Jul 28, 2012

Rob Pattinson - Things seem very .. yuck

Trusty readers this truly seems to be a mess. I was HOPING it was false - only because they did seem like a strong couple & so many kids look up to them because of Twilight.  Not that they need to behave like innocent goodie - goodies (clearly they don't do that with the smokin' wink) But it is very sad indeed that this is true.
Seems a little silly if you think about it.  Almost as if she wanted to get caught.  She knows paparazzi follow her every move. Not that I think THAT'S the problem.  The problem is she cheated in the first place.

I know a lot of people are saying poor Rob - the fact is we don't know either of them personally.  Although I'm sure he's a very nice guy and seems to have high morals. I'm not vested in this personally but it does sadden me.  I feel like celebrities live in this alter universe - where common rules don't apply to them.  And Kristen cheating on her boyfriend of 3 years, just sucks. It would suck if it was anyone but this is especially worse because so many followed her and Rob. (Robsten .. hate that name)

Let's look at some headlines:
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart both cried after she admitted to cheating

A source told Hollywoodlife.com: “Rob has been in contact with Kristen and has already had the awkward first meeting with her in person since the news. Tears have certainly been shed over the whole situation from both. It’s a complete mess right now with them." 

"A source."  There are so many sources it's amazing.  Always a source.  Anyway, of course they must have shed tears.  Doesn't take a fake source to enlighten us with that tid bit of information. Duh!

Robert Pattinson is being supported by Katy Perry

Why do I have a feeling that this is going to lead to another headline (sooner rather than later) saying "Rob and Katy - romance!"  Something like that??

Robert Pattinson To Rupert Sanders: You Owe Me A Man-To-Man!

Yes, I can totally see Rob saying that.....NOT!  This headline is from Perez Hilton.. not surprising really.
Blurb from blog:

.....So while Kristen's distraught from Robert cutting off all contact with her, a source close to Robberz explains his next plan of action: 

"Rob just doesn't know who or what to believe right now. And he'll do whatever it takes to find out the truth. Rob wants to have a man to man chat with Rupert to find out exactly what happened between him and Kristen. Kristen has already betrayed his trust by cheating, so he can't be sure that she will tell him exactly what went on between her and Rupert. Rupert has a wife and a family to save, so Rob feels like he has nothing left to lose and would be honest with him. Rob really was blindsided by this and he's going through the typical stages of being cheated on. He was hurt and heartbroken, then angry and pissed off, and now he just wants answers. He feels like he needs to know exactly what happened, how far it went and how many times, so he can figure out if this is something he can move past. He's not ready to talk with Kristen, it's too painful, so he's going to Rupert." 

Good for you, Rob! We stand behind you 110%! You do whatever you have to do!! As for K-Stew… since Robert's reportedly sick over her public apology, we think it might be best for her to keep her loaded lips on lock until he decides he wants to hear it!

First of all here we go with another "source" - is he really going to Rupert? Who in the heck knows? I mean come on you "sources" (whether or not there is ANY sources I question constantly) keep your traps shut.  Rob was hurt and heartbroken - OF COURSE HE WAS!  Why is this such a revelation for some.

As for telling "K-Stew" (another name which I hate) to "keep her loaded lips on lock until he decides he wants to hear it," give me a break. Like WE have any right to tell them what to do.  Give me a freakin' break. 
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