Apr 12, 2012

Robert Pattinson || More silly sagas to report on!

I'm still considering doing a little talk show on a blogradio station - we shall see!

Ok onward
Robert Pattinson isn’t the perfect man anymore after hearing this news *sniggers*

What the he|| is "sniggers?" Do they mean snickers and is giggle?

Robert Pattinson may have most makings of the dream boyfriend (especially after her arranged Kristen Stewart's surprise birthday party ) but we've some devastating news today — he's dipped down in our estimations as it's revealed he's not as rich as we'd hope.
With our tongues firmly in our cheek, we're sad to say that Robert Pattinson is only number two in The Sunday Times Rich List of wealthiest actors under 30.

The Twilight hottie is worth £40 million and was a hefty £14 million shy of first place which was occupied by fellow film franchise star Daniel Radcliffe.
Although it's not all bad news, firstly RPattz made £8 million in the last year, so there's definitely potential for growth in the near future. *winks*

UGH.. That's so gross. I know this article is just tongue and cheek - but really, revealing how much money he is worth? How much money someone makes? People don't talk like that. Imagine someone came up to you and said "hey, how much money do you make in a year?" You'd want to punch them in the face because if it's too little you feel bad - and if it is too much you sound like you're bragging! Plus, now it just adds to my own pet peeve that actors shouldn't be making that kind of money. I know he's talented - don't get me wrong. And I guess someday if I "make" it (which to me isn't about the money.. but the thing is the more popular you get the better scripts you get - that's what I want) I wouldn't turn it down. But millions of dollars for 3 to 6 months of work? Seems a bit much to me...

I'll shut up now.


Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Spotted 'Holding Hands' At Birthday Party

The private couple held a bash at the XXXXXXXXX last Saturday night (April 7), where they were seen holding hands and putting protective arms around one another.

A source told Hollywood Life that it was actually Rob that had put together Kristen's party.

“Rob planned the whole thing a few weeks ago. He talked to the owners and managers about it and wanted to make sure everyone could get in and out without too much trouble," the insider said.

The Twilight star had even dished out invites to their close pals so that they could be very relaxed for the evening.

“Rob and Kristen seemed so comfortable with each other, holding hands and putting their hands on each other’s backs occasionally. They were making goofy faces for pictures and everyone was just having a great time," a source revealed.

Our invite must have got lost in the post...

Lord. "Putting their hands on each others back occasionally..." Really, have we come down to that? I just don't get it. We know they are a couple. It's obvious. So do you think it's odd that they do things that any couple might do? Ok people - MOVE ON!

(Yep, I "X" out places they go, have been, may go etc.. if you read my blog you already know:).)


Robert Pattinson Cheating on Kristen Stewart with Singer?

I was waiting for this one.. could it be with .... KATY PERRY??

Despite In Touch Weekly's attempt to create drama between Rob and Kristen by putting Katy Perry (of all people) between them, Gossip Cop has confirmed that nothing of any sort ever even happened. Tis the life of being a Hollywood couple—the rumors just never end. Fortunately for Robsten fans, those rumors are also never true.

Think that says it all..
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