Katy Perry! And HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE details about what happened. Rob, 25, and K-Stew, 21, were spotted by several eagle-eyed fans at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on March 26, watching Katy, 27, perform at the low-key venue. Twitter user b.plata wrote, “Saw Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at the bar”. She also said the pair was dressed in baseball caps, trying to be low-key and acting very normal. “They were near the bar the whole night and were with friends having a great time. They all had a few beers,” an insider tells exclusively. “They were just having a good fun time with friends, including Raising Hope star Shannon Woodward.”
(Me = What they are doing by going to the bar and hanging with friends and the CLOTHING they were wearing (stupid to even mention) is probably what every other person there was doing.. shocker!)

I think that's enough, no?


Kristen Stewart And Rob Pattinson Don't Really Want To Live Forever, Caught Smoking In An Alley! 

Caught? No, not caught.. stalked and a picture was taken of them (and others by the way) smoking. Do I think it's a good idea to smoke, no.  But they are young - I did it when I was young, I'm sure at some point they will realize that the dangers are very real blah blah.. (the Mom in me talking)  Point is, they weren't caught doing anything. It was just people being sneaky.


Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Should Be Cast In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ 

Fifty Shades is the story of billionaire Christian Grey and recent college grad Anastasia Steele who fall in love despite Christian wanting Ana to be his “submissive” in a Bondage-Discipline/Dominant-Submissive/Sado-Masochistic relationship. However, the erotic novel originally began as an adult, alternate universe Twilight fan fiction, with Edward as the billionaire and Bella as the virginal Anastasia. But the names were changed when it was published. And although Fifty Shades is devoid of vampires and werewolves, fans of both will recognize the similarities between the two stories — including Christian’s adopted family and Anastasia’s best male friend Jose. Since Robert doesn’t have any work lined up yet, and everyone is dying to see more steamy sex scenes between him and K-Stew, these two should definitely think about these roles.

Yeah, this is perfect for them... NOT!  Are you kidding me? Who on earth thinks that this would be a good idea for them to do. They are already trying to prove that they can break out of the Edward and Bella pigeon hole roles - but by all means - tell them to do another film that is similar!  Oy.. Plus this seems a bit out there to me anyway. S&M .. really?

Mar 25, 2012

Rob Pattinson | A sex symbol ? Oh wait no, he needs to get ugly..

Hi everyone..

Too much talk about the Hunger Games to update.

Jumping right in..
Robert Pattinson Is 'a Sex Symbol:' Should Kristen Stewart Worry?

Is he a sex symbol? Of course he is! Duh! Doing Edward has made him become an instant sex symbol - whether or not he was before.

Robert Pattinson is definitely one of the hottest guys in Hollywood, so much so that some of his colleagues have noticed. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe recently talked about his Twilight competition but he had nothing but great things to say—in fact, he praised Rob on his good looks and charming ways.

"He's a sex symbol. He's sexy and just needs to do his brooding look for girls to fall. He has the perfect height to seduce girls, I'm the total opposite," said Radcliffe. Of course Rob is famously dating his Twilight co-star, Kristen Stewart, but based on what Radcliffe has said... she needs to watch out! All joking aside, Rob seems like a faithful guy and he and Kristen are just so in love. The girls might fall for Robert Pattinson, but he only has eyes for Kristen.

So many of these quotes make me want to gag. "..only has eyes for Kristen.." Give me a break. Will he always be a sex symbol? Who knows? But does Kristen need to worry, umm have you seen her? She's not the ugly duckling of the pair. She's just as hot as he is. (I can't believe I'm even talking about this - but just because he is handsome doesn't mean she needs to worry.)


Nothing like jumping from thing then doing a total opposite piece.

Why Robert Pattinson Has to Get Ugly — How Will Kristen Stewart React?

Rob "has to" get ugly? What?

