Jan 23, 2012

Rob Pattinson || Crisps and stuff

Good evening all!

I'm sorry it's been so long but really, there was nothing to report on! So while I'm not writing, it's a good thing for Rob, right?

Alas, it didn't last forever.. nothing does... (deep, huh?)

What are the headlines that were so stupid tickled my fancy???

Josh Hutcherson needs advice from Rob Pattinson

First I needed to look up who the heck he is..
He's a super actor. He played the son Lazer, in The Kids are Alright. Fabulous movie!

While promoting “Journey 2 — The Mysterious Island” with Vanessa Hudgens, Josh Hutcherson admits he needs some advice from Rob Pattinson on how to handle the fame likely to hit after The Hunger Games is released in theaters. Josh will play Peeta in THG.

He did no such thing - the INTERVIEWER said he should call Robert Pattinson and get advice and Josh joked along with it. My goodness people - mention Rob's name to get people to read your article.. tsk tsk tsk.

Pretty soon we will be watching a show about the migration of the monarch butterfly and the narrator will say "I bet Rob Pattinson couldn't fly with that much beauty!" or something random like that just to get people to watch!

Ironically this kid Josh was in a movie with Kristen Stewart called Zathura

Josh is the tall kid in the back. Movie was made in 2005.  I have an 11 year old son this is how I know about this movie. It's actually cute for kids.


Robert Pattinson Stocks Up on Kristen Stewart's Favorite Food

I can't tell you how many articles popped up about this.

Robert Pattinson is making sure that Kristen Stewart has her new favorite food. The Twilight co-stars, and real-life couple, have been spending a lot of time together, and KStew has reportedly has taken a liking to some of RPattz's British food.

According to reports, Pattinson is keeping Stewart stocked in pickled onion Space Raider Crisps. "Kristen is really into cheap crisps, because crisps are completely different in America, and you don't get things like Space Raiders," Rob said.

RPattz has been bringing back a long-term supply of KStew's favorite snack whenever he visits London. It seems that Kristen has found a love for the British food. Although, pickled onion may sound disgusting, the crisps are actually very popular in the UK. (They even come in small individual packages with aliens on them!)

Robert Pattinson seems good at keeping Kristen Stewart happy. She's one lucky lady. Hopefully, KStew is just as sweet and considerate as her boyfriend when it comes to the little things.

Ugh.. the whole article is - odd. I'm sure the are tasty but do we really need a gazillion articles about Rob purchasing these chips or crisps, whatever they are. Are people really nuts about him that just by him buying her chips she likes from London makes him the the best boyfriend. I swear if he sneezes and covers his face like most people - the girls will say "OH MY GOD HE BLOCKED HIS SNEEZE FROM HER - HOW SWEET!" I'm not saying he isn't sweet, I just think that people need to tone it down a tad.


Who Would You Save, Robert Pattinson or Zac Efron?

Both of these guys are gorgeous but I like Robert Pattinson more! His enigmatic appeal is just too hard to resist!

Now picture this scenario, you, Rob and Zac were in a sinking boat in the middle of the ocean. You were able to get a small lifeboat that could only carry two passengers. Of course one of the passengers would be you so; you have to choose who to save. Who would it be? Boy-next-door Zac Efron or mysterious Robert Pattinson?

Really? THAT is a cool question? Nope, that's a CREEPY question!
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