Apr 30, 2012

Rob Pattinson: More silliness!

Hello everyone - been a little crazed lately. I got a part in an indie film! So that's some good news. :)

Ok enough about me.

Robert Pattinson Spotted Leaving Washington, D.C. Without Kristen Stewart

Rob was in the nation’s capital for barely two days before fans saw him leaving a D.C. airport on April 29 — without Kristen! We were SO looking forward to seeing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s romantic reunion at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner on April 28, but they were complete no-shows. And he’s leaving town without her!

Fans spotted Rob, 25, on a departing flight to Houston, Texas, of all places. “Saw @theirishayk on our flight back to Houston this morning @bobbyboswell & @GeoffCameron were too busy watching Robert Pattinson to notice,” Calen Carr, a major league soccer player for the Houston Dynamo tweeted. 

Hmm — we’ll be on the lookout to see what Rob is up to in the Lone Star state! What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Why did Rob leave Washington, D.C. without Kristen?

Tweeting has become dangerous in some instances don't you think? These people can tell the world where someone is - in and instant. Sigh.. And he's always going somewhere without Kristen - I hate to break it to those people but they aren't attached at the hip. They do have lives of their own. Besides they are headed (from all the other headlines) to Vancouver to do their reshoots. And just FYI - there are tons of pictures flashed in their faces (they are separate) of them each at the airport. Just merely walking or trying to walk. I would love it if they had a camera and just starting flashing at the paparazzi!


The love scenes won't be needing any more work! Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson arrive in Vancouver to re-shoot Breaking Dawn Part 2 scenes 

What does that even mean? The love scenes won't need any work?

They are dating off screen as well as playing husband and wife in the upcoming Twilight Saga movie. So it’s unlikely Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would need to re-shoot any of their love scenes in Breaking Dawn Part 2. (Me = What in the hell does that mean?? They are dating in real life so they don't need to reshoot any love scenes?? That literally makes zero sense. I want to slap someone.)

But the couple were back in Vancouver today, where filming for the flick takes place, to go over some technical work for their highly anticipated motion picture. 

This whole article is sneaky pictures and descriptions of what they are wearing. C'mon people. Are you that desperate to write a story that you babble about not needing to redo love scenes because they are a real life couple (idiotic) - and then just the invasive pictures of them at the airport. Me thinks that thee needs to get a life!

 I'd write more but all there is now is pictures of them in Vancouver - well really at the airport. I feel so badly when I see those pictures - especially for Kristen she looks pissed. Maybe one day she'll pull and Sean Penn and punch one of them in the face!

Apr 23, 2012

Rob Pattinson || Secret Love Hat! and more...

So the past few days there has been this thing called Coachella. I've never heard of it. I don't know if it's because I'm older or because it's a West Coast thing and I'm and East Coaster. Here is the link if you'd like to learn more www.coachella.com

Having said that apparently Kristen was there. (I think this blog will be about leave them both alone from now on.) And of course:

There is poor Kristen trying to enjoy this festival and she has her head ducked down with a Baltimore Orioles hat on. And there is picture among picture - same as the headlines of her "wearing" Rob's hat.
Kristen Stewart Wears Rob Pattinson's Hat at Coachella

Blurbs from some:
She tried to blend into the massive crowd at Coachella this weekend, but Kristen Stewart's baseball hat actually gave her away.
The Twilight actress, who turned 22 on April 9, was spotted at the music festival rocking boyfriend Robert Pattinson's signature Baltimore Orioles cap with denim shorts and a ripped gray tank on Saturday.


Kristen was spotted wearing his Baltimore Orioles baseball cap. Awwww. However, later reports confirmed that KStew wasn't just "wandering around the Coachella Music Festival without [her] boyfriend" trying to make herself feel less lonely by wearing his hat. A gimlet-eyed festival goer actually spotted the couple together, and they were packing on some heavy (for them) PDA.
(ME = First of all.."Gimlet-eyed" you know what Gimlet means? Here is it
gim•let   [gim-lit]
1.a small tool for boring holes, consisting of a shaft with a pointed screw at one end and a handle perpendicular to the shaft at the other.
2.a cocktail made with gin or vodka, sweetened lime juice, and sometimes soda water.
verb (used with object)
3.to pierce with or as if with a gimlet.
4.Also, gim•blet  [gim-blit] Show IPA. Nautical . to rotate (a suspended anchor) to a desired position.
Stupid word to describe anything. Onward..

"They were kissing and holding hands during Radiohead," the eyewitness revealed, "swaying and singing along to parts [of the songs.]"
(ME = Like ever other attendee in the audience)

Earlier that day, RPattz and KStew were spotted by other concertgoers in the beer garden. Rob's lady-love seemed "happy and relaxed" hanging out with Rob and his friends. She also looked beautiful as always even devoid of make-up, and she sported her signature super casual style in burgundy shorts, a dark grey tank top showing a hint of side bra, and of course, Rob's Orioles cap. According to another eyewitness the couple was "laughing and looking like they were having a fun time."
(ME = Why oh why is it important what she's wearing. If she was wearing a ball gown and 12" heels ok, then mention it.. oy)

So there you have it. The mystery of where in the world is Robert Pattinson has been solved. Of course, that doesn't really explain why he didn't show up with KStew on the first day of the festival. Was he at the mystery photo shoot or...?