Robert Pattinson is considered one of the most attractive men in the world. His statically handsome face and his cinematic success are inextricably intertwined. That seemingly innocuous fact has led some critics to call RPattz a one trick pony. That is, an actor who can only play romantic leading man roles. Sometimes those characters are noble like Twilight Saga's Edward Cullen. Sometimes, they're cads like the abusive gigolo, Georges Duroy in the eagerly awaited Bel Ami. Either way Rob is still handsome. And according to Hollywood casting director Doron Ofir, that's not good. If Pattinson wants to be taken seriously as an actor, he must get literally ugly in his next film.
(Me=Really? Someone has to be UGLY to be considered a good actor? WTF is that all about? Oh my $#@%$## - that's so stupid! There are tons of good looking people out there that CAN'T act whatsoever.. and less attractive people that act beautifully. One has nothing to do with the other)

According to Ofir, Robert Pattinson must choose his next film role carefully. Not only must it be completely different from everything he's ever done, he must look completely different in it. Just as the preternaturally beautiful Charlize Theron gained 30 pounds and wore prosthetic facial features to play "serial killer" Aileen Wuornos in Monster, Robert should "uglify" himself in his next film. Ugh. On the other hand, Theron won the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of the fat, ugly, doomed Wuornos. So maybe Rob should start experimenting with heavy make-up and chowing down on Häagen-Dazs.

"Rob made an excellent choice when he decided to work with David Cronenberg in Cosmopolis," says Ofir. "[But] although he gets down and dirty in the film by going crazy and having lots of sex, he is still playing the part of a heart-throb. It's a role that females would love to see him in. If I were managing Rob, I would find a really gritty role for him—a role that makes it difficult for us to watch him. He needs that 'Oh my God' role! There is something really compelling about seeing someone you love become someone you are afraid of or disgusted by. It's the Charlize Theron example of when she starred in Monster. She was able to prove to the world that she was much more than a pretty face. This is what I mean when I say Rob has to dirty himself up."

Well there you have it. The best actors are, of course, those who can play against type. And as long as Robert Pattinson looks like the RPattz his fans have come to lust after—er—love, playing against type will be difficult unless he follows Ofir's advice. Oh well, looks like Rob should start blacking out his front teeth and chowing down on pizza and Häagen-Dazs.

Note: Kristen Stewart was reportedly upset about Rob's unkempt eyebrows. What will she say about an RPattz who's fat and snaggle-toothed? Yikes.

Stay tuned.

Really? Really! First of all Charlize was fabulous in monster - she played a character who happened to be unattractive. Had that women been attractive and Charlize just looked the way she looked, it would have been just as good. She didn't do well BECAUSE she got ugly for bloody sake. And as for Kristen and unkempt eyebrows.. well if that's true I have to agree..I'm not a fan of eyebrows that are all over the place. I think it looks better male/female doesn't matter - if you eyebrows are nicely quaffed!

(i.e. not a good look, see?)

Mar 9, 2012

Rob Pattinson || secret squirrel engagment in grumpy clothes?

Hey Everyone!

I'm so sorry it's been so long - stuff happening personally. You know .. life!

Ok so onward to some stories!

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart To Get Engaged In Paris?!

Oy.. What WILL the rag mags do when the Twilight Series is over?

So they have never admitted that they are a couple (although unless you live under a rock it's pretty obvious .. an also none of our bidness..) you think they got secretly engaged? C'mon. I don't know these 2 personally but my gut (which has been right more often than not when talking about these 2) says ummm.. no. No secret engagement.

With both Rob and Kristen in the city of love, Paris, HollywoodLife's Bonnie Fuller believes that now would be the right time for 25 year-old Rob to get down on one knee and propose to the woman that he so clearly loves.
What do you think? Should Rob and Kristen get married?

What do I think? Who gives a $hit what I think? They certainly don't. It's such a silly question don't you think? ... I wonder.. you think the pregnancy rumors will start again soon??


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Spotted Hand-in-Hand in Paris


Umm.. hasn't everyone already deemed them a couple, for the last few YEARS. So holding hands shouldn't be a big shocker, right?


