Apr 23, 2012

Rob Pattinson || Secret Love Hat! and more...

So the past few days there has been this thing called Coachella. I've never heard of it. I don't know if it's because I'm older or because it's a West Coast thing and I'm and East Coaster. Here is the link if you'd like to learn more www.coachella.com

Having said that apparently Kristen was there. (I think this blog will be about leave them both alone from now on.) And of course:

There is poor Kristen trying to enjoy this festival and she has her head ducked down with a Baltimore Orioles hat on. And there is picture among picture - same as the headlines of her "wearing" Rob's hat.
Kristen Stewart Wears Rob Pattinson's Hat at Coachella

Blurbs from some:
She tried to blend into the massive crowd at Coachella this weekend, but Kristen Stewart's baseball hat actually gave her away.
The Twilight actress, who turned 22 on April 9, was spotted at the music festival rocking boyfriend Robert Pattinson's signature Baltimore Orioles cap with denim shorts and a ripped gray tank on Saturday.


Kristen was spotted wearing his Baltimore Orioles baseball cap. Awwww. However, later reports confirmed that KStew wasn't just "wandering around the Coachella Music Festival without [her] boyfriend" trying to make herself feel less lonely by wearing his hat. A gimlet-eyed festival goer actually spotted the couple together, and they were packing on some heavy (for them) PDA.
(ME = First of all.."Gimlet-eyed" you know what Gimlet means? Here is it
gim•let   [gim-lit]
1.a small tool for boring holes, consisting of a shaft with a pointed screw at one end and a handle perpendicular to the shaft at the other.
2.a cocktail made with gin or vodka, sweetened lime juice, and sometimes soda water.
verb (used with object)
3.to pierce with or as if with a gimlet.
4.Also, gim•blet  [gim-blit] Show IPA. Nautical . to rotate (a suspended anchor) to a desired position.
Stupid word to describe anything. Onward..

"They were kissing and holding hands during Radiohead," the eyewitness revealed, "swaying and singing along to parts [of the songs.]"
(ME = Like ever other attendee in the audience)

Earlier that day, RPattz and KStew were spotted by other concertgoers in the beer garden. Rob's lady-love seemed "happy and relaxed" hanging out with Rob and his friends. She also looked beautiful as always even devoid of make-up, and she sported her signature super casual style in burgundy shorts, a dark grey tank top showing a hint of side bra, and of course, Rob's Orioles cap. According to another eyewitness the couple was "laughing and looking like they were having a fun time."
(ME = Why oh why is it important what she's wearing. If she was wearing a ball gown and 12" heels ok, then mention it.. oy)

So there you have it. The mystery of where in the world is Robert Pattinson has been solved. Of course, that doesn't really explain why he didn't show up with KStew on the first day of the festival. Was he at the mystery photo shoot or...?

Ugh.. doesn't all of it make you gag. They've been together at this point for a while. But yet we are still talking about them like a.) they are in some fairy tale b.) they are newly together and c.) STFU .. Sorry letter c.) was my personal comment.

That's literally all that's out there now that is worth bi*ching about. The rest is just about Rob's upcoming movies, etc. That's all legit but this whole fiasco about her wearing his hat and tons of PDA at the concert is just more..
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