Jan 27, 2012

Robert Pattinson || Daddy dude! - Disgusting smooches? - Doll-do?

Some weeks are boring in the tabloid department - so it's good!

But now some other headlines have popped up that I must comment on.

Robert Pattinson Will Be A Great Dad, ‘Breaking Dawn’ Director Says

I wonder if the director REALLY said that, or was it taken out of context? Let's see shall we?
Bill Condon reveals what we knew all along — Rob’s natural and kind with children. Find out why he will be the perfect father!
Robert Pattinson is so sweet, and now the director of Breaking Dawn has revealed why he will be an amazing dad!

Rob, 25, gets a rave from Bill Condon on the DVD commentary of Breaking Dawn.

“You look at Rob here and you get a little hint of what you’ll see a lot of in the second film,” he says. “He is unbelievably tender with babies — with children, not just babies. He was with Mackenzie [Foy] too. There’s something that changes about him when he’s with children. He’s just so sweet and caring and I think you really get a little glimpse of that here.”

Do YOU think Rob will be a great father in real life too, HollywoodLifers?

Ok so he didn't actually say that he will be a good Dad, but he says he is tender and sweet with kids.  That's lovely because a lot of actors that may not have that much experience with children tend to feel awkward.  So this is a nice commentary. Shall we be clear that he didn't actually say "Rob will be a great Dad."
Let's not jump the gun on this peeps.  Will he be a good Dad? Probably - but anyone that has a child SHOULD be a good parent. (although I know that's not always the case and it makes me want to break someones face.. but I digress)

Is ‘Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson Hollywood’s worst kisser? - ‘Twilight’ star falls in good company

Yes, I'm sure this is true. Rob Pattinson is Hollywood's WORST kisser.

C'mon friends. Now, I can't personally comment on whether this is true, but my gut tells me that there are far worse kissers in Hollywood than him. Just by the mere demographics and the creepies that live out there? I'm sure this is false.
Let's see the blurb:
Robert Pattinson may be regarded as one of Hollywood’s studliest actors, and there’s no doubt that he has one of most dedicated fan bases in the world, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is considered one of the worst kissers in Hollywood.
(Me = BULLSHIT  that's a load of poop.)

Believe it or not, there are people who keep tabs on Hollywood’s most famed lip-locks, and it just so happens that Pattinson’s are among the least favorable.
(Me = see my above comment)

In one of his biggest roles outside of the ‘Twilight’ film franchise, Pattinson filmed love scenes with Hollywood beauty Reese Witherspoon for the film ‘Water for Elephants’. Their interactions, however, were less than romantic.

"My nose was running all over the place..." said Pattinson, "and Reese had this wig on, and literally, I was wiping my nose on her wig."

Oh God that again. Yes, he was sick during part of the filming.  Not sure if anyone has experienced this rare sickness but it's called the ...."common cold"  & usually what comes with that is runny nose, eyes and coughing.  Beware - it is usually only found on the Island of Manhattan.

(that's just funny)


Rob Pattinson’s ‘Twilight’ Co-Star Reveals: The Craziest Thing A Fan’s Ever Done To R-Patz

Oh boy - this should be good because some "fans" (term used loosely) have done some pretty wacky things.

One time a woman went at Rob Pattinson with a pair of scissors! Can you believe it?
We know Robert Pattinson is one of the most famous guys in the world, but one fan took things a little too far recently when she tried to go after his luscious locks. That’s just not cool!

Rob’s Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 co-star Joe Anderson told The Sioux City Journal about one of the craziest fan encounters we’ve ever heard.

“A woman was standing outside the Sutton Place in Vancouver with a pair of scissors,” he said. “She had flown from England to cut some of Robert Pattinson’s hair for a doll.”
(Me = And can someone tell me why she wasn't arrested??  I mean scissors to cut the boys hair??)

Don’t get us wrong, we’re obsessed with R-Patz just like everyone else. However, we’d NEVER fly across the world with a pair of scissors and try to chop off his hair. That’s nuts!

(Me = closest I could get to a nutball with scissors)
What’s the craziest thing you would do with Rob?

I would give him my resume and tell him I'm a damn good actress and could he help me out! :)
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