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are the moodiest people to ever get on a plane

Trust me - I dont' have to read the article to know that's false!
But this little quote bugged me..

Not even a week gallivanting around Paris with her hunky boyfriend can slap a smile on Kristen Stewart's face. She and Robert Pattinson were seen at Roissy airport looking as if someone had just kicked their cat. If they have a cat. They probably don't. They're too grumpy to own a cat.
(ME=What in the hell does that mean? Who ever said they were grumpy? You mean because they don't want to smile for 15thousand dinks trying to take their picture as they simply walk through the airport so that "photographer" can try and make a buck??)

They were both wearing their official grumpy clothes: sunglasses, jeans and trainers.
(ME=SUNGLASSES.. JEANS AND TRAINERS! HOLY $HIT!! You mean they were wearing what 99% of the population wears?? HOW DARE THEY! (That just deserves a dope slap - stupid comment)

They'll be reunited to promote the last film in the Twilight saga though, Breaking Dawn part 2, which is out on 16 November this year. Maybe they'll smile then? They can have half a year to practice.
(ME=I'm sure Kristen would LOOOOOVE to smile after people like you write all this dribble where you are trying to be funny but ...

(For those of you that DONT' get it .. from an old TV show called Get Smart he says "Missed it by that much."


Robert Pattinson is Too Serious About Acting

That's an odd thing to say, no? TOO serious? Lemme tell ya something .. if you aren't at least a little serious about your profession.. you will fail.

Robert Pattinson always appears so serious and somber. Apparently, that serious demeanor is not reserved for the vile paparazzi that constantly hounds the actor. According to his Bel Ami costar, Uma Thurman, he is always that serious.

In a recent interview with Stylist, Uma talks about Rob and says, "He's very serious. He did a huge amount of rehearsals in his own time." The man is set on proving he is more than just a teen dream.

Uma appears to understand where he is coming from, "I think that's what you do when you're a young actor, when you take your work very seriously and want to take it to the next level." "Don't get too upset about it, because, before you know it, Twilight will just be an old film that made you lucky enough to get another job."

She is right. Twilight will fade away in the next couple of years, and Rob will have Bel Ami and Cosmopolis to prove his acting talents. Teen flicks are great ways to make some money and land more serious jobs. He will hopefully take her advice and realize fans, and fame are fickle and fleeting. He should enjoy it all while he can.

I agree with the Twilight hype will fade. Teens will move onto another, younger star. It's just what happens in Hollywood. But because Twilight and it's fans are such a unique entity, I think that they may attach on to Rob (as Edward) and Kristen (as Bella) for a long time. Simply because those fans don't want they series (movies) to end.

So is Rob too serious? I have no idea really. I haven't worked with him in an acting capacity ... yet (wink). But if he is.. then good on ya!

Feb 21, 2012

Robert Pattinson || Rushing home with a buzzed do now that he's older than dirt! (wink)

I was trying to make fun of the some of the headlines in the subject line :)

Ok first headline that popped out at moi:
Robert Pattinson Prefers ‘Strong Actresses’ In ‘Bel Ami’ — Dissing Kristen Stewart?

There was quite a few sites where the article titles involved Rob dissing Kristen blah blah.
This is the asinine quote:
“It’s nice having three really incredibly strong actresses,” he said. “They’re the strongest women as well, it’s kind of [funny] to have to pretend to dominate cause I would never be able to dominate them in real life.”
Yup that's it folks.  Nothing more.  Is he dissing Kristen?  Do I REALLY need to answer that question.  Not every word the spills out of his mouth is related to Kristen.  He is promoting Bel Ami - nada to do with Kristen.  Nada - zip - zilch - Niente -Κανένα - Niets - Rien - कुछ नहीं - 何も
Did I get everyone?  Let's be real people, I understand that occasionally people will bend the truth for a story but taking the something and doing this to it....

