Feb 21, 2012

Robert Pattinson || Rushing home with a buzzed do now that he's older than dirt! (wink)

I was trying to make fun of the some of the headlines in the subject line :)

Ok first headline that popped out at moi:
Robert Pattinson Prefers ‘Strong Actresses’ In ‘Bel Ami’ — Dissing Kristen Stewart?

There was quite a few sites where the article titles involved Rob dissing Kristen blah blah.
This is the asinine quote:
“It’s nice having three really incredibly strong actresses,” he said. “They’re the strongest women as well, it’s kind of [funny] to have to pretend to dominate cause I would never be able to dominate them in real life.”
Yup that's it folks.  Nothing more.  Is he dissing Kristen?  Do I REALLY need to answer that question.  Not every word the spills out of his mouth is related to Kristen.  He is promoting Bel Ami - nada to do with Kristen.  Nada - zip - zilch - Niente -Κανένα - Niets - Rien - कुछ नहीं - 何も
Did I get everyone?  Let's be real people, I understand that occasionally people will bend the truth for a story but taking the something and doing this to it....

(fyi-taffy stretching machine)

Not cool.  And guess what - like this machine distorts the original to something completely new!  In the case taffy comes out yummy... in most of the cases for Rob (and Kristen for that matter) it comes out like this...

Don't even know what all this is - but it fits, no?


Pattinson buys house

Ok.. so did my friend Fred.  Congrats.   Newsworthy? No.


Robert Pattinson Calls Himself Too Old For Twilight? Would Kristen Stewart Come Back?

LOTS of articles about this. Stephanie Meyer is thinking of writing another novel? I'm not sure if that's true. But hey, it would make sense. People love it and it (I'm sure) would be a hit.
Would Rob eventually age out - of course. They are supposed to be in their teens forever. Rob is pushing 26. That's not old but it's not 17 either.
His quote:
“I’d be curious what (Stephenie Meyer) would write, but I just think I’d probably be too old by the time (they did it). I’m already too old,” he continued. “But yeah, it’d be kind of interesting.”
He didnt' say he wouldn't do it. Doesn't mention Kristen at all. And I guess the story line would have to go maybe with Jacob and Renesmee.  But it could be like a James Bond sort of thing - the story continues on with different people? I have no idea - but at some point they will all be "too old" since their faces are supposed to be frozen in time.


Robert Pattinson Hurries to LA to See Kristen Stewart!

Bunch of these headlines too. He is coming back from Berlin to LA. Where if you remember he bought a house! Rushing home to see Kristen? C'mon. They are apart for months at a time doing shows. Let's not make this a dramatic reunion.. since I did see the pictures from the airport and there was no Kristen jumping into his arms. He was simply coming home.

There was none of this..

haha that cracks me up..

On a personal note. I auditioned for a indie film. The age range was 40s to 50s. I showed up since I'm 40. Well.. the women that showed up were my Mom's age. Which there is nothing wrong with that... but I felt very out of place. So I asked the producer to verify the age range. I told her I was 40 and she said "oh you look a lot younger."  haha compliment yes... will it get me the role? Doubt it.
Ah well..

(Funny movie btw)

Feb 14, 2012

Robert Pattinson - the Valentine's Day couple......

Hey everyone, I know it's been a while but those of you who read my blog know the plight of my acting career.  Still trying and it takes over my life occasionally!

So this is the first headline that caught my peepers:
Will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Get Engaged on Valentine's Day?

Random question.. wonder why that came up? Let's see the blurb:

Will Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart get engaged on Valentine's Day? Maybe it will be Pippa Middleton and her maybe boyfriend, George Percy. It is anybodies guess, literally. If you are the betting type, you can bet on which celebrity couple will get engaged on the big day of love.

William Hill has got the odds all laid out to assist you in your betting. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been given 12/1 odds. The Twilight stars have been dating for several years, but both are very young and do not seem to be ready to take the marriage plunge. Rob seems open to the idea, but Kristen is pretty adamant marriage is not in her immediate future.

Okay, so maybe there are no immediate plans for a wedding between two of the hottest vampires in the world, but maybe the world will get to see another Middleton wedding. Pippa and Earl Percy are leading the pack with 3/1 odds. That seems a bit presumptuous considering the two will not even admit they are dating.