Ugh.. doesn't all of it make you gag. They've been together at this point for a while. But yet we are still talking about them like a.) they are in some fairy tale b.) they are newly together and c.) STFU .. Sorry letter c.) was my personal comment.

That's literally all that's out there now that is worth bi*ching about. The rest is just about Rob's upcoming movies, etc. That's all legit but this whole fiasco about her wearing his hat and tons of PDA at the concert is just more..

Apr 17, 2012

Robert Pattinson || Butt wait! Surfer dude? Dare to insult Robsten (I hate that)

Wow if I get any more information on Rob's butt I'm going to start to feel like a stalker! All the articles out there are butt articles from the new clip from Bel Ami.

Headlines like this:
Robert Pattinson Loses His Shirt For EXCLUSIVE 'Bel Ami' Clip
(and that one is tame)

There are a million articles about a scene in the movie where he is wearing loose fitting long underwear and you can see the top of his a$$. Big deal? It's the movie folks. I know they have to make it a big deal because it will help when the movie hits the theatres if tons of girls are wanting to see Rob's bum. It's not that revealing sorry to say. But there are a TON of headlines out there about it, and some trying to trick you saying things like "Rob in bed with Ricci!"
And just that makes me .


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Insulted by Famous Fellow "Vampire" Star?

Hrmm... let's see the blurb

Blurb from article:
As Hollywood Life reports, Kate Beckinsale was not shy in standing on the "anti" side of the franchise, revealing just why she's not such a fan. "[My daughter Lily] read Twilight and was completely obsessed with them. It actually almost ruined Christmas one year because all she wanted to do was be a vampire and she didn't want anything on her Christmas list," the actress admitted.

Ah there it is! She is insulting them right... no, that's not it.. oh wait THERE it .. nope not there either... Oh I found it - it's NO WHERE!! No where in that quote does Kate Beckinsale insult Rob or Kristen. All she is doing is making some remarks about Twilight, as she is talking about her daughter READING the book. WAIT!

Twilight is a series of BOOKS, originally. Just in case people were confused.

Anyway, I know know what else Kate Beckinsale said but no where do I see any insults to Rob and Kristen.




CHINS have become “the new boobs”, with thousands of people forking out cash for a new jawline.

So many plastic surgeons are being asked to get rid of double chins that the procedure could soon become as popular as breast implants.

Image-conscious Brits are signing up in their thousands to lose their James Corden-like jowls.

Instead of looking like the telly comedian, 33, men are opting for a sculpted jaw to rival Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson, 25.

Ahh.. so I see the twist. So I see that jaw lines are the new "boob" (odd but whatever). But no where does it say that thousands are running into plastic surgeons asking to look like Rob. What it seems to me, is that they are asking to have new chins. But you see, writing an article like that would be so what they do is wrap it in a Rob bow and voilĂ - people are reading.


Robert Pattinson Gearing Up For New Surfing Movie?

Oh boy...

Is Robert Pattinson working on his paddle boarding skills for an upcoming movie venture?

The Twilight actor was spotted paddle boarding in Malibu again, but he’s definitely a far cry from being a master of the waves. He was said to be crashing into the surf time and time again. Poor guy. Is this how he lets off steam?

He was photographed recently wiping out as he worked on his technique with a friend. Earlier this week, it was said that Rob’s girlfriend Kristen Stewart had ordered him to lose ten pounds. He was said to have gained weight after completing filming for Breaking Dawn and she wanted him to take it back off.

Is Rob gearing up to do a movie about surfing and paddle boarding? Would you go see that in the theater? (ME = Does this line make you want to the person who wrote it?

Anyway talk about your misleading headlines! To make a long story short, he was doing that new (or maybe not so new) trendy thing of using a surf board like a flat boat. Standing on it and using an oar to paddle. That's it. That's all he was doing - like on a vacation. And that's lead to the story that maybe he is going to make a movie about surfing?

Apr 12, 2012

Robert Pattinson || More silly sagas to report on!

I'm still considering doing a little talk show on a blogradio station - we shall see!

Ok onward
Robert Pattinson isn’t the perfect man anymore after hearing this news *sniggers*

What the he|| is "sniggers?" Do they mean snickers and is giggle?

Robert Pattinson may have most makings of the dream boyfriend (especially after her arranged Kristen Stewart's surprise birthday party ) but we've some devastating news today — he's dipped down in our estimations as it's revealed he's not as rich as we'd hope.
With our tongues firmly in our cheek, we're sad to say that Robert Pattinson is only number two in The Sunday Times Rich List of wealthiest actors under 30.