(fyi-taffy stretching machine)

Not cool.  And guess what - like this machine distorts the original to something completely new!  In the case taffy comes out yummy... in most of the cases for Rob (and Kristen for that matter) it comes out like this...

Don't even know what all this is - but it fits, no?


Pattinson buys house

Ok.. so did my friend Fred.  Congrats.   Newsworthy? No.


Robert Pattinson Calls Himself Too Old For Twilight? Would Kristen Stewart Come Back?

LOTS of articles about this. Stephanie Meyer is thinking of writing another novel? I'm not sure if that's true. But hey, it would make sense. People love it and it (I'm sure) would be a hit.
Would Rob eventually age out - of course. They are supposed to be in their teens forever. Rob is pushing 26. That's not old but it's not 17 either.
His quote:
“I’d be curious what (Stephenie Meyer) would write, but I just think I’d probably be too old by the time (they did it). I’m already too old,” he continued. “But yeah, it’d be kind of interesting.”
He didnt' say he wouldn't do it. Doesn't mention Kristen at all. And I guess the story line would have to go maybe with Jacob and Renesmee.  But it could be like a James Bond sort of thing - the story continues on with different people? I have no idea - but at some point they will all be "too old" since their faces are supposed to be frozen in time.


Robert Pattinson Hurries to LA to See Kristen Stewart!

Bunch of these headlines too. He is coming back from Berlin to LA. Where if you remember he bought a house! Rushing home to see Kristen? C'mon. They are apart for months at a time doing shows. Let's not make this a dramatic reunion.. since I did see the pictures from the airport and there was no Kristen jumping into his arms. He was simply coming home.

There was none of this..

haha that cracks me up..

On a personal note. I auditioned for a indie film. The age range was 40s to 50s. I showed up since I'm 40. Well.. the women that showed up were my Mom's age. Which there is nothing wrong with that... but I felt very out of place. So I asked the producer to verify the age range. I told her I was 40 and she said "oh you look a lot younger."  haha compliment yes... will it get me the role? Doubt it.
Ah well..

(Funny movie btw)

Feb 14, 2012

Robert Pattinson - the Valentine's Day couple......

Hey everyone, I know it's been a while but those of you who read my blog know the plight of my acting career.  Still trying and it takes over my life occasionally!

So this is the first headline that caught my peepers:
Will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Get Engaged on Valentine's Day?

Random question.. wonder why that came up? Let's see the blurb:

Will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get engaged on Valentine's Day? Maybe it will be Pippa Middleton and her maybe boyfriend, George Percy. It is anybodies guess, literally. If you are the betting type, you can bet on which celebrity couple will get engaged on the big day of love.

William Hill has got the odds all laid out to assist you in your betting. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been given 12/1 odds. The Twilight stars have been dating for several years, but both are very young and do not seem to be ready to take the marriage plunge. Rob seems open to the idea, but Kristen is pretty adamant marriage is not in her immediate future.

Okay, so maybe there are no immediate plans for a wedding between two of the hottest vampires in the world, but maybe the world will get to see another Middleton wedding. Pippa and Earl Percy are leading the pack with 3/1 odds. That seems a bit presumptuous considering the two will not even admit they are dating.

Other celebrity couples in the pool include Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. They are sitting on 10/1 odds while Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are thankfully dead last with 14/1 odds. Whew! They are way too young to even think about marriage. Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling could be the next celebrity couple to announce an engagement. According to William Hill, the odds are looking pretty good at 5/1.

It will be a waiting game as the world watches the ring fingers of each of the ladies on the list.

Aaahhh I see, so this article is full of bull$hit. Not based in reality whatsoever. It's just as plausible to ask the question .. "will there be a alien ship landing on the lawns of the White House to over take the planet a week from Friday?"
No truth at all - the whole article is just guessing game of couples that are dating and whether or not they will get engaged today.


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Have Hot LA Date!

