Mar 25, 2012

Rob Pattinson | A sex symbol ? Oh wait no, he needs to get ugly..

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Robert Pattinson Is 'a Sex Symbol:' Should Kristen Stewart Worry?

Is he a sex symbol? Of course he is! Duh! Doing Edward has made him become an instant sex symbol - whether or not he was before.

Robert Pattinson is definitely one of the hottest guys in Hollywood, so much so that some of his colleagues have noticed. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe recently talked about his Twilight competition but he had nothing but great things to say—in fact, he praised Rob on his good looks and charming ways.

"He's a sex symbol. He's sexy and just needs to do his brooding look for girls to fall. He has the perfect height to seduce girls, I'm the total opposite," said Radcliffe. Of course Rob is famously dating his Twilight co-star, Kristen Stewart, but based on what Radcliffe has said... she needs to watch out! All joking aside, Rob seems like a faithful guy and he and Kristen are just so in love. The girls might fall for Robert Pattinson, but he only has eyes for Kristen.

So many of these quotes make me want to gag. "..only has eyes for Kristen.." Give me a break. Will he always be a sex symbol? Who knows? But does Kristen need to worry, umm have you seen her? She's not the ugly duckling of the pair. She's just as hot as he is. (I can't believe I'm even talking about this - but just because he is handsome doesn't mean she needs to worry.)


Nothing like jumping from thing then doing a total opposite piece.

Why Robert Pattinson Has to Get Ugly — How Will Kristen Stewart React?

Rob "has to" get ugly? What?

Robert Pattinson is considered one of the most attractive men in the world. His statically handsome face and his cinematic success are inextricably intertwined. That seemingly innocuous fact has led some critics to call RPattz a one trick pony. That is, an actor who can only play romantic leading man roles. Sometimes those characters are noble like Twilight Saga's Edward Cullen. Sometimes, they're cads like the abusive gigolo, Georges Duroy in the eagerly awaited Bel Ami. Either way Rob is still handsome. And according to Hollywood casting director Doron Ofir, that's not good. If Pattinson wants to be taken seriously as an actor, he must get literally ugly in his next film.
(Me=Really? Someone has to be UGLY to be considered a good actor? WTF is that all about? Oh my $#@%$## - that's so stupid! There are tons of good looking people out there that CAN'T act whatsoever.. and less attractive people that act beautifully. One has nothing to do with the other)

According to Ofir, Robert Pattinson must choose his next film role carefully. Not only must it be completely different from everything he's ever done, he must look completely different in it. Just as the preternaturally beautiful Charlize Theron gained 30 pounds and wore prosthetic facial features to play "serial killer" Aileen Wuornos in Monster, Robert should "uglify" himself in his next film. Ugh. On the other hand, Theron won the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of the fat, ugly, doomed Wuornos. So maybe Rob should start experimenting with heavy make-up and chowing down on Häagen-Dazs.

"Rob made an excellent choice when he decided to work with David Cronenberg in Cosmopolis," says Ofir. "[But] although he gets down and dirty in the film by going crazy and having lots of sex, he is still playing the part of a heart-throb. It's a role that females would love to see him in. If I were managing Rob, I would find a really gritty role for him—a role that makes it difficult for us to watch him. He needs that 'Oh my God' role! There is something really compelling about seeing someone you love become someone you are afraid of or disgusted by. It's the Charlize Theron example of when she starred in Monster. She was able to prove to the world that she was much more than a pretty face. This is what I mean when I say Rob has to dirty himself up."

Well there you have it. The best actors are, of course, those who can play against type. And as long as Robert Pattinson looks like the RPattz his fans have come to lust after—er—love, playing against type will be difficult unless he follows Ofir's advice. Oh well, looks like Rob should start blacking out his front teeth and chowing down on pizza and Häagen-Dazs.

Note: Kristen Stewart was reportedly upset about Rob's unkempt eyebrows. What will she say about an RPattz who's fat and snaggle-toothed? Yikes.

Stay tuned.

Really? Really! First of all Charlize was fabulous in monster - she played a character who happened to be unattractive. Had that women been attractive and Charlize just looked the way she looked, it would have been just as good. She didn't do well BECAUSE she got ugly for bloody sake. And as for Kristen and unkempt eyebrows.. well if that's true I have to agree..I'm not a fan of eyebrows that are all over the place. I think it looks better male/female doesn't matter - if you eyebrows are nicely quaffed!

(i.e. not a good look, see?)
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