Aug 18, 2012

Rob Pattinson .. and on and on...

Whoa.. this is a crazy time isn't it?  Some people screaming "publicity stunt" but after seeing Rob on the Jon Stewart show ... my thoughts say no.  But again, what do I know about the Hollywood publicity machine.

I'm an actress - haven't quite made it to Rob status but wow - if that's the things they ask of you.. bleck!

Ok first headline:
Robert Pattinson Parties Like There Ain't No KStew Tomorrow!

Of course there's rumors of him cheating there MUST be rumors of him partying like a rockstar! 

Blurb from article:
(P. Hilton)

From lovesick puppy to party animal! It sounds like Robert Pattinson has made a full recovery from his shattered heart! Last night, R-Patz spent Thursday night pAArtying it up with his pal Bobby Long at the trendy NYC bar, The Cabin Down Below, forgetting allll about Kristen Stewart.
A witness to Rob's night out tweeted: "Rob Pattinson was chill tonight at #Art after party & in a baseball cap & very nice. It's like Kristin Who? Does not exist. (sic). 'He had a mini entourage, stood in a corner for an hour, knocked back a shot with a friend of mine & was just chillaxin." 
This is music to our Rob-lovin ears! Robsten is over — but life will go on. Hopefully, it won't be long before KStew is back to her old self too!

It irks me that someone has to tweet about it. You know? Showing off or whatever.. just let him be without announcing every time he farts!


Kristen Stewart Is Taking It Hard After Cheating On Robert Pattinson

Duh.... of course she is.. that doesn't take a secret freakin source to know that!  She f$cked up - of course she's taking it hard.


Kristen Stewart is still depressed! With promotion for Breaking Dawn — Part 2 right around the corner, Kristen is growing more nervous to show her face in public for the very first time since her affair with Rupert Sanders erupted. 
“She has been sulking and moping and it will for sure be harder for her to get back out there in the limelight then what we have seen with Robert, who obviously has been seen snapping back into it and facing the media and being seen out. [Kristen] isn’t enjoying the ridicule at all, she is taking it hard and doesn’t look forward to her first few media appearances,” a source with Summit Entertainment tells EXCLUSIVELY.
Again.. the "source" appears  .. this is not rocket science people.  Ever go through a break up? Well then yeah you know it S U C K S and hurts badly. (I secretly hope he will forgive her)


Another topic going around the web - Robs Friends Don't Want Him To Take Her Back!
Well is this true? Who the heck knows?  It's silly to even speculate.  Rob and Kristen were together for 3 years.. logic says that they became friends with each others friends so I'm sure they don't want to stone her to death.  But again.. 'source' - 'friends say' to me just means "made up some BS and labeled it a source."
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