Not just a date but a HOT date. (You think they went out for spicy food?)
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are making the most of their time together. The adorable couple were spotted out in LA on a date night with friends. The Twilight stars attended a birthday party for on of KStew's pals, and were likely the talk of the bash.
(Me = Actually my gut tells me that they WEREN'T the talk of the bash. I don't think they'd steal the thunder away from the friend that's birthday it was)

It's great that Rob and Kristen aren't so self-involved that they feel the need to only spend time with each other during their down time. In fact, Pattinson and Stewart are spotted out with their group of friends quite a bit.
(Me = oh you mean like any other person on Earth. We all go out with our friends, sometimes with our significant others sometimes not. I know weird huh?)

Robert and Kristen really seem to know what they're doing. Things couldn't be any better for the Breaking Dawn duo right now. They have amazing careers, a huge fan base, a fun circle of friends, and of course, a red-hot romance.
(Me = Yeah, red hot.. I think that if they've been together as long as everyone thinks they are at the stage where they can "toot" in front of each other without having to hold it in until the sphincter explodes.. you remember the early days of dating..if you had gas, you'd rather end up in the hospital with permanent gastrointestinal problems that let one rip.. Sorry maybe it's just me haha)


The lovebirds were spotted at a birthday party for a friend — we love how down to earth they are!

Awwww lovebirds...

Same story from a different article but had this to add:
They were spotted by another person in attendance, who wrote on foursquare, “Just passed by Robert Pattinson &; Kristen Stewart…meh…”

Is that necessary? Someone who is at the party (or in the same place) needs to trash they with the sarcastic "meh" - please.. people just shut it. They put their pants on one leg at a time and don't ask to be treated like they are Gods.


Happy Valentine's Day
(I'm a dog / animal lover!)

Feb 3, 2012

Robert Pattinson || Suck face!

Hello loyal followers ! You guys make me feel ....

Hahaha - just kidding although thanks for following me and reading my random thoughts.

A trailer was just released for an indie film I did! Yeah, so excited - although haven't been cast in a while.. ugh
Ok ok ok I know what you are thinking......

On to what you REALLY want to hear.

David Beckham Sexier Than Robert Pattinson

And the comparisons start. Albeit this one is a bit random. I guess what they have in common is they are both from England. Whoopie..


David Beckham has managed to trounce Robert Pattinson in the search for the sexiest man alive. A new poll in Heat magazine reveals ladies favor David's rugged good looks and burly muscles over Rob's charm and bedroom eyes. There is a major age gap between the two hunks and the two are as different as night and day, but the voters and judges have crowned David as the Sexiest Man in the World 2012.

Voters only had 50 percent of the vote, so that can be blamed for Robert's poor performance in the final poll results. Twi-hards may want to look away. Robert Pattinson landed at number six on the top 10 list. His failure to secure the win can also be blamed on the ages of the four judges voting. They were all well beyond the age of those who appreciate Robert's sultry good looks.

David's impeccable dress and ability to channel that bad boy yet family guy image had the ladies swooning. He looks like he could take on a tiger and win, but his oh so sensitive side comes out when he talks about his baby girl. Women love that!

Do you think the voters and judges called this correctly?

Did they vote correctly? My guess is yes, since it's their opinion. Unless they've been zapped by some secret weapon we don't know about .. I think people are pretty confident about who THEY think is hot and who is not. Right? So the point is moot.

An honestly - comparing Rob and David Beckham is like comparing night and day. The 2 couldn't be more different .. except for the accent.
Moving on..


Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart Suck Face Hardcore In New Twilight Breaking Dawn BTS Clip

How charming.. "Suck Face" - Good God what grade are we in.. and doesn't that image instill such a lovely picture in your head. Bleck..
And for the record, I saw the clip they most certainly don't SUCK FACE. Ew..
All I picture is :


Some bloopers. I thought these were funny.

Jan 27, 2012

Robert Pattinson || Daddy dude! - Disgusting smooches? - Doll-do?

Some weeks are boring in the tabloid department - so it's good!

But now some other headlines have popped up that I must comment on.