Other celebrity couples in the pool include Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. They are sitting on 10/1 odds while Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are thankfully dead last with 14/1 odds. Whew! They are way too young to even think about marriage. Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling could be the next celebrity couple to announce an engagement. According to William Hill, the odds are looking pretty good at 5/1.

It will be a waiting game as the world watches the ring fingers of each of the ladies on the list.

Aaahhh I see, so this article is full of bull$hit. Not based in reality whatsoever. It's just as plausible to ask the question .. "will there be a alien ship landing on the lawns of the White House to over take the planet a week from Friday?"
No truth at all - the whole article is just guessing game of couples that are dating and whether or not they will get engaged today.


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Have Hot LA Date!

Not just a date but a HOT date. (You think they went out for spicy food?)
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are making the most of their time together. The adorable couple were spotted out in LA on a date night with friends. The Twilight stars attended a birthday party for on of KStew's pals, and were likely the talk of the bash.
(Me = Actually my gut tells me that they WEREN'T the talk of the bash. I don't think they'd steal the thunder away from the friend that's birthday it was)

It's great that Rob and Kristen aren't so self-involved that they feel the need to only spend time with each other during their down time. In fact, Pattinson and Stewart are spotted out with their group of friends quite a bit.
(Me = oh you mean like any other person on Earth. We all go out with our friends, sometimes with our significant others sometimes not. I know weird huh?)

Robert and Kristen really seem to know what they're doing. Things couldn't be any better for the Breaking Dawn duo right now. They have amazing careers, a huge fan base, a fun circle of friends, and of course, a red-hot romance.
(Me = Yeah, red hot.. I think that if they've been together as long as everyone thinks they are at the stage where they can "toot" in front of each other without having to hold it in until the sphincter explodes.. you remember the early days of dating..if you had gas, you'd rather end up in the hospital with permanent gastrointestinal problems that let one rip.. Sorry maybe it's just me haha)


The lovebirds were spotted at a birthday party for a friend — we love how down to earth they are!

Awwww lovebirds...

Same story from a different article but had this to add:
They were spotted by another person in attendance, who wrote on foursquare, “Just passed by Robert Pattinson &; Kristen Stewart…meh…”

Is that necessary? Someone who is at the party (or in the same place) needs to trash they with the sarcastic "meh" - please.. people just shut it. They put their pants on one leg at a time and don't ask to be treated like they are Gods.


Happy Valentine's Day
(I'm a dog / animal lover!)

Feb 3, 2012

Robert Pattinson || Suck face!

Hello loyal followers ! You guys make me feel ....

Hahaha - just kidding although thanks for following me and reading my random thoughts.

A trailer was just released for an indie film I did! Yeah, so excited - although haven't been cast in a while.. ugh
Ok ok ok I know what you are thinking......

On to what you REALLY want to hear.

David Beckham Sexier Than Robert Pattinson

And the comparisons start. Albeit this one is a bit random. I guess what they have in common is they are both from England. Whoopie..


David Beckham has managed to trounce Robert Pattinson in the search for the sexiest man alive. A new poll in Heat magazine reveals ladies favor David's rugged good looks and burly muscles over Rob's charm and bedroom eyes. There is a major age gap between the two hunks and the two are as different as night and day, but the voters and judges have crowned David as the Sexiest Man in the World 2012.

Voters only had 50 percent of the vote, so that can be blamed for Robert's poor performance in the final poll results. Twi-hards may want to look away. Robert Pattinson landed at number six on the top 10 list. His failure to secure the win can also be blamed on the ages of the four judges voting. They were all well beyond the age of those who appreciate Robert's sultry good looks.

David's impeccable dress and ability to channel that bad boy yet family guy image had the ladies swooning. He looks like he could take on a tiger and win, but his oh so sensitive side comes out when he talks about his baby girl. Women love that!

Do you think the voters and judges called this correctly?

Did they vote correctly? My guess is yes, since it's their opinion. Unless they've been zapped by some secret weapon we don't know about .. I think people are pretty confident about who THEY think is hot and who is not. Right? So the point is moot.

An honestly - comparing Rob and David Beckham is like comparing night and day. The 2 couldn't be more different .. except for the accent.
Moving on..


Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart Suck Face Hardcore In New Twilight Breaking Dawn BTS Clip

How charming.. "Suck Face" - Good God what grade are we in.. and doesn't that image instill such a lovely picture in your head. Bleck..
And for the record, I saw the clip they most certainly don't SUCK FACE. Ew..
All I picture is :


Some bloopers. I thought these were funny.