The Twilight hottie is worth £40 million and was a hefty £14 million shy of first place which was occupied by fellow film franchise star Daniel Radcliffe.
Although it's not all bad news, firstly RPattz made £8 million in the last year, so there's definitely potential for growth in the near future. *winks*

UGH.. That's so gross. I know this article is just tongue and cheek - but really, revealing how much money he is worth? How much money someone makes? People don't talk like that. Imagine someone came up to you and said "hey, how much money do you make in a year?" You'd want to punch them in the face because if it's too little you feel bad - and if it is too much you sound like you're bragging! Plus, now it just adds to my own pet peeve that actors shouldn't be making that kind of money. I know he's talented - don't get me wrong. And I guess someday if I "make" it (which to me isn't about the money.. but the thing is the more popular you get the better scripts you get - that's what I want) I wouldn't turn it down. But millions of dollars for 3 to 6 months of work? Seems a bit much to me...

I'll shut up now.


Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Spotted 'Holding Hands' At Birthday Party

The private couple held a bash at the XXXXXXXXX last Saturday night (April 7), where they were seen holding hands and putting protective arms around one another.

A source told Hollywood Life that it was actually Rob that had put together Kristen's party.

“Rob planned the whole thing a few weeks ago. He talked to the owners and managers about it and wanted to make sure everyone could get in and out without too much trouble," the insider said.

The Twilight star had even dished out invites to their close pals so that they could be very relaxed for the evening.

“Rob and Kristen seemed so comfortable with each other, holding hands and putting their hands on each other’s backs occasionally. They were making goofy faces for pictures and everyone was just having a great time," a source revealed.

Our invite must have got lost in the post...

Lord. "Putting their hands on each others back occasionally..." Really, have we come down to that? I just don't get it. We know they are a couple. It's obvious. So do you think it's odd that they do things that any couple might do? Ok people - MOVE ON!

(Yep, I "X" out places they go, have been, may go etc.. if you read my blog you already know:).)


Robert Pattinson Cheating on Kristen Stewart with Singer?

I was waiting for this one.. could it be with .... KATY PERRY??

Despite In Touch Weekly's attempt to create drama between Rob and Kristen by putting Katy Perry (of all people) between them, Gossip Cop has confirmed that nothing of any sort ever even happened. Tis the life of being a Hollywood couple—the rumors just never end. Fortunately for Robsten fans, those rumors are also never true.

Think that says it all..

Apr 8, 2012

Rob Pattinson || Eyes for one please - Nice people??

Thank you to all my loyal readers, wish I could get a helper to promote the sites on forums etc. But I guess a lot of "Rob" sites might be pissed at my blog because of the lack of enthusiasm I have for him. I think he's a great actor, and this page is for people that respect his (and Kristen's) privacy. Also the insane things that get written about them. I am the "voice of reason" for lack of a better term.


Robert Pattinson Spotted Turning Down Many Women For Kristen Stewart Other Night

Shocker, right. First of all - for all intents and purposes he is in a (unconfirmed but obvious) relationship with Kristen. Now, while may Hollywood people don't take that serious - maybe he does. But even if he didn't, do you really think he would go off with some random chic in a bar? Maybe normal guys - but as you can see, he has eyes on him and ears on him at all times. That would not be a smart move on his part. And maybe, just maybe, he's a gentleman (like many people say about him) and he is truly faithful to Kristen. Weirder things have happened.

Blurb from article:
Robert Pattinson spotted turning down many women for Kristen Stewart other night. Well,it’s definitely official,Twilight mega hottie Kristen Stewart has Robert Pattinson completely sprung according to this new report from Hollywood Life.

He apparently didn’t give all these beautiful women,that approached him at the club the other night, a second look. Their sources said, he hit up the XXXXXXXX this past Wednesday,April 4th. An eyewitness their,told them, Rob showed up there with “three of his male friends and they pretty much just sat at one of the tables and talked and drank some cocktails.

A lot of different girls came up to Rob throughout the night, and he was always polite and just a complete gentleman. It didn’t matter how gorgeous the girl was, Rob did not have a wondering eye whatsoever!”

I laugh when I read that "did not have a wondering eye whatsoever!"  Like it's impossible to keep your composure and stay faithful.  (Remember - I "X" out all information on where they have been, or where they are going etc.)


Now here is a spin. The article I just wrote about - where Rob simple went out with a few guy friends for drinks.
Look at this Headline:
Robert Pattinson Ditched Kristen Stewart For A Solo Club Outing Other Night

Interesting spin, don't you think? See what I mean.

Robert Pattinson ditched Kristen Stewart for a solo club outing other night. According to a new report from Popsugar in the video (below), Twilight mega star Robert Pattinson finally pried himself away from his main squeeze Kristen Stewart for at least one night to go clubbing with some guy friends this past Wednesday night,April 4th. He looked pretty busy on his cell phone as he was photographed leaving the joint to get into his chauffeured ride.

Of course he looked busy. I saw those photos. Someone was just standing in front of him holding the button down and taking a million pictures of him so I'm sure he wanted to feign business. He was probably talking to someone to keep his sanity whilst going BLIND from



Robert Pattinson Tongues The Hell Out Of Another Chick In New ‘Bel Ami’ Movie Clip

Ok, I saw the clip and I saw no tongues. He makes out with her - big deal. He may "tongue" someone in the movie but I haven't seen the movie - but as for the clip...total exaggeration. Huge surprise there!

Oh and ...


Apr 1, 2012

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