Jan 12, 2012

Robert Pattinson || Bald.. boring..barbie?

Hello all

Everyone seems to be a bit miffed that Rob has shaved his head.

The choice of the word 'debuts' is so appropriate don't you think?
He walks on stage (in slow motion of course) .. his eyes looking back and forth .. angels start singing.. harps plays and !BANG! there is Rob with his "Bald but Beautiful" look..



Although, here is a blurb from the article:
It was a successful night for Robert Pattinson - not only did he pick up an award for Favourite Dramatic Movie at the People's Choice Awards but he also debuted a new shaven do'.

Long gone are the floppy locks infamous with his Twilight character, vampire Edward Cullen, instead, he's now opted for a no-frills shaven cut.

Though his new buzz cut will be a shock for some fans, it's far less controversial than the half-shaved look he tried out for new film Cosmopolis back in July - we're still shuddering at the thought!
Ugh, no comment except who cares - it's hair.


Some headlines I found ... interesting..
Robert Pattinson Wants to Ban Boring People
Robert Pattinson dislikes boring people
Robert Pattinson Thinks Boring People Should be Sent to Prison

Hrmm.. doesn't this sound like something is a bit off about this, no?

According to Contact Music, here's what he said about what he would do to uninteresting people: "I'd prohibit boring people. In my opinion there is nothing worse. The people who were boring should be in prison and be forced to learn to be creative with the other prisoners."

What Robert Pattinson fails to remember is that not everyone can be an actor or an artist - without the "boring" jobs of people like factory workers, the world wouldn't be able to function. And sadly the people who hold such jobs and work long shifts don't have the luxury of time to spend on being creative.

Immediately he's tried and convicted. Anyone can write anything about any person and it can have nooooo basis in reality. For example .. watch this you won't believe it..
"According to an inside source Rob Pattinson has a third nipple growing out of his belly button. Cast mates were horrified at the discovery, but because is Rob they let it go."
See that line? I made it up. Just now. Top of my little old head. Yet, people can read that and faster than you know it's all over the internet with people saying they saw it, or that it's ok we love him, etc.

My point is - before you all jump down his throat - wait for the context of the interview. *IF* there was even an interview. It seems very tongue and cheek and very like his style when he interviews. He gets nervous and says things that sometimes are a little off color or silly.

So chill out people - I don't think that this has much validity.

And by the way, I read that this interview was done for a German magazine. Let me tell you from experience - that occasionally things get lost in interpretation. If this was conducted in German, then the translation to English may be different.


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Become Barbie Dolls (Photo)

It's so funny how usually when they make barbie dolls after characters - it still looks like a barbie, only different is the outfit.  Same barbie face for the last 50 plus years.
Course Ken never looked like that - which to me looks like Edward the corpse.

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