Aug 1, 2012

Now something REALLY seems OFF!

Ok now I'm not 'in the know' or anything like that - but have you SEEN these pictures from US magazine???

Normally any pictures of Rob & Kristen are all fuzzy like someone is in a bush or hiding behind a forest!  But the pictures in US magazine look like the photographer was standing RIGHT NEXT TO THEM????!!!!

Normally I don't post pictures but look at these and tell me what you think!

That's only a couple of the pictures -
I mean they are clear as a bell - and in other pictures she's almost looking directly at the camera.  You are going to tell me she didn't SEE the paparazzi standing 10 feet away from her??

This looks like a photo session rather than "sneaky pictures."  Something ain't right!

Tell me what you think???????
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