Robert Pattinson Will Be A Great Dad, ‘Breaking Dawn’ Director Says

I wonder if the director REALLY said that, or was it taken out of context? Let's see shall we?
Bill Condon reveals what we knew all along — Rob’s natural and kind with children. Find out why he will be the perfect father!
Robert Pattinson is so sweet, and now the director of Breaking Dawn has revealed why he will be an amazing dad!

Rob, 25, gets a rave from Bill Condon on the DVD commentary of Breaking Dawn.

“You look at Rob here and you get a little hint of what you’ll see a lot of in the second film,” he says. “He is unbelievably tender with babies — with children, not just babies. He was with Mackenzie [Foy] too. There’s something that changes about him when he’s with children. He’s just so sweet and caring and I think you really get a little glimpse of that here.”

Do YOU think Rob will be a great father in real life too, HollywoodLifers?

Ok so he didn't actually say that he will be a good Dad, but he says he is tender and sweet with kids.  That's lovely because a lot of actors that may not have that much experience with children tend to feel awkward.  So this is a nice commentary. Shall we be clear that he didn't actually say "Rob will be a great Dad."
Let's not jump the gun on this peeps.  Will he be a good Dad? Probably - but anyone that has a child SHOULD be a good parent. (although I know that's not always the case and it makes me want to break someones face.. but I digress)

Is ‘Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson Hollywood’s worst kisser? - ‘Twilight’ star falls in good company

Yes, I'm sure this is true. Rob Pattinson is Hollywood's WORST kisser.

C'mon friends. Now, I can't personally comment on whether this is true, but my gut tells me that there are far worse kissers in Hollywood than him. Just by the mere demographics and the creepies that live out there? I'm sure this is false.
Let's see the blurb:
Robert Pattinson may be regarded as one of Hollywood’s studliest actors, and there’s no doubt that he has one of most dedicated fan bases in the world, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is considered one of the worst kissers in Hollywood.
(Me = BULLSHIT  that's a load of poop.)

Believe it or not, there are people who keep tabs on Hollywood’s most famed lip-locks, and it just so happens that Pattinson’s are among the least favorable.
(Me = see my above comment)

In one of his biggest roles outside of the ‘Twilight’ film franchise, Pattinson filmed love scenes with Hollywood beauty Reese Witherspoon for the film ‘Water for Elephants’. Their interactions, however, were less than romantic.

"My nose was running all over the place..." said Pattinson, "and Reese had this wig on, and literally, I was wiping my nose on her wig."

Oh God that again. Yes, he was sick during part of the filming.  Not sure if anyone has experienced this rare sickness but it's called the ...."common cold"  & usually what comes with that is runny nose, eyes and coughing.  Beware - it is usually only found on the Island of Manhattan.

(that's just funny)


Rob Pattinson’s ‘Twilight’ Co-Star Reveals: The Craziest Thing A Fan’s Ever Done To R-Patz

Oh boy - this should be good because some "fans" (term used loosely) have done some pretty wacky things.

One time a woman went at Rob Pattinson with a pair of scissors! Can you believe it?
We know Robert Pattinson is one of the most famous guys in the world, but one fan took things a little too far recently when she tried to go after his luscious locks. That’s just not cool!

Rob’s Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 co-star Joe Anderson told The Sioux City Journal about one of the craziest fan encounters we’ve ever heard.

“A woman was standing outside the Sutton Place in Vancouver with a pair of scissors,” he said. “She had flown from England to cut some of Robert Pattinson’s hair for a doll.”
(Me = And can someone tell me why she wasn't arrested??  I mean scissors to cut the boys hair??)

Don’t get us wrong, we’re obsessed with R-Patz just like everyone else. However, we’d NEVER fly across the world with a pair of scissors and try to chop off his hair. That’s nuts!

(Me = closest I could get to a nutball with scissors)
What’s the craziest thing you would do with Rob?

I would give him my resume and tell him I'm a damn good actress and could he help me out! :)